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  • Stephen Clarke
    Jan 10, 2005
      Dear Brad:

      Wonderful stuff! In my no doubt exasperating fashion, I say "but":

      "holderlin66" <holderlin66@h...> wrote:
      > ...We like to think of ourselves
      > so advanced and raise up, rightly, various Joseph Campbell Native
      > American myths and realities... I love to integrate their researches
      > with the depths of Occult Science, but I stand to differ with
      > Stephen, that I think amazing substantiation and credit is due, but
      > like the wonderful Hindu myths and occult vision, Spiritual and
      > mythic history, it must be caught up the current Christology Event
      > of Golgotha and the clear depths of Occult Science an Outline.

      Oh Brad, but it is! This is the secret of America that no one
      recognizes, or, recognizing, admits: that Jesus/Christ, who went down
      to ignominous overt failure in the Middle East - tortured and executed
      like scum, risen to only a secret few, his message coopted by
      political empire, the true disciples mostly martyrs at the hand of the
      Church erected to fossilize the impulse, etc., etc. - this Christ was
      openly honored by those in the Americas who recognized him and served
      him in has passage through the human dimension, and who kept his
      active message alive for half a millenium in what might just have been
      the one true utopia that mankind has ever known.

      Yet this _successful_ impulse continues to be marginalized and
      ignored. Perhaps the racial guilt incured by the events of 1492 (as
      Malcom X said about a similar instance" "We didn't land on Plymouth
      Rock, Plymouth rock landed on US!") is responsible for our culture's
      reluctance to appreciate the glory of what we destroyed.

      In spite of Steiner's explicit indications, and revealing of our own
      disposition, only the dark echo of what was confronted and redeemed is

      I submit that true christianity flourished in the Land of the Far West
      and is still remembered in the Mythos of the Traditions that contain
      it. Not myths, but accurate and vital Imaginations still live in the
      physical Land of America. This is true.

      Brad, you are a true American, along with Joel, Dottie, and some
      others here, (anyone who is half crazy qualifies!) but I would like to
      ask you to try and ground yourself just a little bit more in what has
      always been alive here. Read Stiener's GA 171: the elib has a copy of
      the Sept. 18 and Sept. 24, 1916 lectures in which Stiener describes
      how the arch-shaman Vitzliputzli, Palladin of Christ, opens the way
      for Christ into the UnderWorld, the womb-body of the Earth. This is a
      _real_ christinity, one that is still taboo for its European-oriented

      Most Sincerely,

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