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  • dottie zold
    Apr 2, 2005
      > As always, thank you for this...
      > Musing the Goddess sends Her Sophia to those with eyes to see and
      ears to
      > hear....

      Hey Frank, I also would like to thank you for your translations of
      the good book. I was thinking about how I never could see people as
      enemies and while reading your Miryam 84 it ocurred to me that when
      Jesus says 'love your enemies and forgive them' it has to do also
      with the great learning we get from the experience of what was
      wrought between us. It's not just about the other person is
      shortsighted or whathaveyou rather it is about the great lesson that
      came from the dissing person.

      I am constantly in situations wherein I am asked to forgive but I
      have come to the point I have nothing to forgive as it is not my
      place to do so. So in this I have been looking at what the act
      inspired in me of my own person. And this month has been such an eye
      opener to how what can look like an enemy is another sister spirit
      helping me to grow. But to those that do not look to growth and only
      to what is good and bad a great understanding of Jesus's words
      of 'love thy enemy and forgive them 70 x 7: they have helped us to
      learn about ourselves.

      Thanks again,
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