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  • dottie zold
    Feb 1, 2005
      Dear Mike, I so dig you. I really do. You know, I've been thinking
      about this and it has so brought me to a space of heart. (wow I just
      realized why sometimes my sentences are missing words: I speak so
      fast that I type the next thought which of course is missing the next
      word, because I kind of leap frog it:) Anyhow, whew, okay, it's all
      in the atonement. I really think it is. It's in this space that grace
      grows within us.

      I believe that Dr. Steiner is an example of grace although I do not
      believe he speaks on it in such a manner that others can truly sense
      it in his words, hence in the spiritual worlds. Grace abounds in the
      spiritual worlds and their understandings are not our own. Obviously.
      And what I am getting to is a little story about a woman who is a
      very blessed woman who happened to have terminated her pregnancy in
      the later months: manipulated by boyfriend and doctor and completely
      unconscious of anything but her love for this man and how it would
      truly ruin his life. Well, we get to talking about this one day once
      the shame has left and it suddenly occurrs to her that she has
      dreamed of this child. But he is eight or so years old and she knows
      he is with her. She senses his forgiveness whenever she thinks on
      him. And this gets me to thinking about grace and the spiritual

      When I sense into my own personal story it occurrs to me as well that
      it is in the atonement that everything turns. Even say it is true
      that a pregnancty was terminated and the child did happen to come
      back into the persons life. If the person is conscious and
      contemplating these things, along with atoneing(sp:( the learning
      that was needed would come about and one might be able to experience
      it through grace.

      The spiritual beings all know more than we and are so much more
      loving than we. Dr. Steiners teachings are the warrior teachings in
      the beginning it seems, yet in doing his execersizes one comes to the
      grace of all being. And in this grace we come to understand we are
      loved and enfolded. And the most we can do is bring ourselves to
      love. Truly, it is really the most in all situations and especially
      ones like a terminated pregnancy where one contemplates a thing.

      I love my life and I love my grace and the possibility that I can
      think further than my own nose and open my self up to God's grace and
      all that means. Thank you so very much for sharing your peace, it
      has allowed me to contemplate further my own biography and wherein I
      am so thankful to live a contemplative life.

      All good things,
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