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Rép. : Issues around issues

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  • danifyou@tv.videotron.ca
    Indeed Jan, how the disgust is present In our hearts, for ever the Dominion Of Scraps to us is presented Redundant Under all kinds of Luciferic Sentient Masks!
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 29, 2003
      Indeed Jan, how the disgust is present
      In our hearts, for ever the Dominion
      Of Scraps to us is presented Redundant
      Under all kinds of Luciferic Sentient Masks!

      You said it, it is Dr. Death and his parade
      Praise to folly and the Prozac;
      Yes you said it also; --> Mr. Vain!
      For it is a Waste land - humanoid ads
      Self promotion and Blasphemy; Darwinian
      Empire of Monkeys where everything
      Is "Vainty", where everything is Vanity!

      For having not Grown; forever Flat;
      On the Ground Gray of Materialism
      Is the Blood Spilled and Spoiled; O Ahrimanism!
      As Real and as Qualitative as a Newspaper
      Is, indeed Real is the Falling instead
      Of out of the Good News Transubstantiating!

      Ground, Grind, Ground Zero;
      For the amalgamated king rules 'Zealot'
      Enforce 'Roman' the Babylonian Harlot!

      Crooked before the Lord they go
      And they shall heal not; rather the choice
      Of Illusions high and low in the brain the
      Chemicals and the pills of all sorts;
      Drunken, Barabbas and Epimethean;
      No word can help to save them - for closed
      Has been the gate of their heart; Mammon
      The god of ashes is welcomed more than
      Christ; so they pay the price!

      No Solution will come on either side
      As long as they Worship Paper, Idols and
      The Dead Letter of the Obvious Real Sense
      World Maya-Matrix Nervous System Mineral!

      Thanks for your Courageous Page of Realism
      Jan. If more would think like you do, it would
      Indeed be a Better World for all of us -
      Rather than a Dark Cave where the bipeds
      Mechanical - the Light, Life, and Truth they
      Comprehend not; for Dead - marching Eyes Wide Shut!

      And the Choice is ours;
      While the Axe
      Continues It's Labour...

      Tic tac, tic tac, tic tac, tic tac.....


      ----Message original -----
      De : Jan<starbirdgarden@...>
      We have issues! Issues are issuing forth from every situation, every event,
      every 'piece' of 'art' and above all, every politician. We all have issues!
      Issues flow 'around' surround things, people, relationships, places - all
      have issues, tissues, obscuring mist; what is missed - what are issues,
      Tony Blair had issues 'around' various subjects today at Prime Minister's
      Questionable Question Time. He was vague. There are Issues he said, and
      they are, well, issues. He will explore them.
      Yesterday I heard a curator at the Tate Gallery speaking of the 'issues'
      around the 'pieces' at the Turner Prize exhibition. Whatever emanates or
      issues from that must be fairly rank to say the least. But important. Very
      important, and I welcome whatever is clearly symptomatic. We can hold it up
      to the light.
      To use the current journalese, let's explore the issues.
      The Curator, in the give away deadened voice that issues from
      Ahrimanised maggoted brain thinking, she went from 'piece' to 'piece'. All
      such 'art' is a 'piece' never a whole or even a part of a whole, only an
      isolated shrapnel fragment of an exploding sub-culture, atom-ic fallout from
      a disintegrating encrusted world view.
      The Chapman Brothers 'piece' consists of two apparently plastic blow up
      sex dolls, actually cast in bronze, engaged in oral sex. It explores, we are
      told, issues around sex. In reality, it is a symptom, and a true one. What
      you see here is what you get if you go all the way with Ahriman.
      The blow up blow-job dollies, having been inflated by Lucifer, to float in
      in the Asura blue, are really dead weighted by Ahriman, doomed to pre or
      post orgasmic spasm immobility, the death in sex moment frozen, camouflaged,
      painted and preserved. Revealing more than is perhaps intended. Who is
      'giving head' and who is taking head here? Who is in the head? The orgasm,
      medically defined as 'something akin to electric shock' has been reaped. Who
      else is looking in on this exhibition?
      Let us be grateful to these tired middle aged exhibitionist exhibitors,
      because they tell it like it is. One piece of video art consists of two
      screens, one of which shows a man endlessly running towards you, the other
      shows him endlessly running away. In neither case does he arrive at
      anything or anywhere..... Pursued by the invisible..... Need I point to the
      Another exhibitor, a transvestite, displays vases with issues around
      pedophilia and child death.
      I have had 'issues' around death and apples recently. So does another
      exhibitor, who has hung red apples on a bronze tree, which are to be allowed
      to rot, explains the curator with the morbid excitement which passes for
      animation in the bleak voice, thereby EXPLORING ISSUES around decay and
      death. What issues? Hopefully a cloud of fruit flies will arrive. Apples are
      built around a rosy-star; they have seeds....
      The same exhibitor squashes hundreds of flowers behind a glass screen.
      The really amazing thing, we are told, is that they will DIE during the
      exhibition, thereby exploring issues around - you got it - DEATH!
      Welcome to the Tate Art Compost Heap, where the rich humus of apple,
      flower and maggot will give rise to LIFE. If we choose it.
      I am reminded of my friend Daphne, who when working as a receptionist
      at the Goethe Institute in London, came in one morning to find what she took
      to be the remains of a private view party, a lot of semi empty wine bottles.
      She quickly binned them, only to discover that she had dismantled and
      destroyed an 'installation'......she explained, thinking on her feet, that
      she was involved in 'happening' art....
      Last year I heard of an exhibition in which nothing at all was
      exhibited. The gallery was empty. Nothing was on display......what you see
      is what you get. And people did come to see - nothing.
      Lucifer and Ahriman recently appeared to do battle over the head 'Self'
      by Marc Quinn sculpted in frozen human blood when it reportedly melted and
      flooded the floor of cookery queen Nigella Lawson's flat when builders
      unplugged the fridge. Selfhood spilled.....
      And here is another another apple issue - artists plan to insert human
      'junk' DNA into apple trees.


      Such is the Turner Prize travesty. Wonderful Turner! There he stands,
      true artist, light lord, elevator of soul. Thankfully he is still exhibited
      in the Clore Gallery at the Tate. The Tate Gallery was originally founded
      upon the donated art collection of Sir Henry Tate, sugar baron. Tate and
      Lyle's motto was 'Out of the strong comes forth sweetness.' Samson's riddle
      from the book of Judges. The bees built their nest in the decaying body of
      the lion.
      Sweetness of soul as well as strength of spirit can arise from beholding
      Turner's paintings. May we, as anthroposophists, bring sweetness from the
      death and decay exhibited everywhere by Ahriman. Let us not shrink from
      exploring, truly, deeply exploring, these issues. Because in going through
      death we come to the Resurrection.
      The chief motivation and matrix of the Turner Prize is money. Not the
      £20,000 prize, but the collecting and selling of 'art' validated by such as
      Charles Saatchi. If we follow the money, the coined gold thread through the
      labyrinth of the materialised brain, we inevitably come to Ahriman.
      Because he cannot hide. His cover was blown by the Mighty New-Clear Fusion
      of the Incarnation, he was shadowcast by the Light in the Etheric, having
      only the icy caverns of darkened human brains to lie low in. And lie he
      does. There we find him, funeral directing, undertaking art, freezing,
      curdling human blood, embalming spliced animals, junking human DNA. He is
      visible now. By his works shall you know him.
      So here he is, folks, Dr Death, and he has issues, emanations, ectoplasmic
      phantoms of reality, skeletal images of art, 'pieces', fragments, goblin
      thoughts trapped in bronze, embalmed in formaldehyde, caught on film,
      snapped in photograph, dancing the Danse Macrbre.
      Therefore choose life.



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