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  • Danny F.
    Mar 1, 2005
      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, dottie zold
      <dottie_z@y...> wrote:

      > And Danny, man, you are a great lead into the land of
      > tears.
      > Best,
      > Dottie

      Hi Dottie,

      T'must be the Magdalene in me. . . ;)

      Here are included some of your favorites
      And the *Combination*'s Whole Underlying
      Idea - Look at the Shepherd's Stream
      At large and how plays out objectively on it
      The Evil forces spread everywhere profusely nowadays...

      And I was directly on thinking how it proceeds ,say,
      Through the Straight Right Moral Righteous
      Which knows no guide lifestylish temporal relative,
      Conditions hypnotico-sedative paradoxically
      Deployed through high-speed flow and Sentiency.
      So the impact [is] at Astral Level first individually felt,
      One's Peace by the Non-Ahimsas get Troubled
      Which in return influence greatly the Physical.
      Thus, Historical and Unfolding Plan
      The One Master Christ-likeness
      And the sheaths Evolutionary Structural,
      Elaborations - how they came for the Combination
      Proper the Developments Suitables
      And Archetypal in Purity Required;
      Added are they these two principles
      Others missing in this story so far:
      Ego and the Ethereal, these parts in functions
      Course Corrective, Synergestical and Source-Models;
      Being Respectively Complementary Working Together
      And having for head Zarathustra and the Nathan Soul;
      Strenght Fiery Michaelian, and Healing Waters;
      The 'I' which can Soulful Dharana-Hold Attune
      Itself Reverse Cultus into the Sphere of Life Precious. . .

      Karmic Operations of all the Hierarchicals Involved
      Here it goes. . . the Direction concerning
      Movement the Activity of the Holy Spirit -
      Foundation Stone Meditation in excerpts:

      "Soul of Man!
      Thou livest in the limbs
      That bear thee through the world of Space
      Into the ocean-being of the Spirit";
      ". . .the Spirit's World-All Thoughts reign
      in the being of the world, light-beseeching";
      ". . .the eternal aims of the gods
      World-Being's Light
      On thine inmost I
      For thy free willing
      Bestow.". . . . .


      . . ."This spirit-light that drives
      away the darkness of incomprehension
      from the soul and fills it with the light
      of true spirit-perception".
      (-Sergei O.)
      "In order to attain an awareness of
      the activity of the Cosmic Word however,
      the human being must become illuminated--
      either in after-death experience or
      through modern initiation in life--
      by the Holy Spirit, by means of which
      the consciousness of the Cosmic
      Midnight Hour can arise in him, a
      consciousness that can embrace
      the whole path from the Cosmic Midnight Hour
      all the way to the earthly world
      from the other side of existence.

      In this direction the Cosmic Midnight Hour
      is connected with physical existence and thus,
      at the Turning Point of Time, the Cosmic Word
      became 'flesh', meaning the Christ Himself
      came out of the divine kingdom of the Father"
      "In the sphere where the forces
      of the Cosmic Midnight Hour are effective
      in Earth existence, meaning
      in the 'reverse' supersensible side of
      physical existence, the Mystery of the resurrection",
      "transition. . . from the sphere beyond
      to the sphere of world existence on this side"
      "eternal indestructible existence
      inaccessible to the forces of death",
      "victory over matter";
      'Per spiritum sanctum reviviscimus'.


      "Mysterium Pansophicum

      1. Seeing then the craving is a process of desire, and this desire a
      life, this same desiring life goes in the craving forward, and is
      always pregnant with the craving.

      2. And the desire is a stern attraction, and yet hath nothing but
      itself, or the eternity without foundation. And it draws magically,
      viz. its own desiring into a substance.

      3. For the will takes where there is nothing. It is a lord and
      possessor. It is itself not a being, and yet rules in being, and being
      makes it desirous, namely of being. And since it becomes in itself
      desirous, it is magical, and makes itself pregnant, viz. by spirit
      without being; for originally it is only spirit. Thus it makes in its
      imagination only spirit, and becomes pregnant with spirit as with the
      eternal knowing of the unground, in the All-power of the life, without

      4. As then it is pregnant, the engenderment goes within itself, and
      dwells in itself. For the essence of the other life cannot grasp this
      pregnation, and be its container. Hence the pregnation must go within
      itself and be its own container, as a Son in the eternal Spirit.

      5. And as this pregnation has no being, then that is a voice or sound,
      as a Word of the spirit; and yet remains in the primitive condition of
      spirit, for it hath else no seat.

      6. But in this Word is a will, which desires to go out into a being.
      This will is the life of the original will, and proceeds out of the
      pregnation, as out of the mouth of the will, into the life of Magic,
      viz. into Nature; and reveals the nonunderstanding life of Magic, so
      that the same is a mysterium in which an understanding exists
      essentially, and thus obtains an essential spirit. There, every
      is an arcanum or a mysterium of an entire being, and is thus a
      comprehension as an unfathomable wonder of eternity; for many lives
      without number are generated, and yet all is together but one being.

      7. The threefold Spirit without being is its master and possessor; and
      yet it possesses not the Nature-being, for it (the Spirit) dwells in

      8. The Word is its centre or seat, and is in the midst as a heart; and
      the spirit of the Word, which takes its origin in the primal eternal
      will, reveals the wonders of the essential life. There are, then, two
      mysteries: one in the spirit-life, and one in the essential life. The
      spirit-life is acknowledged as God, and is rightly so called; and the
      essential life is acknowledged as the Nature-life, which would have no
      understanding if the Spirit or the spirit-life were not desirous. In
      this desire the divine Being, as the eternal word or heart of God, is
      continually and from eternity generated; from which the desiring will
      as Spirit eternally goes out into the Nature-life, and reveals therein
      the mystery in essences. So that there are two lives and also two
      beings, from and in a single, eternal, unfathomable origin.

      9. And thus we apprehend what God and Nature is; how the one and the
      other is from eternity without any ground or beginning. For it is an
      everlasting beginning. It begins itself perpetually and from eternity
      to eternity, where there is no number; for it is the unground."

      -Jacob Boehme
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