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13377Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Snapshot of the Michael Dawn

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  • dottie zold
    Mar 1, 2005
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      > First Soloviev, (few have bothered to read his
      > Anti-Christ) or
      > approach and weigh the tangible difference between
      > his Sophia
      > sensing and Dottie's Sophia sensing.

      Well Bradford, at least Dottie has some Sophia sensing
      know what I mean. You were one of the cats on the Ark
      constantly berating what was coming towards us with
      your no sensing Sophia self. I get you got it now but
      it is a few years later than Dotties Sophia sensing if
      I do say so. Even Andrea has said that the students
      are just waking up towards this end. Been there and
      way done that. And Mr. Solivieve was for a different
      time so to speak. This time it is for the natives not
      just the elite as in the beginning.


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