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14139Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Good Gossip from the WC

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  • Frank Thomas Smith
    Mar 30, 2005
      > I thought Grizelda might like this one.
      > Dianna Winters writes:
      > ********************************************
      > In their minds, you know, attacking me doesn't "distract from" the
      > question,it *is* the question. Everything is personal to them, few of
      > them seem capable of having a discussion that doesn't involve either
      > attacking each other, or all their many "enemies" in the world, or
      > coming on to each other sexually. The women make little junior high
      > type cliques, and the men discuss the size of their . . . sorry, wrong
      > for this list, and have testosterone-laden little brawls over this one
      > chick who propositions all of them openly.
      > *****************************************************
      > Mike

      Can Diana have already forgotten how *she* propositioned *me* openly on this
      list - but got cold feet (thank God) at the last minute, using as an excuse
      how much she loves Dottie and how we abuse her? Furthermore, we never
      mention the size of our ......here, only performance levels. There's a
      difference which she missed out on learning. Possibly she's confusing
      .....size with the size of imbecility demonstrated in the WC. Nevertheless,
      I think her descriptions would be a great PR ad for AT, and respectfully
      (i.e., without touching the holy-of-holies, List Management, grovel, grovel)
      suggest that Sophia include it in the AT web page description.
      Patiently waiting for that "one chick's" comments,
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