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1039Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Fwd: US Intelligence was formed from Nazi Criminals - Far Worse than we were ...

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  • Tarjei Straume
    Jan 4, 2004
      At 19:33 04.01.2004, Christine wrote:

      >Six decades of cover-up and still going strong...
      >* US intelligence was formed from Nazi war criminals *
      >The Nazi war crimes apparatus was recruited lock, stock and barrel and
      >secretly redeployed worldwide. It's much worse than we were told.

      I believe it was called "Operation Paperclip." War criminals were given
      cover-up papers making them look like refugees or like they'd been ordinary
      soldiers. And then they got green cards.

      I've been denied a green card for life because of a 1969 cannabis
      conviction, but war crimes are more to the liking of Washington and the
      Pentagon: It makes you one of them, a good old boy. Pot doesn't. When I was
      a teenager, we used to smoke all those goodies from the Arabs: Black
      Afghan, Black Nepal, Red Lebanese, and so on. Remember reading this
      dymnamite story in High Times about old grandmothers going to their local
      market in the hills of Lebanon with anti-aircraft guns in their arms so
      they could shoot planes from the CIA and the Interpol out of the sky if
      need be. All because of that red Lebanese cannabis of excellent quality
      that bore the stamp of their family logo so everyone should know ehere it
      came from. No wonder hippies are suspected of treason and subversion and
      sedition and terrorism for smoking these Arab products :)

      Back to the Nazis, who had done research in various fields that was of
      value to the U.S. government. Their knowledge of rocketry came in handy for
      the American space program. But there was also research having been done by
      the Nazis in the death camps of a more grisly nature. This came in handy
      for Western military research about how to extract info from prisoners of
      war, how to inflict the maximum of pain without killing them, and even
      better, without leaving any permanent marks on the body.

      During the post war years, torture became a science and an art among
      medical doctors in the West, who sold their skills to banana republics and
      dictatorships in poor countries, especially Latin America, where
      governments put these arts into practice under the auspices of the CIA,
      which had put them in power or made sure they stayed in power.

      It's another huuuuuge Pandora's box.

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