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12583Re: Catholicism, Anthroposophy and the PLANS inquisition

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  • Mike helsher
    Feb 1, 2005
      If the links from the last post don't work, these should:

      [someone wrote this off list and I thought it interesting. Reminds me
      of the ever ready battery commercial]:

      "[Dan Dugan] has posted a condemnation in 1919 by the Catholic Church
      on the WC list:


      He seems to me to be trying to extend his anti-anthroposophical
      campaign, to instigate not only secular humanists, evangelical
      Christians, and people of Jewish origin against anthroposophy, but
      now also Catholics.

      According to [Dan Dugan] the text is a " condemnation of Theosophy
      and/or Anthroposophy in 1919"

      "Serena" has answered at"


      she writes:


      More irony: why would a secular humanist rely upon an
      edict of the Roman Catholic Church for support?

      Does PLANS agree that the Church has the authority to
      forbid members from having beliefs with which it disagrees?

      Ahhh -- maybe the element of agreement between the two
      bodies lies in the word "Inquisition."

      I see the drums are pounding as usuall on the WC.

      Any comments?

      Mike (the FisherCat) Helsher

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