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Rép. : [anthroposophy] Jupitered! Lazarus'd!

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  • danifyou@tv.videotron.ca
    Hello Dear Folks, Jan and Harvey talked And guess what Danny heard! Has also looked at the Stars Earlier ( and will also do in the Future...), So looking in
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 10, 2003
      Hello Dear Folks,

      Jan and Harvey talked
      And guess what Danny heard!

      Has also looked at the Stars
      Earlier ( and will also do in the Future...),
      So looking in the same Direction Forward
      Let me add my grains of salt to this Wonderful
      Thought-Felt (tiz more than mere "e-mails!") Let us be in this same Qualitativeness
      World always - our Self, ourselves
      Wrought Golden Age out of Christ the Impulse
      To LAND - have Brotherhood - Result(s),
      And of course a New Planet to come
      As the Earth and our Individualized
      Materiality is Jupitered, Lazarus'd;
      The Cosmos of Man is Gradual-AUM'd!

      And Harvey has showed the Way!
      A Language Camphor-Imaginative,
      The Tongue of Fire of the Apocalyptist;
      Verily it is the Sign FLUID - an Entrance
      In a River a Wonder Swan Song to the Old;
      The Song I also want to Sing with Jan
      My Wise Friend Devachan-Enthusiastic
      Who knows a whole Lore and the True Music -
      Sound Principle(s) of the Tonic Solar Winds
      Piping in our lungs the Rythms of the Heart so Dear...

      Ô Muse, I have to say!
      Jan and Harvey - I Praise Ye!
      Sages of the Ayur-RIGEL-Veda that you are;

      Again, Look at the very Useful Scheme Amfortas
      Of the Wounds - a Break in Start by there
      The Transubstantiation - send a Light into Hades!

      To pay gladly the price is our Second Nature
      Natural Will to make happen Heaven;
      Sake of the Rose to be 10th Hierarchy
      Loving one another - Touch Tender Soft;
      Read the LOVE - warm arms and hands;
      The picture is clear; the gesture is here;
      When we use the "Vestal Silk" as a clothing;
      We are the Platonics in sense world pouring
      Down the Blood Nova Circulation Ethereal;
      An Actualized Dove-like-Essene Gentle Smile;
      A Salutation, Proximity - our very palms and eyes
      Conductors Intrinsic of the Trinity in our veins!

      To walk now in this with you is a Blessing;
      You are a Rare People who with Emphasis
      Wisdom-Weaved Foundation Basic a Stand
      Under the Luminaries - Truly Active;
      You Anthroposophists on duty Mission
      Good all there is Connect it Sophia -
      Isis back - give the Respect(ive) - Meaning -
      Ahimsa-Embracing - all creatures Helping;
      Show the Noble as Deeds; Cherished;
      In Wish to see more; something like a spread
      'Paying it Forward' - the GOOD WILL!

      Let me add the picture to Contemplate
      The 25th - Christmas Sunset - see Venus
      And the Moon (Crescent Visible)
      Conjunct in the Sky as a Further
      Positive Omen from the Celestial to Add
      To the 24th Vesta and Sun Combination!
      (I'm getting in an 'ABC' of Intuitive Astrosophy! ;)

      Sirius matter of Orion
      And have a Magical Snow Season,


      ----Message original -----
      De : Jan<starbirdgarden@...>

      Harvey Wrote -

      "So now from the spine of the High Cliffs of Warriors, we dare rent the word
      "Therefore" from analytically-fanged prowess most hunterlike, to strengthen
      the artist's frail parallel notion "inference". As though the subtle, made
      to compete with the iron-clad, the overt, comes up too soft, too ephemeral,
      too Atlantean, too San Franciscan to delineate in the hard core of the
      overt, and beauty could not compete with power. So, as an aside, what is
      inference itself, but what we bring into the world: FERO, carry into thought
      from the Manas realm, Ferrum, Michaelic Archetypal Iron, Ferrum, carry like
      Marco Polo bears spice from Arakis, carries it from Metaphysical Oriental
      places and haunts into the realm of transmuted dream, i.e., dream that has,
      been in the spirit of 2001 'monololithed', Jupitered', dream made conscious,
      dream which has been "full fathom-fived'", made rich and strange, invested
      like a jewel into a ring into the bedrock metal of necessity, into the flesh
      and husk of the outer word, Dream alchemically leaven'd  --- hmmm! ---
      what's the verb we're looking for?, -  "Lazarus'd " The flesh of concrete
      ideas Lazarus'd. For 'to Lazarus' the literal, to deliver words and concepts
      from the stale corpses of the literal, to create such exodus from the
      tyranny of the stranglehold of the obvious, this word, this moment, this
      sand-grain cannot be the expression of one figure passing through the
      hourglass's isthmus of history, one gloriously recounted spike of nanosecond
      on the stopwatch of news, but the word has suddenly, courtesy of
      imagination,fresh from the single point, become elastic, and now defines,
      now invites the practice,  the road to the perfection of modern day alchemy.
      Every time one Lazarus's the literal, a current of subtle ecstasy, a drop of
      interior Aqua Regia most ambrosia-like, performs a holy absolving, wholly
      dissolving act of De-Arabization, DeChurchification, DeNazi-fication,
      De-Ethnic Cleansing better, to speak to the universality of the pathology
      rather than its mere epicenters,, a de-dogmatization, a 'de-rednecking' of
      an Ahrimanic coagulatory straight-jacket." - Harvey

      Jan - This speaks my language! I have loved and lived with this post, having
      the fun which is, as Danny reminded us, fun-damental to the nature of our
      quest. Lazurus'd! Waved like a wand at dead situations, tired
      relationships, bringing all to new life, new view. A ride with the High
      Elves to higher destinations, hierarchical beings, a new Star Trek.
      Bradford too does it with consummate ease, bringing levity forces of mirth,
      good humour to bear upon what is over-burdened with gravitas... (Cheer up
      Ahriman! Be of good cheer.... I am glad that you joined us on the forum!)
      To talk with Harvey and all good friends on this ferrum-forum is to
      con-verse in the true sense, to dance a coranto, take a turn around the
      cosmos in courteous and courtly roundelay. We face one another in
      cyberspace, bow or nod, exchange, partake and part, taking up and passing
      on, meeting, greeting and above all, accepting, tolerating. If we do cross
      Swords, it is only to see bright sparks fly, to fall where they will and
      illumine what they chance upon. Because this is a lively jig, and to join in
      is to be nut-cracked, stone-rolled, pitted - Jupitered, Lazarus'd!
      We have full-fathomed heights of cosmic bowel motions, wandered with
      planets, shone Lazar-Lazarus'd-beamed light into long darkened places,
      sought stars in strange places, and most importantly, met, re-met, renewed
      and formed friendships that will be able to stand in future adversity yet
      undreamed of. How the Angels of Karma adapt and bless this, their trawling
      net of fallen, rising ethers!
      And now, on the earth we may walk through the Valley of the Shadow, but
      Harvey has shown us that even the Scorpion, "once and future eagle" is not
      without light.
      Ferrum, strength bearing meteoric iron! To suffer, to bear, and whilst
      Ahriman would bear down upon us to make of bearing only an enduring, Michael
      bids us 'bear aloft', to offer, to confer .... Turn 'therefore' into for
      As "Radiant Beings of Ether worlds bear the Christ Word to Man" - Steiner
      Michael Prayer.
      The Angel said, 'Rise!' and in so doing we draw to us, and into us, the life
      bearing forces of levity in due measure, and can rise above what is
      ad-versed and be in a position to offer what we have Spica-gleaned on
      travail'd earth, new bread of life, human way-bread.
      This week my Dear Book-Finder gifted me a beautiful limited edition of
      Blackwood's 'Pan's Garden' a collection of semi-autobiographical stories
      with human earth nexus as theme.
      The absolute integration of humanity and environment is denied by many
      today. It is posited that humanity is largely superfluous, even parasitic of
      the earth, and only the elite and a serving section of humanity should
      people the planet, with numbers carefully controlled. Eugenics is gaining
      credibility in certain scientific circles today.
      Steiner repeatedly counters this lie. (In Occult Science, and elsewhere,
      newcomers to anthroposophy can find the true relatedness of humanity to
      earth past, present and future.) My study this week has been the
      'Supersensible Man' cycle which also brings out the importance on the earth
      of the activity of the dead, speaking in particular of the effect of the
      dead resounding in and from the sun-sphere upon our life on earth. An
      amazing, wonderful cycle.
      The human being, unlike animal, plant or mineral is creative of new forces.
      Without even the shed corpses of humans whether cremated or buried, Steiner
      assures us, the earth mission would fail for lack of necessary forces.
      In a story 'The Golden Fly' that has shades of William Blake
      Blackwood tells of a man who identifies with worldly reputation and success
      to such an extent that the loss of both leads him to contemplate suicide.
      Failure bears down heavily upon him, weighting and pressing. Desolate and
      desperate he wanders into a Forest.

      Quote " There he flung himself down wearily in the shadow of a little pine
      copse. And his crumbling universe lay down with him, for he could not escape
      it." end quote

      But his pain 'altars' his perception.... "The deep, majestic Day gave
      him a push, as if the shoulder of some star had brushed his own" as with
      Joel's Golden Boy!
      Sweeping a dancing golden fly from his arm, he accidentally, or
      unconsciously kills it, and feels suddenly and most unexpectedly how the
      landscape around him is subtly altered, how it registers the loss of a
      viewpoint, which was the fly life. He feels crushed, as if a great hand
      hovers above him also. Ahriman exacts revenge for financial failure.

      Quote- "Pain as a means and not an end had cleared the way... Con-version
      is a miracle. No ordinary pain can bring it....The pain cultivated dormant
      tracts. The terror also purged, it disclosed... He watched the wind and
      even the wind brought revelation; for without the obstacles in its path it
      would be silent. He watched the sunshine, and the sunshine taught him too;
      for without obstacles to fling it back against his eye he could never see
      it. He would neither hear the tinkling water nor feel the summer heat unless
      both one and other overcame some reluctant medium in their pathways. And,
      similarly, with his moral being - his pain resulted from the friction of his
      personal ambitions against the stress of some noble Power that sought to
      lift him higher. That Power he could not know direct, but he recognized
      it's strain against him by the resistance it generated in the inertia of his
      selfishness. His attitude of mind had switched completely round. It was
      what the preachers termed development through suffering. Moreover, he had
      acquired this energy of resistance somehow from the wind and sun and the
      beauty of a common summers day. Their peace and strength had passed into
      himself. Unconsciously on his way home he drew upon it steadily. He tossed
      the pistol into a pool of water. Nature had healed him; and Nature, should
      he turn weak again, was always there. It was very wonderful. He wanted to
      sing...." end quote from 'The Golden Fly'

      The Christ forces in Nature Lazarus'd him! "Bright, haunting eyes with love
      in them, gazed at him from the blue" Lazurite blue, Lapis stoned. Levity,
      the merry jest that tells a story, the smiling love in Nature, raised him to
      his true stature as a human being who lives in relatedness and
      responsibility with the environment he continually creates both for himself
      and for others. For him, nature was lazure painted, transparent, all veils
      Our work on this Forum creates an environment for those who are unaware of
      such crucial spiritual linkage, for whom thoughts are not yet things. In a
      subtle sense it clears the air.
      And it is true that there will be various forms of transitional 'free
      energy', many of which still turn ethers into sub ethers, into electricity.
      Ultimately energy will moral, be starlit, etherically generated within
      groups of people who have developed forces inherent in true brotherhood,
      which alone can safely 'earth' without 'insulating' supra-earthly powers. It
      will be timely, musical, voiced, tonic.
      it is for this reason that I venture on to this forum, where I am able to
      come into relation with those who have superior understanding, more
      developed souls, and dance the dance about the world and the whirled, so
      that physically unseen, purely in spirit, a brotherhood of watching, willing
      souls can be formed,to stand in readiness for when call to action comes,
      whenever that may be, trusted enough to watch one another's backs, which,
      like Pilgrim's go unarmoured. In kindness to one another we become kin.
      A new designation for humanity is 'time poor'. We have no time to spare,
      are 'timed out'. 'Lunch is for wimps' unless it is microwaved so that Time
      with its rhythms is no longer an ingredient. There is to be no time to
      digest the Book that is both sweet and bitter.
      Those of us who read or write on this forum, who ponder and think over what
      is offered give and take time, weave threads and rhythms. To those who have
      given much, from whom I have learned, I offer thanks not only for myself,
      but for the world that is renewed and maintained by such work and effort. It
      is no little thing.

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