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Thirteen Tribes/ Israel

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  • danifyou@tv.videotron.ca
    What does it says you asked Brad... It says: Ô Israel, thou shall go and Multiply! ... De : danifyou@tv.videotron.ca Christmas Island; Silver Moon Fishes of
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      What does it says you asked Brad...

      It says:

      Ô Israel, thou shall go and Multiply!

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      De : danifyou@...

      Christmas Island;
      Silver Moon Fishes of Wisdom;
      RED Rose Rosenkreutz John
      And the Fertile Imaginations
      Of the Crab Hermetic Realism
      Fluid Watery Balm and Solution;
      Agni, India and the Ocean;
      Have you yet watched 'Bubble Boy',
      In it a Web of Karmic Situations much Fun!

      Thanks Bradford! another one of your posts
      That triggers the Multiple Faces of Truth
      To be Seen for what they are Really despite
      The sense world - Ahrimanian glass dark
      Useful resistance paradoxical inklings -
      Mineral senses organs-instruments playing
      Tricks on who has not the Inner Eye
      Developped - so remaining in Maya
      Envelopped until the Matrix (he) overcome!


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      De : holderlin66<holderlin66@...>
      You've heard of the twelve tribes if Israel, but wait.. You know that
      mysterious number thirteen crops up. Last Supper Thirteen. Round
      Table, mythically thirteen but Merlin said more like 150 and of
      course those mighty swirling constellations and the Lamb, make
      thirteen. Every centimeter on the U.S. Dollar is Thirteen, for the
      thirteen states.. Thirteen colonies

      We mustn't forget the thirtenn moons that the Native Americans use on
      the back of the turtle.. Because the turtle has exactly thirteen neat
      squares to mark the moons. Or that the World is moving on the back of
      a Great Turtle... India.

      Laid in the foundation is the thirteen and the blood and body ratio
      of human beings is 13 to 1..


      What is this research saying?

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