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  • dottie zold
    Feb 3, 2005
      Hye Simone,

      Fleming shared that in the Hindu tradition that the soul incarnates
      in the seventh month. And from what I was looking at today in the
      Bible we have the John the Baptist soul 'jumping' at around the same
      time more like six months. I am going to ask my Rabbi because I
      believe my Jewish friends say it is at three months. I was under the
      understanding from some friends that the Buddhists see it like this
      as well. But I am going to double check.

      Just to be clear I am not saying all this makes it right or wrong to
      terminate a pregnancy rather I am saying it is a womans' choice. I am
      just wanting to know of your opinion due to your stance at what point
      you hold that the spirit comes in. You hold it at conception. Okay.

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