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  • Frank Thomas Smith
    Apr 2, 2005
      It happened that I was alone with him for a few moments.

      Rabbi, I think that I've learned something new.

      And what is that, my clever pupil?

      I learned what you didn't say. You said that we must love our enemies as
      friends, but you didn't say how that is done.

      Do you know?

      It's not a matter of will. It' has to do with the great knowledge.


      How should I say it. I don't have the right words. It's as if I had to tell
      an important message in a foreign language, but didn't know the language


      You say love thine enemy. But do enemies even exist? I mean that one is not
      an enemy from the start. You become one. But why? From fear, greed, envy,
      jealousy. From all these things one makes oneself into an enemy, just as our
      fathers in the desert made idols even though they knew there is only one
      Eternal One.

      Go on!

      Now it gets difficult. There is only one Eternal One, that much is clear.
      But when I say there is only one humanity, that isn't so clear.

      Miryam, it is extraordinarily clear.

      Not to me though, Rabbi; I say something that occurred to me like a flash,
      then went away in a flash. Tell me what I said means.

      How did the Almighty create man? He let the image of man which he carried
      inside come out and become reality in the world, and he breathed life into
      him. Which life? There is only one: His. That's what man became and what
      every human being becomes, and everyone is equally divine spirit in earthly
      form; the Almighty lives in each individual. How can you spit in the
      Almighty's face, how can you strike the Almighty, how can you want to kill
      the Almighty? That, Miryam, is what you call high knowledge. In fact, it is
      not the Law which can rule human community. It's not fear of punishment
      which prevents the killing of life and the soul. Only the knowledge of the
      unity of everything that lives creates the kingdom of peace. Tell the
      others! Tell it to all! Say it a thousand times a thousand times. This is
      the mission I give to you: Teach the unity of all life, teach love.

      While he had said this he placed both his hands on the top of my head.

      Rabbi, I said: "Put me like a seal on your arm, press me like seal on your
      heart. A flood of water cannot extinguish love, and storms don't wash it
      away. For love is as strong as death."

      He recognized the words from the Song of Songs. Of course he knew them.
      Therefore he answered: "Who is this who climbs up from the plain, supported
      by the lover?" Go on, Miryam.

      "My lover was gone, I looked for him, but I didn't find him. The watchmen
      found me on their rounds of the city, they struck and wounded me, the
      watchmen of the wall took away my cloak."

      Yeshua continued: "Then they will ask you: Where has your lover gone? We
      will look for him with you." Where did they find him, Miryam? Keep these
      words in your heart. Listen: "They found the lover in the garden" You don't
      understand. How could you understand that. One day you will remember this
      moment and this conversation. Go to sleep now.

      It was all very strange and confusing to me. Too much new knowledge, too
      much joy, too much mission, too much dark prophesying.

      As I walked away I said: You expect too much. I would have liked to turn
      back and say to him: You don't know how much I love you. But such words
      forbade themselves, and they were too weak.

      Frank Thomas Smith
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