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14164Dan says "insiders know"

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  • Deborah
    Mar 31, 2005
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      Keith, quoting Dan:

      "That's a tired excuse. In some places Steiner is
      vague about race, but in others, like the quote
      from GA174b above, he makes it quite clear that
      "cultural epochs" in Anthroposophy meant the same
      thing as "races" in Theosophy--the words have
      been changed for public consumption, insiders
      know what they really mean."

      So, AT should have a fair selection of Anthroposophical "insiders."
      Shall we let the cat out of the bag and admit that cultural epochs are
      really code for races?

      I have a fair amount of difficulty with this one, historically
      speaking. The Indian epoch and the Persian epoch, might correspond in
      some way to particular racial groups, although I've never heard them
      described in that way. I just don't know much about these prehistoric

      By the time you get to the Egypto-Chaldean, however, it is clear that
      multiple peoples and cultures are included (Semites, too). This
      becomes even more obvious in the Greco-Latin epoch, which was
      immensely, overwhelmingly, multi-cultural. The Greeks were not pure-
      blooded anything to begin with, since they were the result of multiple
      invasions of their "homeland." Then they proceeded, under Alexander,
      to conquer the whole eastern half of the known world, all the way to
      India. Alexander encouraged intermarriage, plus, soldiers being what
      they were then and still are, Greek culture and Greek descendents were
      scattered throughout the entire middle east. Next the Romans conquered
      the Mediterranean basin and half of Europe and encouraged everybody to
      mix it up. They imported black slaves, white slaves and every shade in
      between and I doubt very much if any of these folks had much choice
      about the "racial purity" of their descendents. This epoch continued
      until roughly 1400 and something and included all of Europe. During
      this time Europe was invaded from the south by the Muslims (conquered
      Spain and went into Southern France, also grabbed bits of Italy) and a
      bit later from the north by the Vikings. Exactly what racial group is
      the Greco-Latin epoch a "code" for? Any possibilities spring to mind?
      Oh yes, the Aryans...

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