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we don't need no education...

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  • daniel bernard
    hello, let talk about the minister of education of quebec, to obtain the diplome befor to go to a college we need: history of canada, physic science, french,
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                let talk about the minister of education of quebec, to obtain the diplome befor to go to a college we need: history of canada, physic science, french, english, economic education, and mathematic advence.
      i wanted to go in litterature, i've obtain my diplome, but one of their critere was mathematic very advance, hey! i want litterature! what the f#ck, why mathematic if i want litterature? everyone said it unsuelful to complain, you can't do nothing, no if i said nothing, nothing will be better, beetoven today cannot enter in any school music...
      our capacity don't care about our minister, they want logical citizens but not creative.
      hey! teacher leave the kid alone...

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    • holderlin66
      Encouragement in the Michael Mood Writers write, and I have been thank ful to the current American Crisis because thousands, upon thousands have awoken to the
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        Encouragement in the Michael Mood

        Writers write, and I have been thank ful to the current American
        Crisis because thousands, upon thousands have awoken to the many
        manipulations of monkey faced deception. For the Global Michael
        Spirit, it is important that discernment and solid perception of
        inner truth, and the nature of lies become familiar to many souls.
        The opportunity for this experience to become the foundation of the
        awakening to minimal Michael Intelligence has been offered by the
        Iraqi/American crisis. We should be able to see the wisdom in this
        world event.

        Ah, In Babylon and Iraq where Marduk, or Michael was the leading
        Archangelic Spirit, here we see the fruits arising from the Far Wests
        invasion of ancient Iraq. By invading Iraq, at such a time when
        Michael is now the Time SPirit opposing Ahriman, we suddenly see the
        fruits of millions of thinking souls connecting to the stream of
        Michael Intelligence, because of Iraq, Babylon, and Marduk's ancient
        relation with humanity. Marduk who was the hero, Cosmic Warrior, who
        ordered and brought the Cosmic Logos, Planetary system and streaming
        levels of Mineral, Plant, Animal and HUman incarnation forces into
        the ordered destiny of Earth centered Man and Christ Event, was
        raised to Archai and sacrificed its mission of holding cosmic
        intelligence. Michael has offered His crown to humanity and it is a
        dangerous Regime Change. It is now up to humans to carry the threads
        of Cosmic Intelligence back up to the Spiritual World. For Marduk was
        the Folk Spirit of Babylon and Baghdad. Planetary Ziggurats were the
        first meaningful skyscrapers, imbued with human insight.

        We can see very clearly that by invading Iraq, a karmic return on the
        investment of Gilgamesh and Marduk has poured into the souls of those
        who have reincarnated into the thinking west. Here America and Rush
        L. and Bush and Company force souls to see through the deceptions as
        never before in the history of Information and Intelligence. Thanks
        Bill Gates, the richest Man on the Planet. There is a raw division of
        moral essence and a vast awakening of intelligent discernment, that
        connects to the Michael Mood of Courage. Thanks Michael Moore. Take
        for instance this sample sentence torn from the pages of current

        "like the Knights of the Round Table seeking a chalice that once held
        holy blood, we find only the discarded shells of ideas littered
        around a middle-aged derelict, tottering and muttering in an
        intellectually and morally vacant White House. "

        Connect the dots, if you dare, if you claim to be thinkers. David
        Kelly winner of the St. George and St. Michael medal of honor. St.
        Michael the Archangel and the death of Kelly crushes Blair into a
        corner. Murdering by leaks an Agent working in the field of American
        spies, Ambassador Wilson's wife, [Mr. Wilson of Dennis the Menace
        plays Dennis to Bush..actual hero and Michael Warrior]. Wilson's
        wife, to prevent International terrorism is crippled and killed as an
        agent in the field. Now her life and the life of many others are
        threatened because of the actions of Bush's handler, Karl Rove and
        Dick Cheney.

        Identity, true identity and spiritual identity, understanding the
        very identity crisis that we give Prozac for, because humanity is
        incarnating with a deeper identity and a superficial identity and
        education refuses to resolve these, calls forth intense double agent
        souls to work with the C.I.A. as a false hijacking of True
        Rosicrucianism. Maybe we should all go back to school and see that
        Rosicuricianism is exactly what dealing with two sides of our nature
        was built for. But our current windfall in Michael strength must be
        blamed on the Ahrimanic actions of the Bush administration. The
        Michael School participants are all agents, and global citizens for
        the awakening of brotherhood and Spiritual development of Thought in
        the world. Hardly ever, in American History, has there been such a
        visible and stark difference between moral perception and active

        Michael Intelligence and Spiritual Science is the longed for gift,
        which, because many of our readers imagine this as obscure, a cult,
        they fail to see the enormity of the Iraqi/American issue. They fail
        to even have the faint ability to see the streaming forces of Marduk,
        the ghosts of Baghdad, awakened and transformed in America to Cosmic
        and Human Intelligence finding Michael/Marduk in its new thinking
        garment within the human hearts of men. Current events are by no
        means dull, but the ability to bear witness to them, awakens the
        ancient bank account of stored Marduck/Michael worship, wisdom and
        incarnations fruits, to lift the scales from the eyes of millions
        upon millions of souls and collect a Michael compensation. We have
        been prepared for this from before our births and Steiner gave ample
        profiles of what Ahrimanic Symptomology would look like when we
        encountered it.

        To this transparency and fitting the profile so exactly, we have to
        thank the Bush Administration. For without their glaring Ahrimanic
        Symptomology that profiles itself back to Hitler and profiles all the
        Ahrimanic inspired thought, humanity would have been unable to
        collect all the thought forces of investment that they earned as
        experiences in the Spiritual World and on Earth accumulated in their
        souls accounts. Collecting that debt is what Thinking is currently
        about. Michael, formerly Marduk, is weaving everywhere and who could
        fail to get courage from it. Free courage to anyone who actually
        thinks with their human hearts.

        George is all that we have indicated in precise psychological and
        Spiritual outline. A spoiled, sentient Soul cut, of the lower
        Nationalistic manhood of America. Full of Fundamentalistic God
        garbage and dogma and with the education of 10th grader he is the
        shell of Personality we voted into office. Brotherhoods chose him to
        represent the accurate mix and mush of America, since his level of
        spoiled Materialism is exactly the level of thought most Americans
        can digest. But luckily, thanks to this Administration, their
        Ahrimanic agenda is a transparent character study in folly, which
        Michael can now awaken by use of contrast. We must needs thank great
        cultural Periods when Babylon and the Cosmic system of thinking was
        implanted in Earnest in the soul life. We must needs see the
        Gilgamesh epoch and the connection to the Karmic forces of Steiner as
        part of the intimate awakenings of Michael Intelligence in deeper and
        deeper stratas of humanity. For it was Enkidu or Eaboni who Gilgamesh
        followed beyond the Scorpian Men and the Threshold of Death and
        Initiation. Humanity followed Enkidu/Steiner to the heart of the
        Michael/Christ Mystery. These are current events for real thinkers.

        Spiritual Science, and this Open Michael School, and those who
        understand and live in the real shifting world of current cultural
        insights must needs embrace the wider vision that Anthroposophy was
        supposed to include. The only reason we do not see and support the
        forces awakening in culture and connect it to the intimate threads of
        the Michael Being, is because we failed to comprehend Dr. Steiner.

        Those who comprehend the goood Dr. would testify to the mighty hidden
        meanings of Iraq/American Imperialism, set with new meaning as
        millions of souls come to a clarity of difference between the global
        community and the selfish, Corporate Multi-National shadow monsters
        and dragons we have created.. mighty giant financial floating worlds
        of green dragon dollars that dwarf Countries, Languages and cultures
        to dilute reality with the manipulation of Money. Money, Greed,
        Avarice and Selfish retarded Mars, nuclear and 20th century paradigms
        have created hundreds of new, many headed dragons, for humanity to
        face. Instead of Super Sized Corporate dragons, Each person is
        getting a Michael Sword and things are now Soul Sized and intimate to
        the hearts of millions everywhere.

        The payment of Oil/of the ancient Soul Spiritual forces that the Land
        of Iraq invested in massive millions of humanity, is not black gold,
        but arising as spiritual gold in the hearts of millions. We all lived
        in the cradle of civilization, grew into cultural periods described
        by Dr. Steiner and many other researchers and now we invade Iraq. But
        are we so terribly stupid that we cannot actually see what it is we
        are collecting from those incarnations then, to the harvest of new
        Michael Thinking from our incarnations now? Things are not always
        what the seem.

        Following the Gaze of Michael
      • Morgan Vierheller
        After reading the Enuma Elish , the Babylonian creation myth, it is difficult to equate Michael with Marduk. Marduk was a ruthless, scheming, merciless
        Message 3 of 9 , Oct 6, 2003
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          After reading the "Enuma Elish", the Babylonian creation myth, it is difficult to equate Michael with Marduk.  Marduk was a ruthless, scheming, merciless figure-power hungry and
          full of his own cleverness.

          I have a similar problem with "Gilgamesh" as a hero. He is another blind adolescent "cowboy"
          Both these stories tell the end of Sophia in the region and the advent of patriarchy.



        • holderlin66
          ... blind ... advent of ... Bradford responds; Yup Pardner Enkidu and Gilgamesh tear the town up in a rip roarin fist fight, wrestling match, knock down
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            --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, Morgan Vierheller <>
            > I have a similar problem with "Gilgamesh" as a hero. He is another
            > adolescent "cowboy"
            > type.
            > Both these stories tell the end of Sophia in the region and the
            advent of
            > patriarchy.
            > Morgan

            Bradford responds;

            Yup Pardner Enkidu and Gilgamesh tear the town up in a rip roarin
            fist fight, wrestling match, knock down dragout. The saloon gets torn
            apart, doors go flying, each thumps each, those two ten foot lugs.
            Then they decide to be best friends. But as this tale is suited for
            ladies, young Gilgamesh becomes a lady Sigune of the Grail. She it
            was who lambasted Parsifal, while Steiner/Enkidu lay dead in her
            arms. Kinda Romantic ain't it? Doctor Ita Wegman, a fine a lady as
            you ever wanted to meet is one of Gilgamesh's future faces; and of
            course who can forget the infamous Big Al the Great. Now maybe you
            just otta put yur six shooters back in your holster little lady,
            cause somebody mightin to get hurt with you wavin' em around like

            I mean if you gonna point at Chaos and Tiamut and not figure that
            somebody mighta done the dirty work in cleaning up the cosmos so that
            Mankind and Womankind could dwell here... I mean with all their
            higher members and faculties intact... Marduk ain't St. Michael the
            Dragon slayer for nothing little lady. And who are you calling
            clever, and cunning?

            I can see by your scrawny response that you ain't really followed how
            Michael wanted to whip the Earth off its hinges as this Warrior, St.
            Georgian Archangel, Archai stood by while humanity slaughtered
            Christ. But we ain't expectin' you to follow real insights into the
            world... just what your wee feelin's tell ya. I think it's you who
            might try to see what the heck you were trying to say with your
            little squirt of antipathy... Say what you mean and maybe I'll see
            your side uh the fence. I'm dang sure you had a point to that
            outburst. I know I sure did. What was your point?

            Since we're on the subject the Anima and Animus of good ole Michael
            was that kind hearted, frail Spear Chucking Athena. It takes one to
            know one don't it? Oh, I hope that your highly advanced sense of
            humor and insight ain't offended by this little smudge of divine take
            on history. Try to remember Odysseus was a pretty clever guy and
            inspired by Miss Athena herself. We just never know who is gonna come
            as Aces in history do we?

          • Cheeseandsalsa@aol.com
            Oh my, the Gaze of Michael the strength the power overflowing. The neverending freedom! My dreams have woke me to his name. The Sacredness of our Sleep! The
            Message 5 of 9 , Oct 6, 2003
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              Oh my, the Gaze of Michael the strength the power overflowing.  The neverending freedom!  My dreams have woke me to his name.  The Sacredness of our Sleep!  The relentless flow the tuning in. Always there!   Always there...St. Michael...My cup overflowing!   Chantel
            • holderlin66
              I mean if you gonna point at Chaos and Tiamut and not figure that somebody mighta done the dirty work in cleaning up the cosmos so that Mankind and Womankind
              Message 6 of 9 , Oct 7, 2003
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                "I mean if you gonna point at Chaos and Tiamut and not figure that
                somebody mighta done the dirty work in cleaning up the cosmos so that
                Mankind and Womankind could dwell here... I mean with all their
                higher members and faculties intact... Marduk ain't St. Michael the
                Dragon slayer for nothing "

                Sometimes Dualism works..A triad of forces is really a graduation
                into Michael perception. Triad of forces means, Christ,Luci,Ahri and
                their Symptomologies or Thinking, Feeling and Willing..However in a
                Time Spirit bout with Mephisto, Global Ahrimanic bids for the World
                against the World Community of Human Conscience..We still must praise
                the Contrasting Vision we are being presented with.

                Monsters From KAOS
                by Bob Wallace

                Words fascinate me. They always have. One of my earliest memories, at
                four years old, is scribbling on a piece of paper and asking if I had
                made any words. I was told one of them looked like the word "deer"
                or "dear."

                Judging by the way I am now (and have always been) it wouldn't have
                surprised me if I was told, "That looks just like the
                word 'monster.'" That would have pleased me to no end.

                Monsters fascinate me, too, as do horror stories, myths, fairy tales,
                comic books and cartoons.

                Let me explain.

                A single word can have a great deal of wisdom in it. That half-
                repulsive, half-fascinating word "monster" is one of them. It comes
                from the root "to warn." It's the same root for "admonish"
                and "demonstrate." A monster is a warning, a demonstration.

                If a monster is a warning, what is it a warning about?

                An understanding of the horror story is necessary to understand a
                monster. All horror stories have the same structure: Order invaded by
                Chaos. You can call it Good invaded by Evil, if you wish.

                The classic horror story in the West is that of Satan. Satan is the
                epitome of Chaos, attacking the Order of Heaven. Every horror story
                is pretty much based on Satan's attack.

                I should point out that when I write "Order" I don't mean some sort
                of stale, boring Order, the way that many teenagers and the more
                naïve libertarians see society. Another definition of "monster"
                is "an offense against the natural order." A monster is that which
                attacks the natural order of things. In essence, a monster is an
                assault on Natural Law, the laws that create peace, prosperity,
                liberty, happiness and fun.

                At the risk of oversimplifying things (although in a certain
                religious sense it wouldn't be), you can say that Heaven is always
                under attack by Hell.

                Stephen King wrote an entire book about horror, called Danse Macabre.
                He used fancier terms – the Apollonian invaded by the Dionysian – but
                it's still the same as Order invaded by Chaos. And if anyone should
                have an understanding of horror, it would be King.

                King also noticed, quite correctly, that horror fiction is
                essentially "conservative," in the sense that it supports Order
                against Chaos. This is why, in the '60s TV program, Get Smart (which
                was horror disguised as comedy), the Good Guys work for CONTROL, and
                the Bad Guys are agents of KAOS.

                Horror fiction, unfortunately, mirrors human nature. If it didn't, it
                wouldn't exist. That's why so much can be learned from it. And horror
                fiction isn't just the "pop" stuff. The greatest writers have large
                elements in horror in their fiction, be it Shakespeare or Doestoevsky
                or Conrad.

                One of the most well-known founders of modern conservatism, Russell
                Kirk, was also a superb writer of ghost stories. I've found his
                stories to be better than his non-fiction. He wrote a truly eerie
                story called, "That Peculiar Desmene," in which he made the
                completely accurate observation that human evil is caused by "the
                monstrous ego."

                A true conservative is one who sees society as a thin, fragile veneer
                holding down all the badness that exists in human nature. This
                doesn't mean there isn't a lot of good in people, just that there is
                the potential for a lot of bad. A liberal – a leftist – is someone
                who sees society as bad, holding down all the goodness in humanity.

                To a conservative, destroying society allows all the badness in human
                nature to pop up. To a liberal, destroying society frees all the
                goodness. Conservatives have the better of the argument. Leftists, on
                the other hand, are practically insane, because they have no
                understanding of human nature. You need look no further than Karl

                A monster is an agent of Chaos (this also means that leftists are
                agents of Chaos, just too blind to know it). A monster is a warning
                that Chaos is about to follow. Imagine one day you see one of H.P.
                Lovecraft's monsters coming over the horizon. I can't think of anyone
                who would see that as a good thing. It's a warning of Bad Things to

                In a sense, monsters have no independent existence, because they are
                created by Chaos. If Chaos didn't exist, monsters wouldn't exist. But
                since Chaos is inherent in the universe, monsters will always exist.
                That, too, is the conservative position, unlike the liberal one,
                which believes evil can be eradicated.

                Looked at that way, the people in the current US administration are
                not conservatives, but leftists, because they believe evil can be
                erased from the world.

                It would be great boon to mankind if we could tell monsters by the
                way they look. It's easier in fiction, because all the monsters look
                like monsters. It doesn't matter if it's Grendl or Gollum or Brain
                from Pinky and the Brain. They look like monsters. Although I'd
                rather deal with Brain than Gollum, and Gollum rather than Grendl!

                In real life, people are the only monsters that exist. Unfortunately,
                they don't look like Ming the Merciless. Often they wear suits and
                ties. If human monsters did look like monsters, it'd be a cinch to
                identify them.

                The serial killer Ted Bundy didn't look like a monster. He was rather
                handsome, actually. But, afflicted with Kirk's "monstrous ego," he
                murdered dozens of women.

                If human monsters don't look like monsters, how then, do we recognize

                There is only one way: by what they say and do. All monsters support
                Chaos, both in words and action. They desire murder, theft,
                destruction, and power over others, and they almost always let it be

                By their fruits you will know them. Brambles don't produce figs. The
                poor are always with us. The blind leading the blind.

                The greatest sin of all monsters is that of Hubris –
                Kirk's "monstrous ego." It's the sin of Satan, which is the most
                accurate horror story that exists. Because of this Hubris, monsters
                usually can't keep their mouths shut. They're compelled to tell
                everyone how great they are, and just how dumb are their opponents.

                Hubris is the desire to God, and to be willing to use murder, theft
                and destruction to achieve that goal. Some names? Herod, Caligula,
                Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao Tse-Tung. They wanted power over others.
                All were perfect examples of the saying, "Power is the horse that
                evil rides."

                Hubris always leads to Chaos. That's why the Bible has the
                comment, "Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before
                a fall." Or as the Greeks put it, Hubris followed by Nemesis.

                To identify a monster, look for someone afflicted with Hubris, and
                who supports murder, theft and destruction. It's as simple as that.
                Look for someone with a monstrous ego who can't shut up. These days
                you'll find them on TV.

                Among those US forces attacked, Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden
                were monsters. In the US administration, the neocons are monsters.
                All, afflicted with Hubris, support murder, theft and destruction.
                None could shut up. All want power over others.

                All monsters are cowards, liars and tricksters. They attack from
                behind, they try to trick others into fighting for them, and they
                slander and lie about their opponents.

                Who are their opponents? The ones who always fight against monsters?
                They are the heroes. And who are the heroes? Anyone who supports
                peace, prosperity, happiness, liberty, fun and power over themselves
                as against murder, lies, destruction and power over others. The
                heroes support the Economic Means, and the monsters support the
                Political Means. Liberty against Slavery.

                As monsters always support Chaos, heroes always support Order. It was
                Superman who supported truth and justice, not Lex Luther. It was
                Beowulf and Underdog who fought to restore order, not Grendl and
                Simon bar Sinister. Monsters and villains that they were, they
                wanted, just like Satan, to destroy and rule.

                It is sad, but true, that since Chaos and Hubris are always with us,
                heroes must always fight against them. This wisdom is contained not
                only in horror story, but in every myth, every fable, every fairy
                tale, and every cartoon. And every religion.

                As Edmund Burke put it, "All it takes for evil to triumph is for good
                men to do nothing." Heroes understand this. Unfortunately, so do the

                October 6, 2003

                Bob Wallace [send him mail] is the author of I Write What I See.
                Please visit his Shameless Book Promotion Page. And here is his Page
                Full o' Fun.
              • Morgan Vierheller
                Dear Bradford, Andrea; It appears that the sleepers have awakened. Beguines, eh? At least the sisters weren t trying to shoot up the Cosmos. Apparently,
                Message 7 of 9 , Oct 7, 2003
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                  Dear Bradford, Andrea;
                  It appears that the sleepers have awakened.
                  Beguines, eh? At least the sisters weren't trying to "shoot up the
                  Apparently, intelligence and violence seem to be equivalent.

                  Oh, SPIRITUAL violence. Much better.

                  I suppose this is meant to be a rhetorical question:
                  "What is Thinking Power if not the most terrible two-edged weapon
                  existing in the World ?"


                • holderlin66
                  We must needs see the Gilgamesh epoch and the connection to the Karmic forces of Steiner as part of the intimate awakenings of Michael Intelligence in deeper
                  Message 8 of 9 , Oct 7, 2003
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                    "We must needs see the
                    Gilgamesh epoch and the connection to the Karmic forces of Steiner as
                    part of the intimate awakenings of Michael Intelligence in deeper and
                    deeper stratas of humanity. For it was Enkidu or Eaboni who Gilgamesh
                    followed beyond the Scorpian Men and the Threshold of Death and
                    Initiation. Humanity followed Enkidu/Steiner to the heart of the
                    Michael/Christ Mystery. These are current events for real thinkers."

                    Bradford Comments;

                    I agree with Morgan, Thinking is a two edged Sword. But still we
                    tend, not always, but we tend to shy away from going into deeper
                    regions of thought. Deeper regions of thought reveal a great deal.
                    Millions of souls lived off the Gilgamesh epoch. It was the first
                    major novel in stone. It revealed the written word and the karma of
                    the written word out beyond Gutenberg all the way into the
                    Information Age. Here we are reading script as fluidly as Fallen
                    Light can gallop off the screen. But it started in stone. It started
                    with Gilgamesh and an Initiation text of meeting with Noah. Of a
                    Quest for Brotherhood.

                    We are afraid to think deeper and see that Enkidu dies and Gilgamesh
                    seeks to follow him beyond the threshold. Humanity itself lived
                    intimately with this tale. I happened to have gone to Iraq and the
                    city of Uruk where it all began, as a student of the Goetheanum. I
                    went to Iraq to the spot and plucked out various clay fragments of
                    the mystery as I walked the desert sand. That was in 1980.

                    Now following the Dead Guy, we all walk in Gilgamesh's sandals. See
                    how afraid we are to say, that the deer we are following, the guy
                    with the antlers on his head, our target has been tagged by
                    Marduk/Michael destiny. We follow this Dead Guy again to a picture of
                    the Pieta. There lies the Dead Guy in the lap of Gilgamesh, Sigune.
                    Great Art appears as the mighty Pieta of MichaelAngelo. We follow the
                    Dead Guy. We follow the dead guy through Haroun al Raschid and
                    Frances Bacon. Schinatulander, the Dead Guy, was the east/west
                    diplomat for the Grail. He worked closely with Haroun al Raschid. I
                    don't think he stayed at the Raschid Hotel in Baghdad, but you know,
                    fear of thinking is still fear of thinking. I went to Baghdad and it
                    was the same Baghdad that the Dead Guy went to.

                    But suddenly, the Dead Guy comes out of hiding. He had peeped out as
                    Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas...all the while the Dead Guy was deeply
                    embedded in a Quest. Finally the Dead Guy emerges from the otherside
                    with the intact, insights of Michael and the most profound grip on
                    the other Dead Guy, the Christ Being. The Dead Guy comes out the
                    otherside, catches up again, and again to Gilgamesh and gives, Ita
                    Wegman insights into Cancer and what kills Dead Guys and reveals
                    cures for things that kill Guys and girls alike. Finally the question
                    Gilgamesh asked is answered. But the Dead Guy comes out with the
                    prize, he reveals the secrets of the cosmos and the Christ Event.

                    What about those atavistic clarivoyant keepers of the threshold, the
                    Scorpian Men? Death where is thy Sting? Maybe in that short sentence
                    you might see exactly how deeply the myth and history of Gilgamesh
                    went into the hidden strata of the soul life of mankind. But indeed
                    the Dead Guy meets the Stinger. Weimar and previous studies in
                    Weimar, way back on this list, reveals that 1933 was a date that the
                    Dead Guy wanted people to know about. In 1933 there were Dust Bowels,
                    Depression, Gold Standard removal...ah what else, am I forgetting? Oh
                    Yes, the Dead Guy said watch this date. Hitler started the big one
                    in 1933, in Weimar, on the Dead Guy's birthday. But the Dead Guy
                    said, watch for the Big Christ Being to come forth in the inner light
                    of the Soul as the macrocosmic Etheric Christ. Oh did I say that
                    nuclear fission and the bomb was a 1933 Einstein emerging thought?

                    Now if people like to say that Anthro and Spiritual Science is some
                    lame cult that has nothing to do with reality, you tell them that
                    they are living off the fruits of the Dead Guy. That the Dead Guy as
                    a tagged Deer by Marduk and Michael is the key to bringing the karmic
                    fruits of the Midddle East, Babylon and human culture into the
                    current, weightless and thoughtless understanding that the ground of
                    ideas and thoughts we stand on, the deepest issues of humanity, the
                    ones that we faintly see and so few even dare think, because they are
                    afraid of thinking, is because of the Dead Guy.

                    Why was Rosicrucianism so important? Why are Reincarnation concepts a
                    matter of health and bi-polar balance? Because by now, humanity has
                    tons of bi-polar issues lurking in deep pockets of the psyche.
                    Rosicrucianism was based on action with a culture in denial, but
                    acting from within self, from knowing. Two different bi-polar selves
                    were resolved to understand that the world was not ready to deal with
                    deeper, split issues. It was the readiness of the world that actually
                    caused the split issues. The Dead Guy thought, and rightly, that
                    Reincarnation had better become an issue, otherwise medication to
                    suppress the unresolved deeper strata of personality would become the
                    norm. If that became the Norm, humanity would become severed from
                    their own deeper historical Earthly Karma and would sever themselves,
                    in the process, from acting for the future Karma of humanity.

                    So we needed a Target, A Dead Guy, connected to the written and
                    thoughtfilled Word and going from Stone to lost Texts, recovered by
                    Arabs, Aristotle, to Eurythmy and the House of the Word. If we
                    maintained thinking, we would note with gladness that this giant
                    superfical grasp over Oil or Human Spiritual Intelligence... Which is
                    more valuable to humanity and how did the karmic awakenings of
                    millions take place? Maybe you better ask the Dead Guy and stop
                    imagining that Spiritual Science is so obscure. It is humanity that
                    is falling into obscurity through being severed from its roots.

                    Follow the Dead Guy.

                  • holderlin66
                    We could ask anything to the Dead Guy when he was with us. He would answer with such richness that wonder, warmth and inner comprehension arose, in the
                    Message 9 of 9 , Oct 8, 2003
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                      We could ask anything to the Dead Guy when he was with us. He would
                      answer with such richness that wonder, warmth and inner comprehension
                      arose, in the listener or reader, that this is truly what an I AM is
                      supposed to be. To track the giant missing pieces of any puzzle and
                      bring it home. Not bring it on.

                      When the Dead Guy disappeared from Gilgamesh's compansionship he went
                      behind the world. There are obsolete words that say 'dead men tell no
                      tales', but here, what follows below, is a small contribution of what
                      the Dead Guy learned, about the world of the Dead. As we have
                      indicated, this took a couple of incarnations to get it right. But
                      all the while there was a world historical tag on the printed word
                      and the history of humanity running through this particualr Dead Guy.

                      I wish you to note that Speaking with the tongue of Angels and of
                      Humanity, a language that was heard at Pentacost, at Whitsun and is
                      meant to be the reason why a U.N. or United Nations would gather so
                      that the gift of speaking the same language would be without barriers
                      and unite mankind, arises slowly in the world of the Dead. Tongues of
                      flame and thoughts of the Soul and Spirit arise and it took time to
                      shape the foundations of a thought language for this potential.

                      How do we rely on our faculties of listening if we rely only on the
                      intervention of cell phones and tracking computer chips to warn the
                      soul, that listening, in the quiet heart allows one protection and
                      the ability to read the signs and take them to heart. Moments like
                      Danny might say in feeding a squirrel or that Jan has with her trees,
                      and that we all have from Japan to Finland to Hawaii...the leaves
                      falling here around my house with many colored flames, the dog
                      sleeping on a little towel I put out for him, on a chair, because it
                      has just rained. I didn't want the loveable Staffordshire to have to
                      feel wet and cold while hanging out with me.

                      Radio hosts would consider silence and inner listening, DEAD SPACE,
                      Dead Air, as loss of money, loss of sponsor support. But what happens
                      in the Spaces where media, telemarketers, raging radio, fast paced
                      traffic and drowning rock need to drown the dead space? If we were
                      allowed to listen, the Spiritual World could speak and strange
                      notions and thoughts creep in. We see strange coincidences that
                      certainly are not errors. We learn to read the seasons, the signs in
                      nature, and open the vast windows of the unknown in the soul. The
                      Soul speaks and the thoughts of those we loved suddenly appear as
                      inner reflections from why or wherefore, we know not. We feel the
                      eerie world of the vast mystery around us and we either fear it, for
                      it is so unfamiliar, we feel so unplugged, so alone with ourselves;
                      or we rush to a stadium to feel the company of noise and a good
                      soccer or football match. Things have their Time and Place, just ask
                      the Dead Guy. Things to Learn in Dornach when your Dead or "Things to
                      do in Denver when your a Dead Guy." What follows is why the
                      film "What Dreams May Come" is such a super study kit for
                      understanding the World of the Dead.



                      "Anthroposophy as a Substance of Life and Feeling
                      If we pause at times in the midst of our anthroposophical
                      considerations and then ask ourselves: What leads us into a spiritual
                      movement such as our anthroposophical movement? ... we may of course
                      answer a similar question from many different stand-points. One of
                      the standpoints (although it is not the only one, it is nevertheless
                      the most important one) which is able more than any other to supply a
                      satisfactory answer is the contemplation of the course of life which
                      the human soul experiences in feelings between death and a new birth.
                      Indeed, the events which take place during the long span of life
                      between death and a new birth are not less important or detailed than
                      the events which take place between birth and death; yet we are only
                      able to single out a few of the important things which we must
                      experience. We may say, however, that whenever and at whatever point
                      we observe the life between death and a new birth it always convinces
                      us that humanity must prepare itself for a time when it will know and
                      feel something concerning the supersensible worlds.

                      Let us now penetrate at once into definite and concrete facts. If a
                      clairvoyant who is able to contemplate life between death and a new
                      birth perceives what will be described below, this sight may indeed
                      induce him to consider it as an urgent task to spread the knowledge
                      of the spiritual world! Let us take the case of a man who has died.
                      The clairvoyant seeks him, he tries to see him some time after the
                      person in question has passed through the portal of death. In the
                      manner in which it is possible to communicate with the dead, he may
                      hear the following words spoken by the departed one. (This is a
                      concrete case.) The departed one will speak to him as follows: "I
                      have left my wife behind; I know that she is still dwelling in the
                      physical world." (Of course, the dead man does not express himself
                      with physical words.) "While I was living with her in the physical
                      world, and while I attended to my work at the office from morning to
                      night, she has always been the sunshine of my life. Every one of her
                      words filled me with happiness; indeed, my life was so that I could
                      not imagine it without the sunshine shed over it by the partner of my
                      life. I then passed through the portal of death and left her behind.
                      Now I am longing to be back again, I feel how I miss everything and
                      my longing soul seeks to find a path leading to the companion of my
                      life. But I cannot find this soul, I cannot penetrate to where she is
                      dwelling, it is just as if she were no longer there. And if at times
                      I have an inkling of her presence and feel as if she were there, as
                      if I were in her neighbourhood, she is dumb, so that I only compare
                      this with the case of two people, one of whom is filled with the
                      desire that the other one speak a few words to him, while the other
                      silent and cannot speak. Thus the soul that has filled me with bliss
                      for such a long time during my physical life has now grown silent".

                      You see, if we investigate what may be the cause of all this we
                      obtain the answer: there is no language in common between the
                      departed and the living who have remained behind. Nothing fills the
                      soul with a substance which would continue to render it perceptible.
                      Because a language in common is lacking, two souls feel separated.

                      This was not always the case. If we go back further into human
                      evolution we find that the souls possessed a certain spiritual
                      inheritance, a spirituality rendered them perceptible to one another
                      not only upon the physical plane, but also when one of dwelt in the
                      physical and the other in the spiritual world. But the old heirloom
                      of spiritual inwardness has been used up and to-day it exists no
                      longer, so that the distressing case may really arise that one soul
                      who has been loved by the other as dearly as I have just described,
                      cannot be found beyond death by the soul, because nothing of what can
                      be perceived by the departed soul lives within the soul who has
                      remained ups the earth. What can be perceived by the departed soul is
                      spiritual knowledge and spiritual feelings: this is the link which
                      connects the soul upon the earth the spiritual world. If here upon
                      the earth a soul who has remained behind has fostered the knowledge
                      of spiritual world, and if thoughts connected with g spiritual world
                      have passed through this soul, these thoughts may be perceived by the
                      departed soul, even the old religious feelings suffice to give soul
                      something which may be perceived by the other soul. If it were
                      possible to trace this case still further, the seer would discover
                      that even when both souls have passed through death the departed
                      souls are only able to perceive one another dimly; they are quite
                      unable to establish a reciprocal connection, or they have the
                      greatest difficulty in doing this, because they have no language in
                      common. Clairvoyance reveals the deeper meaning of Anthroposophy: it
                      is the language which will gradually be spoken both by the living and
                      by the dead, by those who dwell in the physical world and by those
                      who live between death and a new birth. The souls who have remained
                      behind and who have taken up within them thoughts concerning the
                      supersensible worlds become visible to the souls of the departed. If
                      they have strewn out love before death, they will do this also after
                      death. This may convince us that Anthroposophy is a language which
                      renders perceptible to the supersensible world what takes place in
                      the world of physical events. Indeed, the danger threatening humanity
                      upon the earth is that the souls will become more and more estranged
                      from one another and will b unable to build a connecting bridge, if
                      spiritual ideas do not enable them to find the thread which links up
                      souls. This is the reality of Anthroposophy, for it is not a mere
                      theory. Theoretical knowledge is the very least; what we take up
                      within us is a real soul-elixir, real substance. This substance
                      enables the soul who has passed through death to see the soul who has
                      remained behind. We may say that the seer who has an insight into
                      these things, who has once perceived a soul filled with longing to
                      see what it has left behind upon the earth, but unable to see it
                      because its family has not yet found Anthroposophy – the seer who has
                      perceived how the souls suffer under similar privations, knows that
                      he cannot do otherwise than to speak to his fellow-beings about
                      spiritual wisdom, and to consider that the time has come when
                      spiritual wisdom must enter the hearts of men. We may say that those
                      whose mission is based upon the knowledge of the supersensible worlds
                      feel that it is an urgent necessity to speak about the supersensible
                      worlds, a necessity which cannot be overlooked, for this would be the
                      greatest sin of all. Thus they feel the necessity of proclaiming
                      anthroposophical truths, of making revelations concerning the
                      supersensible worlds.

                      What has just been said may show you the tremendous earnestness
                      connected with the necessity of revealing spiritual truths. But there
                      is still another aspect of the communication between the living and
                      the dead. We have not advanced very far in this direction, but we
                      shall gradually progress. In order to understand how the living will
                      gradually be able to establish a kind of communication with those who
                      have departed, we must bear in mind the following things. Very little
                      indeed is known concerning the physical world. For how is this
                      knowledge of the physical world acquired? By using the senses and
                      applying thought, by feeling what comes toward us from the world
                      outside. But this is only the very least part of what is contained in
                      the world outside. It contains still other things. I would like you
                      to have some idea of the fact that there are still other things in
                      the world which are far more important than what is real in a
                      physical sense. I do not mean the supersensible world, but something
                      else. Imagine, for instance, that you are accustomed to go to your
                      office every day at 8 a.m. One day you discover that on that
                      particular morning you are three minutes late, and you happen to
                      cross a certain square where you would have been obliged to pass
                      through a kind of garage with a roof supported by columns. On that
                      particular day on which you cross the square three minutes later than
                      usual you realise that had you been punctual – that is to say, had
                      you not been three minutes late – you would have been killed by the
                      collapsing roof. Try to imagine this quite vividly You may also take
                      the case of a man who misses a train which is afterwards wrecked in a
                      collision; he would have been killed had he left by that train! All
                      these are things which have not taken place, and this is why people
                      do not notice them. But if something similar faces you, so that you
                      must hit upon it, it will undoubtedly make an impression upon you.
                      The day's course from morning to night always contains things which
                      have not occurred to you. These are beyond your range of sight,
                      things which may perhaps seem "invented", yet they belong to the most
                      important ingredients of life. You will have an inkling of these
                      facts if you consider, for instance, the case of certain man in
                      Berlin who had booked a berth on the Titanic. He met an acquaintance
                      who told him: "I wish you would not leave on the Titanic!" He
                      actually succeeded in persuading him to postpone his departure. The
                      Titanic was sunk, and so this man escaped death. This undoubtedly
                      made an indelible impression upon him. This is a special case, yet
                      similar cases continually occur unnoticed: if they are noticed, they
                      make a deep impression upon the human soul.

                      Let us now observe things from another aspect: How many impressions
                      and feelings escape our attention because we are unable to perceive
                      the dangers from which we have been preserved!

                      If we could observe everything that is so closely connected with
                      these things and that escapes notice, we would pass through the world
                      with entirely different feelings. The seer discovers the following
                      possibility: Let us suppose, that the above-mentioned example is
                      true. You actually cross that square three minutes later than usual.
                      The moment in which you cross the square is the most appropriate one
                      in which to hear a dead person who wishes to be perceived by you, who
                      wishes to speak within you. You may then think or feel: Whence do the
                      feelings come which now arise within my soul? This is not necessarily
                      restricted to these particular cases, it may occur in many ways. Men
                      will begin to feel these things if they observe also the world of
                      possible events, not only the world of physical happenings. Real are,
                      for instance, a great number of herrings in the sea; but they are
                      possible only because an infinite quantity of eggs has been laid.
                      Thus an infinite wealth of possibilities lies concealed within the
                      depths of life. What is real, is related to the example of the
                      herrings in the same way as the life destroyed within the eggs. This
                      is what makes such an infinitely significant impression upon the seer
                      who reaches the boundary line separating the two worlds. The seer may
                      there obtain the following impression: "How infinitely great and full
                      of contents are, events which take place in the supersensible world,
                      yet only a small part of all this becomes real in our world of the
                      senses!" If this has been experienced, also the following may be
                      felt: "Infinite things lie concealed within the depths of life." This
                      feeling will develop with the aid of anthroposophical thoughts. We
                      shall be able to feel that every point containing something which is
                      real in the physical meaning, conceals something within it. Behind
                      every flower, every breath of air, little stone and crystal lie
                      infinite possibilities. Anthroposophists will gradually develop this
                      feeling, so that reverence and devotion for what lies concealed
                      within things will gradually unfold. If human beings gradually
                      develop this feeling they will discover quite independently that
                      during moments such as those which have just been described they will
                      enter into a relationship with those who are dead as far as earthly
                      life is concerned. The dead will begin to speak. In the future, men
                      will experience as something quite normal that a dead person is
                      speaking within their soul. They will gradually learn to know the
                      source of these communications; that is to say, they will recognise
                      who is speaking to them. Only because to-day men pass by so
                      carelessly before the infinite world of the dead and the infinite
                      depth of what is possible, only because of this they do not hear what
                      the dead wish to speak within the hearts of the living.

                      The twofold aspect of the things which I have just explained to you,
                      namely, that through the living souls, through the thoughts of
                      anthroposophists, something is formed here which can be perceived by
                      the dead – and that the dead will be able to speak to the hearts that
                      have found their way into anthroposophical feelings – may show you
                      the transformation which can take place for the whole of humanity
                      through the spreading of Anthroposophy. A bridge will be built
                      uniting these worlds with the worlds beyond. And it is a fact that
                      the life between death and a new birth will change. It will not
                      merely be a theory, it will become a reality, so that communication
                      will be established between the so-called living and the dead, who
                      are, however, more alive than we. The souls upon the earth will then
                      also be able to feel what can be so fruitful for the dead. For if we
                      do not feel how beneficial it is for the dead, if we reach out to
                      them, we cannot do this in the right way.

                      Let us now take an extreme case. You may experience it if you are an
                      anthroposophist and live with someone else as brother or sister,
                      father or mother, husband or wife. Whereas one of the two feels
                      attracted by Anthroposophy, the other one may be filled with hatred
                      while the former is approaching Anthroposophy! How often we come
                      across this! It may indeed take on this form in the sphere of
                      consciousness, but not within the soul. Something else may take place
                      there. In the astral body there is the sub-consciousness. Whereas
                      someone may be raging violently against Anthroposophy, his sub-
                      consciousness may be filled with an intense desire to know something
                      about Anthroposophy. The more someone inveighs against Anthroposophy,
                      the more he will have in his sub-consciousness the longing and the
                      impulse to know something about Anthroposophy. When we cross the
                      threshold of death, things take on their true aspect and nothing can
                      be masked. Here upon the earth we may tell lies and pretend to be
                      different from what we really are; but after death everything becomes
                      true and shows its real countenance. If during our life on earth we
                      have inveighed strongly against Anthroposophy, a longing for
                      Anthroposophy will arise after death, and we shall suffer torments
                      because this longing cannot be satisfied. A person who is still alive
                      could, for instance, imagine that he is sitting in front of a
                      departed one; he should then harbour anthroposophical thoughts, for
                      the departed soul will understand these thoughts, even if he has not
                      been an anthroposophist during his lifetime. If the living person is
                      an anthroposophist, the departed one will in that case be able to
                      perceive him.

                      What we may call, a certain inclination toward the language spoken
                      during life, this is a fact which should be borne in mind, because
                      soon after death the dead person still has a certain connection with
                      the language which he has spoken during his life. For this reason, we
                      should clothe our thoughts in the language which the dead person was
                      accustomed to speak; after five, six, eight years, however – in some
                      cases even sooner – it is evident that the language of the Spirit is
                      able to overcome the obstacles arising out of the external form of
                      speech, and the deceased can understand anthroposophical thoughts
                      even if he has spoken another language during his lifetime. In any
                      case, it has proved to be something very beautiful if an
                      anthroposophist has read to a departed friend, particularly to one
                      who has not been an anthroposophist during his lifetime. This has
                      proved to be an enormous benefit to the dead, one of the greatest
                      services of love. We do not merely wish to spread Anthroposophy as a
                      teaching – this should be done, of course, for it is necessary – but
                      Anthroposophy should also be active within the soul in a far more
                      unobtrusive way. Spiritual tasks, even spiritual offices, may, as it
                      were, develop and be of great help to the souls in their development
                      after death. And this is what we should strive after more and more:
                      to help the souls who live between death and a new birth to overcome
                      a great difficulty, consisting therein that the old spiritual
                      inheritance does not exist any longer, for a time has come in which
                      it is very difficult for the souls to find the right direction after
                      death, in which it is almost impossible for the souls who dwell
                      between death and a new birth to find their way about.

                      The seer may then discover that, between death and a new birth, there
                      are souls who are forced to undertake certain tasks, which they do
                      not, however, understand. This, for instance, is a fact: The seer who
                      directs his clairvoyant gaze toward the life between death and a new
                      birth may discern souls who are obliged to fulfil definite tasks. For
                      a certain length of time they must be the servants of powers who are
                      known to us as the spirits of death and illness. We must here speak
                      of a death which does not occur as a regular phenomenon, but takes
                      hold of men before their time, so that they die in the flower of
                      their life. When illnesses arise, these are physical events, but they
                      are caused by forces coming from the supersensible worlds. The deeds
                      of supersensible beings lie at the foundation of illnesses which
                      spread rapidly. It is the task of certain spirits to bring premature
                      death. That this is nevertheless rooted in wisdom, is a fact which we
                      cannot consider just now; but it is essential to observe that we come
                      across souls who are under the yoke of these beings. And although the
                      seer must have grown accustomed to a certain composure and calmness,
                      it is nevertheless painful and distressing to watch these souls
                      labouring under a yoke, who are obliged to bring illness and death to
                      the human beings upon the earth. And if the seer tries to retrace the
                      path of these souls until he comes to their preceding life upon the
                      earth, he will discover why these souls are now condemned to be the
                      servants of the spirits of illness and death. The cause lies in the
                      unscrupulousness which these souls have unfolded during their
                      physical life. To the extent in which they have been unscrupulous
                      during their life upon the earth, they now condemn themselves to be
                      the servants of these evil beings. Just as cause and effect are
                      connected when two balls collide, so must unscrupulous people become
                      the servants of these evil powers. This is a deeply moving fact!
                      There is still another thing which the seer perceives: there are
                      souls who are under the yoke of ahrimanic spirits; they must prepare
                      the spiritual causes of everything which occurs here in the form of
                      obstacles and hindrances to our actions. Ahriman also has this task.
                      All the obstacles which arise here, are the result of influences
                      emanating from the spiritual world. Servants of Ahriman do this. Why
                      are these souls compelled to perform these services? Because they
                      were addicted to a comfortable, indolent way of living during their
                      existence between birth and death. And if you consider how many
                      people are indolent and lazy, you will find that Ahriman may expect a
                      very great number of recruits! It is this lazy indolence which
                      influences human life to a great extent. Even modern political
                      economists now take into account not only human egoism and
                      competition, but also this inclination toward a comfortable life.
                      Comfort has become a life-factor.

                      It is another matter, however, if we have these experiences so that
                      we are able to find our way about and know why we must experience
                      them, or whether we experience them unconsciously, without knowing
                      why we must serve these spirits. If we know why we are under the yoke
                      of the evil spirits who bring epidemic diseases, we also know what
                      good qualities will be required in our next life in order to bring
                      about a cosmic adjustment annulling the evil influences. If we cannot
                      understand these experiences, we do indeed form the same karma, but
                      we create something which will be adjusted only in the second
                      incarnation, so that we retard our real progress. For this reason, it
                      is important to learn to know these things here upon the earth, for
                      after death we shall experience them. We must learn something about
                      them here upon the earth. Also this shows us how urgently necessary
                      it is to render this new knowledge accessible to men by spreading
                      spiritual truths, because the old form of knowledge no longer exists.
                      The question, "Why are we anthroposophists?" should be answered by
                      the spiritual facts themselves, which appeal profoundly not only to
                      our understanding, but also to our feelings. Thus we gradually learn
                      to consider Anthroposophy as a universal language enabling us to
                      break down the barrier between the worlds in which our soul
                      alternately dwells within a physical body and outside a physical
                      body. The dividing wall hiding the supersensible world from our sight
                      will fall if spiritual science really penetrates into the souls of
                      men. We must feel this, and then we shall have a true, inward
                      enthusiasm for Anthroposophy."
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