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RE: [anthroposophy] Re: preview of life

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  • Maurice McCarthy
    Many thanks I ll look them all up. Maurice. ... From: lightsearcher1 [mailto:lightsearcher1@yahoo.com] Sent: Tuesday, November 04, 2003 04:41 AM To:
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 3, 2003
      Many thanks I'll look them all up.


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      --- Maurice McCarthy <Maurice.McCarthy@b...> wrote:
      > Anyone know where RS talks of the
      > preview panorama of what is to come in
      > one's life which happens shortly before birth?


      1.) One good place that comes to mind
      is in "Anthroposophy: An Introduction"

      2. May I put in a plug here for one
      of Steiner's most complexly symphonic
      and majestic presentations on this
      general topic?

      It's the lectures called:

      The Inner Nature of Man and Life
      Between Death and a New Birth

      3.) Plug #2: The lecture cycle
      that I consider the "Elementary
      Anthroposophic Principles most
      elegantly and simply presented"
      is the cycle (out-of-print at
      the moment in English) called:

      "Man's Being, His Destiny, and
      World Evolution"

      I believe this is the BEST quick
      intro to Steiner, PERIOD, for the
      total novice that you don't want
      to scare away.



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