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  • holderlin66
    ... wrote: A SPECULATIVE CREATION ACCOUNT by Maurice McCarthy November 2003. Maurice forgive me ahead of time... I m just gonna let out
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      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, Maurice McCarthy
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      by Maurice McCarthy

      November 2003.

      Maurice forgive me ahead of time... I'm just gonna let out some of my
      own quirks, even though I suspect you are attempting to explain
      Saturn, Sun and Moon evolution... from point of origin, seminal
      creative Fiat prior to day one.

      Bradford comments;

      Communicating to the Science minds of our time. Tom Mellett was one
      of the best and indeed Bobby Matherene is a highly skilled scientist
      and anthro. They both are. There is an entire section on called or
      was called AS..Anthro Science. I was slightly disappointed in what
      little commentary came out regarding the basic truths uttered by Jan.
      That Steiner realized that atom and molecule theory came out of the
      nervous system, a taxed nervous system at that, brain, and matter
      tightly woven in the astral nervous system..could be compressed and
      arise as an Atom or particle theory.

      In the particle theory we have an astral condition of the brain and
      in the wave theory we would, appear to have, the blood and mystic
      theory. I also find it disappointing that Stephen Hawkings and others
      think about the universe, void of the Living Being..because they may
      not be particle or wave.. but Mighty Archai and Archanglic Beings
      whos attributes we detect in Light-in Coldness- in Passion and Pride,
      and in a quality of Love in all Sympathy with things. The film, "A
      Beautiful Mind" where John Nash through his mathematical approach to
      the universe and digesting the equations, or ingesting the equations
      of matter theory... becomes a martyr like Nietzsche.

      Nash falls into the awaiting horror that an actual shadow emancipates
      itself from the thinking...Steiner dealt with this and I have dealt
      with this as well in several essay. My problem with Einstein and
      Science as well, is that I fully believe in the trade off theory. I
      believe that Einstein found along with Oppenheimer's execution of the
      problem...The counter force to actual Light. In otherwords, Etheric
      Christ Light rose...now and Science took the peelings off the
      fundamental apple... and said, look at these peelings, these
      sheddings of the mighty force of Light we can play with. So Einstein
      in 1933 crossed through the barrier reef of Light severed from Love,
      as a Trade off for humanity.

      I am disappointed in Science and Anthro Science that continues to
      think that by following the bridge markings of John Nash, that
      someone can suddenly find the trigger which would release the
      misunderstanding surrounding Steiner. Rather Decayed Light and the
      Devachan and the simple fairy tale of sticking ones hands in a Rose
      Fire that George MacDonald framed, is so very out of sorts with
      Science. Certainly it can be explained. Electricty, Magnetism,
      decayed Racism or decayed Etheric Life forces off the Tree of Life,
      are cast off for a blundering humanity to made a damn big deal about,
      but it leads us, and rightly into deeper and deeper territory, but
      without deeper and deeper understanding. You get my point?

      The idea of knowledge may be expressed in a quasi-mathematical

      c + a => k, iff c = f(a)

      which reads "an action 'a' upon a content 'c' yields knowledge 'k'
      if, and
      only if, the content is a function of the act". Now, since every
      function of
      the act is a product of that act then it follows that the act is the
      creator, if knowledge exists. This poses a problem. Our reliable
      bodies of
      knowledge indicate that the material world precedes the development
      of the
      consciousness with which to know it, a consciouness which therefore is
      epiphenomenal to the material processes. Yet, on the other hand, all
      knowledge is unseated unless the idea of knowledge is true and this
      leads to
      the proposition that consciousness must precede the material. The two
      be reconciled within a single incarnation of the cosmos and since
      both must
      simultaneously be true, in some sense, then if knowledge is to
      continue to
      be worthwhile, then we are obliged to seek the synthesis which will
      the impasse. Since there must have been more than one incarnation of
      cosmos then existence itself is something which comes and goes like

      Bradford Comments;

      Now this Fichte like insight was wrought through the great
      philosophers and Hegel and Holderlin, back a few posts, understood
      the same thing as Fichte about the I AM. The creator should know
      itself and in knowing itself the organs for knowing its vast
      kingdoms, if Higher Beings had not already achieved a stage higher or
      several stages higher than humanity, Creator should, one or many
      creators, should be conscious of itself through mineral, plant,
      animal, human, etheric, astral, and I AM levels and humans can only
      reach up to such development. How do Science minds want to grasp God,
      in some simplistic manner out of math? Certainly there are many
      unexplored equations and Tesla comes to mind right away as well as
      Keely. But even here, we have examined and Steiner has examined the
      destiny of Keely under the name of Strader in his Mystery Dramas.
      That is that Science minds have to penetrate and deal in Ahriman's
      realm. Tesla called humanity "Meat Machines". He was born at
      Midnight, against Goethe at High Noon. Does anyone care to study the
      social problems of both John Nash, Tesla, Keely and Strader as
      Strader slogs his way through his karma? No?

      Well for our information Strader, Keely's destiny was formed out the
      the War of the Minstrals.. But even here, Science minds don't want to
      tread in this rather unsafe territory. A nice equation will do and
      this will explain the Beingness of the Universe and of course our
      simplistic understanding of God as Creator.

      The act alone must exist without reference to any other if any other
      can be known to exist at all. The act alone is permanent substance
      and from
      this substance every other content must be derived. The first
      therefore, is the parturition of the act and the end of all existence
      is the
      re-absorbtion into the permanent. The act itself is absolute
      ignorance, for
      it has no confronting content to know. Equally, since its own
      creation is no
      mystery to it but an uttercompleteness of relation is already
      then no impulse for knowledge can arise. The creator remains ignorant

      Bradford comments;

      What permanent substance do you think you can get away with. The Atom
      of God, a little particle that does not survive, no matter, no none,
      not a scrap of matter goes past the threshold..so What Permanent
      substance are we talking about?

      As the act of knowledge is the transparent medium of all existence and
      knowledge, so that it has no definite quality of its own but is the
      possibility of all qualia, then a simple division of the substance of
      act would only make an ignorant perisher, as opposed to the original
      permanent. Consequently the first parturition gives birth to many.

      Bradford comments;

      Is this some sweet way of saying Big Bang? Maurice, I know you don't
      mean it this way and I could be merely a crass materialist in
      response and stay within the confines of the argument. Every
      university craves the whole thinking mass of humans to stay within
      the confines of established paradigms which will resist anything to
      do with Saturn, Sun, Moon and Earth Evolution.. to get to Beings is
      half fairy tale and half science and it would take a Halfling out of
      Tolkien. Tolkien has more Science in his fairy tale than most
      university thinkers have in their bow ties.

      The many perishable acts confront each other as content for knowledge
      each is entirely of the substance of the act whose character is to
      relation, to know. Each therefore knows everyone of the rest
      Each willingly allows the others to live in harmony in it and
      knows itself in the others. Each offers relation of its own accord so
      perceiving and thinking never separate but the mutual perception is
      at once
      relational all the way to the essence of the other. This fully loving
      relation is the divine as such. The very first act of ignorance is
      thus to
      create gods in such harmony that their knowledge is absolute and they
      form a
      unity. As the unification completes the multitude dissolves back into
      permanent and the first creation completes.

      On the way it incidentally shows that since the very first act of
      produces the divine then it is inevitable that a knower will form
      image of god after themselves.

      Bradford Comments;

      One of the experts in the field of "Philsophy of Spiritual Acitivity
      is Joel. Percept and Concept and the field of the thinking human
      where this activity of penetrating with intuition into concepts and
      beginning to sense things behind the veil, like Plant patterns,
      compartmentalising all of Nature, but still hanging tight to the
      structure of consciousness or lack of in the mineral level of
      consciousness. Plants and their sleeping Earth etheric, physical
      expression. Breeds of animals..as they express various tendency
      towards warmth ethers and the splitting of the hoof to paw and claw
      to hand and beyond to wing. Astral differences, Light and Color on
      the Spectrum of Newton..like scent can be color and how many parts
      per billion and how the butter fly wings are a projection of Devachan
      tuning that is attuned to plants. How insects are the severed nervous
      system of the plants.. waiting to be joined up to create animals of
      the future. Percepts and Concepts that lead to might integration with
      Science fact and Spiritual Science Fact are so astonishing that most
      thinkers wither and like any simpleton who wants proof of God, also
      wants proof that what the stunning miracle we are expressing, are
      rabidly true and science should get their ass down to work instead of
      wandering in their eternal labyrinth of deception.

      Mere repetition goes nowhere but the divine itself carries the
      capacity to
      create so the next incarnation of the cosmos sees a) the
      recapitulation of
      the divine and then b) the expression of absolute knowledge, i.e.
      wisdom. It
      should be noted that every adjective and noun in the last section and
      refers to knowing beings - wisdom is a class of such beings. This
      means that
      all intelligence consists of the relations between higher beings.
      Wisdom is
      a subjective movement begetting time as such which subtends to
      form, or in general is spatial relation. The wisdom filled unity of
      and form completes an absolute knowledge of the second cosmos.

      Bradford comments;

      Suddenly we leap into Beings, from such a dry study, the science mind
      is wondering, what the hell, Beings, mere humans, all modeled after
      human Intelligence? Or the Big, mighty Seraphic, Planetary and
      movement forces in our wills and Kryiotetes and Dynamis, or maybe
      Archai and Time Spirits.. and do they all have same pattern relations
      as we do to our math and current science? Not!

      Now in the third cosmos we are entitled to speak of the first
      beginnings of
      humanity, not human beings themselves but the class of beings who
      must be
      present to mould original humanity as we mould the material earth.
      lower class of beings represents a condition which the higher beings
      accomodate in quite the same way as we have vegetation and animal

      The beings of wisdom don't quite have the harmony or power to give
      their own substance in creation but co-create through their
      knowledge. Thus
      the third cosmos is again an expression of the divine, this time
      mediated by
      wisdom. Thus wisdom is placed into the worlds around lower classes.

      Bradford Comments;

      So from what I understand or misunderstood, and it likely that I
      misunderstood, you are trying to deal with First Creation, Second
      Creation and Third Creation. John Scotus Eriginea, who is probably
      incarnated now out in the North Sea, attempted to unfold creation
      along the same theories as you are presenting. It is things like this
      that surface up, out of the stream of time, that appear to become
      apart of Steiner's Saturn, Sun, and Mooon evolutions that were
      pressed by refined brains back then and indeed they surface in our
      attempts to put math and number... not the wonderful numbers of rib
      cage and zodiac or spinal nothches and 33 of the I Am spine rhythm,
      or 13 to 1 patterns of how the human blood and body weight correlate
      or the gestation cycle of the elephant and how the Mars orbit pattern
      in days is the same as the Elephants gestations cycle or the rabbit
      is the same gestation cycle as the Moon from new to full... 28 days,
      or the time it takes the Sun to rotate once, 21 to 25 days or nearly
      three weeks is the gestation cycle of eggs and Bees, as thy model
      themselves from Queen to Drone... based on the Sun rhythm...

      Oh yes.. I would love to see Science gather in its tremendous
      scattered research and put Pythagorean patterns through so that
      nature is transparent. It is so obvious to anyone who begins to
      unravel the numerical relation to the world of the stars, gestation,
      biology, bone.. and how the human being is made, that we are not
      dealing with anything arbitrary. Which is the sticking point with
      Science, constantly trying to prove that it is not chance or accident
      or it is chance or accident. None of the details of the universe or
      nature can be attributed to Chance.

      Now John Scotus, Tom Mellett, Bobby Matherene, Tesla and one of the
      best books on physics, what is it the Dao of Physics or something by
      a wonderful author... and the very best film is "MindWalk" it is the
      most impressive film made.. MindWalk, by the same author I am
      refering to.... I know you are out on the North Sea and all, but to
      see "MindWalk" is one of the most stunning teaching films on the
      planet. Anyone on this list interested in the themes Maurice is
      raising should see "MindWalk". You are missing a whole updated
      segment of reality if you fail to see this film.

      So, yes, our impulse to carry and explore and explain the universe to
      those unwilling to see it.. is very much like the fabled blind monks
      trying to describe and elephant... an Elephant standing on a Turtle
      with thirteen colonies, thirteen Last Supper images, Thirteen
      Arthurian Knights... Thirtenn and the Zodiac with the Lamb...try to
      describe this to the Science mind once the Shadow has fully
      emancipated itself and will now come out to haunt and lead the human
      as in poor John Nash's case.

      Mind you, I want Science Seers, thinkers and researchers
      communicating deeply and profoundly and awakening insights that we
      have failed to see... I long for it, I crave it, and I think I could
      understand it if it was in front of me... But there are others, who I
      mentioned who have done ground breaking work and still others like
      Pffeiffer who was a Scientist as well as the entire science section
      of the Goetheanum who are never believed, Like Unger, yet they are

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