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13421thinking about thinking

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  • Jennifer
    Mar 2, 2005
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      This brings to mind a time when I was sitting beside a lake, very
      peaceful, ducks waddling around, birds flying, birdsounds,
      ducksounds, ... okay, you get the picture. A serene place, a PERFECT
      place to collect and ruminate upon one's thoughts, right? Well, I was
      sitting there reading a book (don't remember which one because this
      was years ago, but the memory still stands out) and it just wasn't
      making sense! I'd read, then reread, then finally closed the book in
      frustration. Well, what I finally figured out was that the problem
      was in the fact that I had forgotten what had been said previously
      and because of this, the present text was making no sense at all. I
      opened the book again and turned back a few pages and began reading
      again, from the beginning of the chapter. The part that eluded me
      before now made sense! So, if you (not necessarily you personally but
      any individual) are having trouble thinking about something, perhaps
      it's because you don't have enough information to make the concept
      come together in a coherent way.


      Mike helsher wrote:

      > "Why does thinking seem so strenious?" I mean, does it actually
      > require allot of physical effort? Why do I feel tired after trying
      > to think about noble thoughts? You'ld think that I was going to the
      > gym and bench pressing 400 lbs or something, every time I had to
      > think about something worth thinking about....
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