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The Wonder of Dogness/Scorpio capacity

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  • holderlin66
    In attempting to imagine into the human system how Steiner connected the sense of Smell to the twelvefold sense system connected to Scorpio, we need to imagine
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      In attempting to imagine into the human system how Steiner connected
      the sense of Smell to the twelvefold sense system connected to
      Scorpio, we need to imagine vividly, the spine and rib cage, around
      the heart, and the spine going from 33 notches down to the tail bone
      and up through the brain, and into the Nose.

      Naturally to say Scorpio means this and take this truly into your
      most profound thinking idea; Scorpio is the fallen sense system that
      smells racial bigotry and untransformed sentient soul dog fights such
      as President Bush, "Bring em ON". This makes gambling and betting on
      vicious dogfights, Rabies and Avarice, Cock Fights and a whole host
      of Sentient poison in the soul to remain fallen and debased.

      Intuition about people arise out of the fallen Scorpio sense; The
      Eagle Sense; and the Dove Sense. These are the three stages of the
      cross, the Zodiacal Cross that gives the ancient heart as a fourfold,
      cross in the human feeling realm. This is the new brain of the
      Angelically developing human Beings and is the true core of what the
      Romantics and Transcendentalists were connecting to in the stream of

      Scorpio, Eagle, and finally Dove Initation all has to do with how we
      become intimate to the highest intutions of the Gods and transform
      the fallen Ethers of Scorpio to the Eagle and finally the dove, using
      the mighty sense system of the human being. Intuition and Warmth and
      the ability to train an elemental being in yourself that is able to
      accurately track the trail of divine beings and find the Ego
      Incarnating core, as a parts per billion sensing capacity, that
      reveals, This was the same individual in a former incarnation, is the
      ability to tune and track field research all the way past the Eagle.

      This has a great deal to do with the development of Sentient Soul,
      Intellectual Soul and Consciousness Soul faculties. That is why,
      there is no mistake when we measure the Sentient Soul basis of an
      unconscious President that tends to the fallen Scorpio impression.
      America is based on the Native American Eagle, but because of the
      current Ahrimanic battle for Time Spirit, World Movement... America
      is operating on half of its speed or 3/4 of its speed, on Fallen
      Scorpio Sentient Nationalism, that smells different political
      opinions and like Karl Rove, stings, stings to death anything that
      comes near the greed and avarice of fighting for the election of Mr.
      Bush. Would they kill Dr. Kelly, yes. Would they expose operatives in
      the world to be killed yes. This is subterfuge and Scorpianic
      American use of Fallen Intelligence.

      But to continue: Another legend of the Scorpio scent of system.

      The Dogs Hold an Election
      We don't think much of white man's elections. Whoever wins, we
      Indians always lose. Well, we have a little story about elections.
      Once a long time ago, the dogs were trying to elect a president. So
      one of them got up in the bid dog convention and said: "I nominate
      the bulldog for president. He's strong. He can fight."

      "But he can't run," said another dog. "What good is a fighter who
      can't run?

      But the other dogs cried: "Naw, he can run all right, but he can't
      fight. When he catches up with somebody, what happens then? He gets
      the hell beaten out of him, that's what! So all he good for is
      running away."

      Then an ugly little mutt jumped up and said: "I nominate that dog for
      president who smells good underneath his tail."

      And immeditatley an equally ugly mutt jumped up and said: "I second
      the motion."

      At once all the dogs started sniffing underneath each other's tails.
      A big chorus went up:

      "Phew, he doesn't smell good under his tail."

      "No, neither does this one."

      "He's no presidential timber!"

      "No, he no good, either."

      "This one sure isn't the people's choice."

      "Wow, this ain't my candidate!"

      When you go for a walk, just watch the dogs. They're still sniffing
      underneath each other's tails. They're looking for a good leader, and
      they still haven't found him
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