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108Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] The Divine Feminine

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  • Richard Distasi
    Nov 10 8:22 AM
      You quoted some very weighty material from Steiner's lectures on Genesis and I can appreciate the raying out and steaming back again as macrocosmic male and female principles of creation. What caught my attention was the following from Steiner:
      "Thus you imagine a point in space with forces streaming out in
      all directions, and this is tohu; then these forces
      are arrested as it were by an outer spherical
      enclosure and turned back on themselves from every
      direction of space, and this is bohu."
      ". . .these forces are arrested . . .and turned back on themselves."  Arrested by whom or what is my question. In a lecture by Steiner titled, "Man in the Light of Occultism, Theosophy and Philosophy", he speaks of Twelve World Initiators during the Sun Period who enveloped this particular cosmic sphere which now makes up our present solar system. The space that they occupied is now the space that we recognize as the twelve zodiacal constellations. They poured their World-Word into this sphere which was then taken up by Christ who at that time was a microcosmic planetary Being. Somehow, then, their forces must still be at work even if they no longer are present in these spheres, and I could not find anything from Steiner on this regard, or their forces may have been taken up by the hierarchies (Seraphim perhaps) where the streaming out of the forces of the Elohim and Spirits of Form reach their limit of expansion and are then turned back upon themselves. It is this region that is filled with the Being of Christ during the exhaling of His Being during the spring and summer, gathers the cosmic wisdom of the hierarchies and is brought back to us as it is inhaled again by the earth at this time of the year.
      rick distasi

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