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  • prec2nod
    Bradford wrote:
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 5, 2003
      Bradford wrote:

      <<Either the hollow force of the Sun is sending warmfingers of love to
      its long lost brother the Christ Being, as Earth is His new arising
      sphere...seeding it to make Earth a new sun of a new solar system son
      of a gun. Streams of Sun souls on Michael's fiery ferry, shuttled down
      on the flaming swords...
      <<... and the refined matter exchanges are current tiny skirmishes in
      the ring of the Gods. Earth, at least the western world is building up
      a fully operative, blind ahrimanic mind set against any form of human

      my comment:

      The flares are another face of the spots, the disease or sickness of
      the Sun, the dark side of the higher hierarchies. These spots are
      Ahrimanic anti-Sun islands inside the Sun itself, which are first
      isolated and then expelled. They are furious storms, mighty battles,
      and what is expelled is sent to us. This is very similar to what
      Steiner describes --in other contexts-- as a "battle in the sky".

      These flares become "auroras" of hope on Earth, and we can hear and
      see the Sun singing, announcing its presence. The matter expelled
      signals that the skirmish is over in the sky. Earth becomes the
      stronghold of what has been expelled from the Sun, but after each of
      these skirmishes earthlings who are connected with the Sun are

      That these storms are bigger than they have been in a long time has an
      exact concordance with the fact that --in my opinion-- the West has
      not been so hell-ridden or desolate in a very long time, following the
      direct attack on Humanity perpetrated by the monkey-faced mini-hitlers
      hiding behind the bushes and a very corrupt "Security Council".

      I see the present destruction of Irak different from the previous
      re-destruction of Aghanistan, or from the Balcan or the many other
      destructions: these were "implosive", localized, while Irak has meant
      an explosion, the unleashing of something. I have in mind Bradford's
      recent comments on Jerusalem and Palestine here.

      What has been unleashed? Bradford writes: <<... Ahriman is gearing up
      with half of the U.S. population under complete stupidity and
      numbing>>. I add: half of the world population, which, imaginatively,
      is the same as saying that they have become adorers of The Beast. It
      is the Beast that has been unleashed.

      The Sun/Christ forces are not battling armies that kill and destroy
      life. This was well explained by Steiner in "From Jesus to Christ",
      when he explained the spiritual distortions contained in Jesuitism.
      Yet, this is exactly what we see in the Zionism and Christian
      fundamentalism that is now in control of the U.S. We see it, too, in
      not a few numbed anthroposophists...

      (ref.: Christ temptation in the desert)

      As an example of the strengthened Sun forces, I mention the peace
      demonstrations of February 15th. They reflect a growing awareness and
      conviction, a conviction and clarity, a growing world-sense of
      injustice, that is being strengthened as the Ahrimanic/robotic forces
      of imperialism and racism pose themselves as harbingers of freedom.

      Although Baghdad is not Jerusalem, I can see, since 1991 and the
      subsequent relentless attack on its civil population by the so-called
      "sanctions", the same (anti-) forces, the same racist attitudes and
      distortions, that has fed Israel's unending conflict with the
      Palestinians. Spiritually, Irak --to me-- has become an extension (or
      expansion) of the Palestinian paradigm.

      The circle has become an ellipse with 2 foci, and things are spinning

      I don't see (not yet, at least for now) suicide bombings as
      "implosions". They are literally a shattering of the human self or
      "I", an explosion that comes as a result of a very long, endless
      "passion", the Passion of Islam. It is not through Jihad and lack of
      freedom that Islam leaves its mark on our world today, but by its
      unending suffering.

      Juan Revilla
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