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109Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] The Divine Feminine

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  • dottie zold
    Nov 10, 2003
      from Steiner:
      > "Thus you imagine a point in space with forces
      > streaming out in
      > all directions, and this is tohu; then these forces
      > are arrested as it were by an outer spherical
      > enclosure and turned back on themselves from every
      > direction of space, and this is bohu."

      Rick on Steiner:
      > ". . .these forces are arrested . . .and turned back
      > on themselves." Arrested by whom or what is my
      > question.

      Hi Rick,

      Well it seems it is the elohim are are the arrestees
      when we re-emerge so it seems from Saturn, Sun and
      Moon stages.

      Genesis Lecture 2

      "You know that in the Bible, after the words I
      endeavoured to sketch for you yesterday, there comes a
      description of one of the complexes arising out of the
      creative thinking of the gods. ( I take this to mean
      the elohim.)

      It almost seem like he is explaining the fall of Man
      in a sense in what I shall write below:

      "I pointed out yesterday that what we call the solid
      conditions, namely that which offers resistance to our
      sense, did not exist during the Saturn, Sun and Moon
      stages; all that existed then were the elements of
      fire or warmth, gas or air, and water. Basically it
      was not until the planet earth stage emerged that the
      solid element was added to the previous elemental
      conditions. So that when the moment occurred that we
      described yesterday, of the sun beginning to split off
      from the earth, this was the moment when the elements
      of warmth, air and water began to mutually

      Wow....that is pretty amazing when looking at the
      beginning of the Earth stage. Wow. Makes me
      contemplate Adam & Eve and what each individual
      relationship was to the symbols of this re-emergence.
      And then the snake???? anyway,

      He goes onto say:

      " However, we emphasized yesterday that these elohim
      came over to earth evolution at the stage to which
      they had evolved during the Saturn, Sun and Moon
      evolutions. So they were in a similar situation to
      when you wake up and bring groups of thoughts to mind.
      You can contemplate these thoughts in a kind of
      soul/spiritual way, you can tell what they are like.
      You can say: 'When I wake up in the morning and recall
      what was previously in my mind and what I am now
      calling up, I can describe it'. It was approximately
      the same for the elohim when they said to themselves:
      'let us now think creatively about what arises in our
      souls when we recall all that took place during the
      old Saturn, Sun and Moon evolutions. Let us see what
      it looks like when we remember it.' What it looked
      like was tohu wa' bohu, and could be expressed be the
      picture I gave you of rays streaming out from a centre
      into space and back again in such a way that the
      elements interacted in these rays of force. Thus the
      elohim could say, roughly: 'This is what things look
      like after we have brought them to this point. This is
      how they re-emerge.

      I need to get this book you speak of below. Is that
      the name of it in its current form? That's pretty
      amazing information. It feels like it is all coming
      together doesn't it?

      My Best,

      Rick wrote:
      In a lecture by Steiner titled, "Man in
      > the Light of Occultism, Theosophy and Philosophy",
      > he speaks of Twelve World Initiators during the Sun
      > Period who enveloped this particular cosmic sphere
      > which now makes up our present solar system. The
      > space that they occupied is now the space that we
      > recognize as the twelve zodiacal constellations.
      > They poured their World-Word into this sphere which
      > was then taken up by Christ who at that time was a
      > microcosmic planetary Being. Somehow, then, their
      > forces must still be at work even if they no longer
      > are present in these spheres, and I could not find
      > anything from Steiner on this regard, or their
      > forces may have been taken up by the hierarchies
      > (Seraphim perhaps) where the streaming out of the
      > forces of the Elohim and Spirits of Form reach their
      > limit of expansion and are then turned back upon
      > themselves. It is this region that is filled with
      > the Being of Christ during the exhaling of His Being
      > during the spring and summer, gathers the cosmic
      > wisdom of the hierarchies and is brought back to us
      > as it is inhaled again by the earth at this time of
      > the year.
      > rick distasi

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