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106Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] The Divine Feminine

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  • dottie zold
    Nov 10, 2003
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      Dear Rick,

      In Genesis lecture 2 we find Dr. Steiner discussing
      Hashamayim and Ha'aretz. " You know that in the Bible,
      after the words I endeavored to sketch for you
      yesterday, there comes a description of one of the
      complexes arising our of the creative thinking of the
      gods. I told you that we have to picture that, as if
      out of cosmic memory, two comlexes arose. One was a
      complex which may be compared to the nature of
      thoughts which can arise in us, the other to our
      desire or will nature. The one complex contains all
      that drives towards outer manifestation, tends as it
      were to proclaim its force-hashamayim. The other
      complex-ha'aretz-consists of an inner activity filled
      with desire. Then we are told of certain qualities of
      this inwardly active, enlivening element, and these
      are indicated in the Bible with the sounds which
      portray their character. We are told that this
      inwardly active element was in a condition described
      as tohu wa'bohu- without form and void.To understand
      what is meant by tohu wa' bohu we must paint a picture
      of it; and we shall only succeed in this if out of our
      spiritual scientific knowledge we call to mind what it
      was that, after its passage through the Saturn, Sun
      and Moon stages, re-emerged and surged through space
      as our earth existence, as our planet earth."


      So, we have to imagine the elements of warmth, air and
      water permeating and interpenetrating each other, and
      within them a raying out as from a centre in all
      directions, and this raying out would be there if we
      only heard the first part of the sound structure,
      tohu. What does the second part of the phrase signify?
      It expresses the very opposite of what I have just
      described. Bet, the sound which resemebles our B, had
      the character of calling forth our imagination the
      picture of an enormous sphere, a hollow sphere, with
      yourself inside it, and rays proceeding from every
      point inside this sphere towards the center. Thus you
      imagine a point in space with forces streaming out in
      all directions, and this is tohu; then these forces
      are arrested as it were by an outer spherical
      enclosure and turned back on themselves from every
      direction of space, and this is bohu."

      So, this is what I mean by the raying in and out and
      the male and female aspect. Which also includes the
      planet earth as signified by the word ha'aretz and the
      Sun signified as the word hashamayim. Yin & Yang


      > Rick
      > > The one passage that I find intriguing is that
      > these
      > > passages speak of making Mary Magdalene into a
      > male.
      > > Does it mean that she is taught certain things and
      > > initiated to a certain degree that she is now
      > > respected as a Rabbi or Teacher?

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