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1008Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: Lazarus

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  • dottie zold
    Jan 1, 2004
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      Bradford wrote:
      Perhaps you were an avid student
      > of Boehme, which
      > is not beyond the scope of truth.

      Dearest Bradford,

      How right you are. How it came to be that you would
      point me in this direction I have a bit of a clue but
      that does not due justice to your ability to pierce
      through to the thinking of ones person and to
      recognize it for where it comes from. It is quite
      shocking really but not.

      A few things are said that speak to me immediately
      when looking on this fine gentleman of God. One of
      them being his picture. I was pretty stunned for a
      second until I saw a second one that was barely
      recongizable. However it is his train of thought that
      I can follow to my self. Per chance? while looking I
      came directly upon a page by Dr.Steiner. It can be
      found at:

      What I found interesting is the fact that his thinking
      would not have changed much from his earlier
      incarnation as he would come back to the creation of
      the world once again. For what reason I do not have a
      clue. Although I have not given it much thought. His
      life does seem to mirror my own in a way. His writings
      are considered confused due to the fact he had not
      much of a higher education is but one of them. Mostly
      I find myself in his very search for understanding of
      the whole versus just the good. I do not push away
      that which is considered evil for I know it to be of
      ourselves created through neccessity. How he doggedly
      persued his understandings is another thing I can
      relate to.

      I find his thinkings within regards to knowing that
      anything one creates is considered ones own so be
      careful of the sympathies/passions/antipathies one
      might take on. I found a page regarding surrender that
      speaks to my very own heart in such a way that I feel
      it can pull one up and out of a stupor to get back to
      the road of the Godself.


      Anyhow, I feel like my life has just found something
      that will carry it through to the end. And I have not
      even checked his Sophia writings other than the
      mysterium Sophicum (sp)...in here we find a Cabala of

      I love that Steiner has the children take on the
      shoemakers task while in school as this was one of the
      little paths taken on by Jacob. What a beautiful
      gracios man he was it seems. My heart is warmed by his
      integrity and his search.

      Also, Bradford, I am wondering what do you make of the
      Chymical Weddings' seven weights? It seems Dr. Steiner
      holds them to be the Seven Arts? Yet this writer I am
      now reading calls it to be the Seven Virtues. He calls
      that Dr.Steiner was trying to fit into his
      Anthroposophy Stream this for a specific purpose. What
      is interesting to me is that he says Steiner 'waffled'
      at the Towers. If I am on the right path it seems to
      me this Tower and Magdalene have much in common. And
      it is no surprise to me the Towers occur on the sixth

      Thank you once again for your piercing insight into
      this Jacob and my selfs thinking. The streams
      definitely run into each other fairly easily.


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