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14141Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Good Gossip from the WC

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  • Jo Ann Schwartz
    Mar 30, 2005
      --- Mike wrote:
      > I thought Grizelda might like this one.
      > Dianna Winters writes:
      > ********************************************
      > In their minds, you know, attacking me doesn't "distract from" the
      > question,it *is* the question. Everything is personal to them, few of
      > them seem capable of having a discussion that doesn't involve either
      > attacking each other, or all their many "enemies" in the world, or
      > coming on to each other sexually. The women make little junior high
      > type cliques, and the men discuss the size of their . . . sorry, wrong
      > for this list, and have testosterone-laden little brawls over this one
      > chick who propositions all of them openly.
      > *****************************************************

      Good Golly Miss Molly!! Did I miss a discussion of the size of the fellows'??
      ... er ... I'll have to search the archives...

      And how come I've been missing all these internal and external attacks and why
      didn't anyone copy me on the "enemies list"??

      OH NO!! I've been left out of the clique, haven't I?? The one for all the 'cool
      kids'... Guruzelda!! How could you leave me out of the clique???

      . . . . .

      Nah... There has *got* to be some reason [for this bizarro world quote] but I
      can't figure out what it is. <WG>

      Musing Chuck Berry got it about right when he said, "It ain't the size of the
      boat. It's the motion of the ocean!"
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