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  • elf
    Feb 1, 2005
      > >Whose King Olaf, whose he. I want to read about King Olaf. Are
      you ever
      > >heared of him. Once I read something in steiner that seemed to be
      > >about the mystery we had. This is what I'm thinking.
      > Yep, King Olav was indeed a sweetheart and a sugarbaby, baby. He
      > Christianized Norway about a millinnium ago; that's why they
      called him
      > holy I guess. You'd get a big kick out of his style. He simply
      > around the country and gave people the choice between accepting
      Christ and
      > having their heads chopped off, and most of them managed to remain
      alive by
      > opting for the lesser of two evils.
      > Yes madam, this is a cuddly chap full of love and compassion and
      all that
      > in his soul that you find so absent in Yours Truly. It's certainly
      a move
      > in the right direction.
      > Cheers,
      > Tarjei
      > http://uncletaz.com/
      Mmm not ringing any bells then for me. Only reason why I remember
      him coz that part of the lecture didn't make any sense and it still
      But i will think about it.

      Have a jelly baby Tarjei, I are not cross any longer
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