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Rép. : Monads II/Ninefoldness/ RED CROSS, Heart, Head and ALL-SUFFERING for the ROSE

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  • danifyou@tv.videotron.ca
    How right you are Bradford. Makes me think about K-PAX again; Something of one flew over the coocoo nest ; I mean; one has to see here also a Position
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2003
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      How right you are Bradford.
      Makes me think about K-PAX again;
      Something of "one flew over the coocoo nest";
      I mean; one has to see here also a Position
      Renegade of 'Ail' from *Plato-John the Apostle
      Synthetic in Word Formulas Mercurial
      Calling Second Nature New Lips Etheric!

      Yeah, poor Grail*King Suffering; Plot *Paris!
      To use Harvey's words:
      "A Thief in the Night"... do you Recognize?
      Again asking - after the French Revolution -
      The SAME Question - from Mercury-Doctor
      *Rosenkreutz;--*Comte St-Germain
      Goes still 'Right Questionning'!:
      Something in the 'BOTH'...

      And for Answer, Knowledge and Health
      Do we ask Ahriman Mineral Edge Spread
      Mechanical - NO LOVE - Dark Cave
      Monkey-Brute King Kong the dwell
      For an Address Destructive Destination Hell?
      (Hear Paul the Wisdom Aero-Simple
      Vs. the Epimethean SCANDALS of this world!)
      (')Cause Furthermore Sophistication!
      (A DISGUISE a MASK(Human Shell..)
      The Chemicals only - the Surface
      Solely - the Source forget about it;
      Say, 'Get Lost' is pretty much what's said
      Really - tiz the Maze of the Beasty...
      WOUNDS again!; who WOUNDS?
      Who does WOUND? An ALIEN to 'MAN'?......

      Here's another QUESTION!
      What type of Beings?
      Which one then?

      The Delphes Oracle you say?
      Know Thyself?....
      O VENUS and Feeling!
      MMm.. how do I become Self-conscious
      If I do not FEEL-Myself.....

      Lucifer got the Alpha Fall Idea Sprout!
      Open your eyes to much of a Trick I'd say!
      In the Useful, hey.... FREEDOM!

      There's a Price to PAY for Futurity Neo
      FORWARD go - the "Matrix" Overcome;
      And 'Equilibrium' - Daniel got it right;
      The Johns and other Bio-Dynamic Pals
      "Will Pay It Gladly"...
      For LOVE and BEING FREE!

      TO BE!

      Thanks Bradford!


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      0 x 9 + 1 = 1
      1 x 9 + 2 = 11
      12 x 9 + 3 = 111
      123 x 9 + 4 = 1111
      1234 x 9 + 5 = 11111
      12345 x 9 + 6 = 111111
      123456 x 9 + 7 = 1111111
      1234567 x 9 + 8 = 11111111
      12345678 x 9 + 9 = 111111111
      123456789 x 9 + 10 = 1111111111


      If we take seriously the collection of Nine..we come to some
      remarkable links. This particular link makes life very interesting,
      if we have any ability to bring The Foundation Stone into relation
      with humanity. How dare humanity treat those wonderful souls who have
      woven mysteries into our culture as fools. Presenting ideas that are
      materialistic myths as the height of wisdom is a failure on our parts
      to make wisdom an inclusive and accurate part of the daily bread of
      mankinds intellect.

      Instead we exile real intelligence to the department called
      Holderlin's Insanity and Nietsche's closet.

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