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13376Snapshot of the Michael Dawn

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  • holderlin66
    Mar 1, 2005
      While it is clear, at least to thinking souls, the dawning of the
      20th century had stunning, stunning potential for a strong Michael
      Impulse, and the risks were high, below I want to present a real
      snapshot of the years just before WWI. Where at this dawn of the
      20th century, three great, as yet unaccounted, spectacular
      individuals died. Solovieve, Nietzsche and Oscar Wilde.

      First Soloviev, (few have bothered to read his Anti-Christ) or
      approach and weigh the tangible difference between his Sophia
      sensing and Dottie's Sophia sensing. Now in a way, aside from the
      time stream difference, there was a vital Russian clairvoyant yet
      rather sentient soul..or if we must really push the upward button, a
      sort of pre-awakening of forshadowed Spirit Self of the sixth epoch
      that forcast itself in Solviev, with the stunning tale of the Anti-
      Christ required experience, that would be Us, phase two and three of
      the Michael Time, to experience both the Orwellian resurrection of
      fascism in our midst and something of a fortaste of the CHARMING
      SNAKE MAGICIAN that will arise once all the chemical, cloning and
      anti-information global security are in place. Then a real psychic
      party can begin, the ice would melt and low and behold, not Baldur
      the perfect human immune system, but rather Ahriman, the perfect
      Political magician will pay us a visit.

      Solviev then, foreshadowed something of a sixth epoch experience.
      But since we are in the second phase of the Michael Time, following
      the Michael time is the Saturn Time period and pretty this will not
      be on the basis of our current failure to establish a rich Michael,
      Sun Culture, against the angry and crushing karmic leveller of
      Saturn, which is coming up on the horizon. Who knows exactly what
      nuclear fire fights, earth changes, plagues or human shifts of
      magician consciousness will divert massive generations away from the
      I AM into astral fantasy land and personal dream movies, and a long
      lingering, luciferic vacation sponsored, like the Matrix, by
      Ahrimanic homegrown egregorical Angels that displaced and reversed
      human Angels... That is the model of the Matrix for students of
      Spiritual Science.

      Secondly, Nietzsche, our most interestingly dangerous philosopher,
      that any model of Hunter T or Gonzo journalism would have loved to
      have been Steiner, when he clairvoyantly sat with Nietzsche in the
      same room, with face time, and saw the enormous nest of intentions
      that Ahriman was fully fomenting. Ahriman saw Steiner and Steiner
      saw Ahriman and it was a friendly meeting. The 20th century was in
      for a rough ride. Now that was a meeting. Where are the movies and
      dramas about that meeting?

      Michael brought young Steiner, (what? in his Mars biographical phase
      or his Sun biographical phase, [future research question]) into the
      close knit meeting. What stunning sparks. Steiner had ripened a
      great deal, matured, and Michael said, "Come lad, let me show you
      something of the potent forces, you should speak clearly about when
      you speak of Principalities and Powers".

      And on Ahriman's side, his antagonism, his ARch ice hated the Arch
      warmth of the Sun Being. Arch ice, Arch warmth. Anyone with any
      sense of grey matter could test this stunning meeting in their soul
      life. Anyone who might have encountered the Karma lectures...OOOPPs,
      that drops the numbers down a bit doesn't it? And of course anyone
      who might have made the effort to read Nietzsche and Fighter for
      freedom...etc...and see the stunning place where Ahriman chose to
      nest himself. Nest himself with such a shattering titles, like "Anti-
      Christ" and Thus "Spake Zarathustra" would have been able to put two
      and two into historical perspective. Or would they? So far, nada,
      zip, nothing but little tweaks, all shrunken, failed and without
      bringing things together for the spirit to grasp.

      But before we go to Oscar Wilde, take a look at the snapshot of the
      dawning of the 20th century and how a Michael culture was almost on
      the tip of peoples tongues, now that Goethe had passed. Almost on
      the tip of our tongues and Weimar, perhaps like Mama Cass and San
      Francisco, "be sure to wear some flowers in your hair", was the echo
      of the karmic Athens that Aristotle and Phidias the sculptor who
      also bears the name plate of Goethe, had nearly brush stroked,
      sketched and re-enstated as a Michael center from Greece to
      Germany..from Intellectual Soul to the citadel of the Consciousness
      Soul. Almost brought Weimar as a potent city of light.

      Karmic masks come off!


      "But these are mere details, quibbling, really, because what's
      really shocking about this argument is Boot's surprising (and very
      weak) attempt to justify a war long considered – by conservatives
      and classical liberals, as well as modern liberals – to be a
      towering tragedy, perhaps the great tragedy of the 20th century.
      Joseph Schumpeter averred that "capitalist society was on its way to
      creating a new civilization all its own when it was overtaken by the
      meaningless catastrophe of 1914-18, which put its world out of
      gear," and the historian A.J.P. Taylor wrote:

      "In 1914 Europe was a single civilized community. … A man could
      travel across the length and breadth of the Continent without a
      passport until he reached … Russia and the Ottoman empire. He could
      settle in a foreign country for work or leisure without legal
      formalities. … Every currency was as good as gold…."

      As British Foreign Secretary (1905-16), Sir Edward Grey, put
      it: "The lamps went out all over Europe," and the age of
      totalitarianism – of Fascism, Nazism, and Soviet Communism – was
      unleashed upon an unsuspecting world."

      Bradford concludes;

      Thirdly, aside from the powerful snapshot of the dawning 20th
      century, we of course have the death of Oscar Wilde. Wilde,
      Nietzsche and Soloviev. Three stunning foreshadowings.

      Now these foreshadowings of the 20th and now the retrograde 21st
      century are observations from the Michael School. That means we
      leave out of our observations, Steiner. We are looking at little
      connected, truly, seemingly unimportant threads of reality and
      individuals that history cannot seem to connect. One from Russia.
      One from Germany and one from England.

      But what is never added in history, are the golden threads that we
      can see very clearly from the vantage of the Michael School. The
      Michael school gives you an esoteric extract of history that dwarfs
      and is more accurate than the exoteric stabs at history and
      meaningless tangle of dates and individuals that are tumbled into a
      wheelbarrel and dumped in the classrooms of high schools and
      colleges without any deep inner mission out of which humanity had a
      friggin clue. That there were unique individuals and potentials that
      actually had a clue is rigorously left out, Steiner is left out and
      the Karmic masks are shown as a gallery of failed human thinkers
      parading their costume ball show over the span of history. That they
      had played their earthly roles in history and they were on the scene
      as further incarnations of those very players is Karma 101 where
      Ahrimna hates Steiner with a venom. The Karmic mask had been pulled
      off. Ahriman hated that. Really hated the idea that the karmic masks
      could be pulled off and individuals were known, seen and elaborated
      by the young Steiner and finished his mission with, in the older
      dying Steiner. Steiner dropped a dime on Ahriman and outted his mask
      making historical jibberish. But humanity, hasn't even faintly
      encountered such earth shattering facts. Earth shattering. Goethe
      was Phidias the sculptor of ancient Athens and was incarnated again
      and wrote the magnificent Faust....what rich profiles in Karmic

      Of the two tales, and the essays of Oscar Wilde on Christianity
      which are so stunning, I will let go for now, but the two stories
      along with the semi-Homosexual theme of Oscar Wilde, the two stories
      were "Portrait of Dorian Gray" and "The Fisherman and his Soul" and
      how to lie...the Art of lying...well, hiding the dark shadow and
      hiding the moral demon we fear to reveal, presented a psychological
      profile for the 20th century that casts its shadow all the way to
      Gannon in the White House and his wonderful Stud Service for Karl
      Rove and the Republican Orin Hatch and the other twisted psychos who
      claim Bush has a mandate from God.

      To wrestle with the hidden dilemma of the double, from Michael
      Jackson to the fully demented and dumb GWB, Rumsfeldstiltskin, King
      of egregorial ahrimanic shadows, are the dozens of dilemmas of how
      to live within the world of lies while a massive growing monster of
      corruption seethes in the denied shadow and sinners doubles we all
      carry. Nazi Germany and the fall of Europe starting with WWI proved
      to any idiot what such dishonesty to the Self can mean for a the
      mass of humanity. Failure to approach this shadow as US and not deny
      it while we grow lies, afer mountains of lies to present the lily
      white image of failed, fundamental purity, And Jesus said to
      him, `Why do you call Me good? No one is good except God alone.'"
      Mark 10:17-18; is to breed the monster in the closet that developed
      into the painting of Dorian Gray.

      Compare the Painting, google the Painting of Dorian Gray with the
      Grunewald Resurrection. Go ahead and do it. Compare the two. Why?

      Why because it gives you the span of thinking to understand the
      dilemmas presented on this list, in the Michael School and the
      dilemmas and psychological nightmares we are breeding in our doubles
      by not seeing how to transmute the locked energy of our doubles into
      tools for the higher I AM. This comparison between the Fiery ATMA of
      ancient Saturn that Tarjei offered in the lectures he presented,
      against the growing monster of the denied double are stunning
      comparisons that stand in reality, while we cower, literally cower
      from any sense of reality. Thanks Oscar Wilde.

      How can Jesus be God when he denies being absolutely good, and says
      that only God is good (cf. Mark 10:18)? Because Christ came to the
      already built Initiation scaffolding of a human Initiate,
      Zarathustra. This Human initiate, was at the school level of a true
      Bodhisattava. That means that any attempt at truly defining higher
      education that we might declare; has been declared obsolete by the
      fact that the Michael School has provided a road map and a degree
      program that acknowledges for all humanity an actual valid "Higher
      Education" program, that truly exists in the foundation of human
      culture and spiritual progress.

      Is Condi Rice, with her degrees, serving higher education? So who is
      serving higher education? No child left behind is a built in
      conveyor belt to stamp children with ahriman's scattered and
      fragmented, shattered thinking brand. Brand X, useless, tangled
      thought chaos without any ability to navigate the soul with its own
      ideals dumps young people into the world without a clue. And like
      Oil and gas and the middle east, it is we, who feed the terrorism
      with our gas guzzling cars; it is also we who feed the system by
      paying for bad education because we imagine that college education
      will awaken thinking in already totally damaged kids. It is an
      endless loop of utter savage stupidity designed to crush the latent
      abilities of the thinking soul.

      Zarathustra/Jesus...again let it sink into our dim souls,
      Zarathustra/Jesus had prepared the emancipation proclamation long
      before Lincoln. Zarathustra leanred how to emancipate a model of his
      etheric body and give it away. Zarathustra had learned how to
      emancipate a model of his astral body and give it away.

      But when Zarathustra/Jesus incarnated, it was Christ who lifted the
      Human, wore the human form and gave to humanity the emancipated
      model of the Resurrected body, Atma or Spirit Man. Thus Zarathustra
      could say without a shadow of a doubt, he knew he wasn't good. He
      had to monitor the crafty temptations of both Peter, "Hey Jesus, you
      can be King and not suffer and die" or Lucifer and Ahriman in the

      Oh yes, man has a shadow and by not dealing with this shadow and not
      wrestling with it...leavin it in denial...as the current far West
      Fundie Neocon creep show and Red State etheric body infection
      reveals, denial of the shadow only makes the monster in the closet
      gobble up the real I AM...and grow from its shadow bigger monsters
      that will, with willful energy, overpace what is HUman. And this
      etheric infection, that was once the Civil War, is more sinister
      already than the primitive and awful tearing apart of the U.S.
      during the Civil War and the War in Heaven. It has now lodged in the
      stubborn etheric roots of opinion and habit, disguised as the
      country Texas accent of the simple man, GWB.

      Just as overpacing the human is insisting that children get rushed
      to read instead of prepared to appreciate the Living reality of Word
      and Thought as the foundation of Pacing the development of the child
      when picture consciousness and word forming is not forced to become
      mechanized reading that turns to hardening and intellectual ice in
      the unfolding soul, later in life, every child and human culture
      should embrace human pacing. Ahriman prefers stress, pace and
      overriding reality so that no body has time to consider. Notice the
      Senate and Republican muscling through failed and unworked through
      shattering decisions on torture and human freedom. Ahriman loves
      that pace, for it is an intellectual ice skating pace.

      To understand the snapshot of the 20th and 21st century with 'real'
      education is to be able to look at what people present, as bits and
      pieces, fragments of their thought, and piece together a clearer
      picture of the puzzle that they have been educated not to see. Our
      problem as Michael Students is that we tend to also not want to see
      what could have been seen from Steiner's eye view of at the dawning
      20th century.

      Our great joy, is that we have this view, clearly down stream in
      time from the dawning 20th century and we can truly apply the
      lessons of the 20th century to the 21st century. In doing so, we
      tower above every thinking group that attempts to wiggle around in
      this 21st century but has failed to lift the mask from the Karmic
      players and reveal their stunning contributions and potentials. The
      world has never heard of lifting the karmic mask off anything but
      new age tiddly winks. If you can appreciate these details we are the
      true immune system needed by a failing, floundering humanity.
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