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13394Re: Fan mail and some DU-goodies

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  • Jo Selsjord
    Mar 1, 2005

      More fan mail (regarding your 'DU goodies') - thank you for these

      The extent and consequences of the crime caused by thoughtless or
      premeditated (I'm not quite sure which) redispersion of U-238 into
      selected areas of our common Earth's surface is yet to be seen. However
      any REAL intelligence regarding this is of the good - thank you again!



      Lennart Sundström wrote
      > Dear Ones,
      > well, well, well...
      > > george w. bush is a greater "anarchist" or "anarchosophist"
      > than anything u
      > > could even think of
      > >
      > > it is always easier to destroy than to build and maintain.
      > > capitalism rules supreme and is good
      > My beautiful mind regards,
      > Lenny
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