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Re: [anthroposophy] The Wonder of Dogness

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  • Bobby Matherne
    ... Glad you liked the Oreos! I understand your fear of losing a long email in the process of writing it. Mine emailer allows be to do a Send Later, which
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      Jan wrote:

      > From Jan – Dear Bobby, Sorry it is hard to read. It is not written that way, it’s just that I am always losing posts into thin air (or cyber space where the lost posts go) when I post direct, so tend to write in word and then cut and paste. Also I am using an I Mac – don’t know if it makes a difference. I’m not very good with computers! Thanks for the poem – great stuff. And a great pic of a dog! Jan

      Glad you liked the Oreos!

      I understand your fear of losing a long email in the process of writing it.
      Mine emailer allows be to do a Send Later, which freezes a copy of the
      email I'm writing. Or a Save Draft or Save Template. If you have any of
      those capabilities they can be a big help.

      But I sometimes compose long ones in Word Perfect to have an easy and
      comprehensive speller checker, etc, at my finger tips. When I do use a word
      processor first, I always make absolutely sure that I never hit an ENTER
      key to end an line! That will cause the kind of glitch your post created.
      [I copied your email I received into WP and removed all the ENTERs [called
      Hard Rights or HRTs] except for paragraphs, then copied it back into new
      message window and sent it.

      When using a Word processor to create an email, ONLY hit ENTER when you
      complete a paragraph and want to start another. Let everyone's email
      program decide what is a end of line -- they'll do it anyway and this will
      avoid the zig-zag lines that are so hard to read. You won't see it unless
      you send it to yourself first. My Send Later allows me to see it the way
      you'll see and fix the glitches so you won't see them.

      Try that next time and see how it works for you.

      Our big Schnauzer is a male named Steiner and our new puppy Schnauzer is
      named Ita. We're hoping for offspring down the road,

      all the best,


      ~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~ ><(((°> <°)))>< ^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~
      "An Outline of Occult Science, Ch 1,2,3" by Rudolf Steiner
      October Good Mtn Press Digest
      Reviews by Bobby Matherne ~ New Orleans, Louisiana
    • Jan
      ... pr= ... Re: [anthroposophy] The Wonder of Dogness On 1/10/03 5:18 pm, Bobby Matherne wrote: ... Dear Star Bird in Garden, I
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        Re: [anthroposophy] The Wonder of Dogness On 1/10/03 5:18 pm, "Bobby Matherne" <jeauxy@...> wrote:

        starbirdgarden wrote:
        > "If a dog could write a book it would be more interesting than that of a pr=
        > ofessor."
        > Rudolf Steiner
        Dear Star Bird in Garden,

        I couldn't read your post due to all the embedded ='s and Hrts, so I
        deleted them and have re-posted you email in an easier to read form. ( hope
        I guessed right on the paragraphs)


        From Jan – Dear Bobby, Sorry it is hard to read.  It is not written that way, it’s just that I am always losing posts into thin air (or cyber space where the lost posts go) when I post direct, so tend to write in word and then cut and paste.  Also I am using an I Mac – don’t know if it makes a difference. I’m not very good with computers! Thanks for the poem – great stuff.  And a great pic of a dog! Jan

        starbirdgarden wrote:
        "If a dog could write a book it would be more interesting than that of a
        professor."   Rudolf Steiner

        Sentinal dog, alert, confident, able to smell a liar, to recognize the
        scent of ill intent,  sniff out malice, at home in the fluid ethers,
        unable, no doubt, to say `I' but seeming  to say `Thou' whereas the
        politician's dogged minders stand, ill at ease, eyes flitting back and
        forth, noses thrust into the air as they try to scent danger; a belittling
        of the human, a parody of watch dog.  It becomes the animal to lift itself
        to relationship with the human, it degrades the man to ape and fall below
        the level of the beast.  Below, because Man is his own species and cannot
        stand in the same relatedness to a group ego as an animal,  whose dignity
        and stature is thereby guarded. A bestial human is far lower than any

        Digital Angel technology, RFID technology etc are Ahrimanic
        means of locating and tracking human beings, animals and objects.  A
        Scottie can enter a room, raise his nose and walk straight to the piece of
        chocolate wherever it is hidden. It is not unusual for  dogs, and cats, to
        walk hundreds of miles to their former homes or to find lost owners.  Human
        beings can consciously, with empathy, enter into the being of another,
        extending their aura in sheltering love.  What the dog does on a sentient
        level, the human can helpfully raise to consciousness.     

        In the lower, more visible, outer classes of the Occult School of Ahriman
        one finds the new batch of Remote Viewers.

          Remote Viewing has long been practised by
        government agencies, and probably still is. An even more sinister
        development is the Remote Viewing openly used by business not only to `see'
        what competitors are doing, but to actively ill wish them. The basic
        technique is to consciously extend one's subtle body over and to encompass
        the person to be influenced. Groups of specially trained Remote Viewers all
        psychically smother the victim with their own soul forces and concentrate
        together upon the him or her, whether it be someone in public life, or a
        business rival, and deliberately try to instill an idea in his/her head, or
        create confusion or some other negative condition.  All this for money. An
        absolute travesty of true occult development as we would wish to see it.

             Remote Viewing is big business now, and there are schools that train
        people in these dubious arts.  For all the fancy names given to the various
        techniques and `degrees' it seems to me that the main energy source is old
        fashioned malice in many cases, and simple greed in others. Lower, animal
        psychism is used.  This is retrograde, and the elementals engendered by
        such practicioners, attracted by glandular emanations arising from those
        motivated by gain, are dark

        The dog raises itself by means of it's concern for human beings. Even
        though it's relationship with its owner is a need for it, experienced as
        hunger. Much as we need entities which stand higher than ourselves. Still,
        new Christed elementals can be incorporated in this relationship of man and
        animal, which stands as a duty for human beings.  The group souls of the
        animals must also have received new etheric energies from the Mystery of
        Golgotha, and can mediate them to us, as we mediate others to them.

        Bradford wrote -  "But the Border Collie responds to the intimate Astral
        advanced ariel like higher movements of thought. Literal mind linkage to
        the higher thought forces." End quote

        Rudolf Steiner ? "For modern anatomy and physiology have already discovered
        ? or at any rate have a well-founded hypothesis ? that modern thinking
        really has its roots in the sense of smell, in that thinking is bound up
        with the brain ? thus not at all with the higher senses, but with a
        metamorphosis of the sense of smell. This characteristic attitude of ours
        in our grasp of the outer world is quite different from the relationship
        that Plato had. It is not a product of the higher senses, it is a product
        of the sense of smell, if I may put it so. I mean that to-day our
        perfection as man does not come from our having developed the higher
        senses, but from our having created for ourselves a modified, metamorphosed
        dog's muzzle."  End quote from `Man as Being of Sense and Perception'23 /7

            This is very interesting, and what is a lower, materialised thinking in
        the human being, is rightfully used, and can be raised, in the dog by the
        love and trust, even the mere association with people.  All kinds of human
        faculties are extruded in the animal kingdom, and there, can be ? must! for
        all our sakes  -  worked with and elevated in co-operative evolutionary

             For those new to Anthroposophy I include the following quote from Karl
        Konig's book `The Animals and their Destiny' which speaks of the
        elationship of man to the animals.
               "At first the human being was
        huge, mighty; for as the child of spirit beings, all else evolved out of
        him.  Stage by stage the earth became denser, passing through conditions of
        warmth, light,  air and water; marshland, then soil, until finally it
        became solid.  Man accompanied this process, then withdrew, and finally
        `descended' once again.  Repeatedly he separated the animals out of
          However, they came to birth not only out of him, but also out of
        the living being of the eart; and in this continual interplay between human
        being and earth, human animals and earth animals appeared until, in the
        Tertiary era of the Atlantean age, mankind developed speech and began to
        shape the power of memory.  During this world springtime the human being,
        now small in stature, yet of a threefold organisation, stood for the first
        time upon solid ground.  A new age was dawning, and animals became mirror
        images of the human being, reflecting the consequences of the Fall." End of

        Konig  associates rodents with the head organisation, carnivores with the
        rhythmic, and hoofed animals with the metabolic system.  Quote `In every
        animal one or other distortion of the human form is made visible. Indeed,
        we could say that every animal is a misshapen man, but it is only
        permissible to say this with the clear understanding that nothing
        derogatory is intended; neither condemnation nor judgement.  I simply wish
        to indicate that in the `aberration' or `distortion' of the animal,
        creator-forces are more clearly revealed, are more powerfully unfolded than
        would be possible from the harmonious human form.  Animal forms are derived
        from the dismembered human being which is cut into pieces like the body of
        Osiris, or like Dionysos, for every single animal is a corporate part of
        man's completeness.  Animal and man belong together."  End quote from Karl

             (In passing I would like to point out that Konig's work with
        `exceptional people' in the Camphill Communities, arising from the insights
        of Rudolf Steiner, is a compensating deed set against the Nazi eugenicist's
        treatment of the mentally ill, - ie. sterilizing and exterminating them. As
        Harvey has said, `By their fruits ye shall know them')

             Animals are part of humanity. What is separated out, so that the human
        being can grow and evolve, is to be transformed, with love, and re-absorbed
        to play a vital part in the future, with recognition of the sacrifice made
        by animal beings.  Rudolf Steiner tells us that the animals will have much
        more perfect forms in future.
             The domestic animal, especially the dog,
        grows into the etheric ground of the family, or group, and is capable of
        the highest love and loyalty.  The dog, as sentinal, can extend it's subtle
        senses far around, is watchful in a way that raises  it's consciousness and
        enobles it's being.
          I knew a Scottie that guarded `it's' baby so well that
        it would not let the child's father come near it without much reassuring
        that the poor man meant it no harm.  Reminding us of the tragic legend of
        the Faithful Hound Gelert, who was slain for the killing of the baby he had
        saved from a wolf.
             Christ changed all conditions on the earth.  The beasts were not at
        the Stable Crib for nothing.  

        Christmas morn, the legends say,
        Even the cattle kneel to pray,
        Even the beasts of wood and field
        Homage to Christ the Savior yield
        Horse and cow and wooly sheep
        Wake themselves from their heavy sleep,
        Bending heads and knees to Him
        Who came to earth in a stable dim.
        Far away in the forest dark
        Creatures timidly wake and hark,
        Feathered bird and furry beast
        Turn their eyes to the mystic East.
        Loud at the dawning, chanticleer
        Sounds his note, the rest of the year,
        But Christmas Eve the whole night long
        Honoring Christ, he sings his song.
        Christmas morn, the legends say,
        Even the cattle kneel to pray,
        Even the wildest beast afar
        Knows the light of the Savior's star.

        ~ Davis A. McCarthy

        Christ came for all humanity, and the animals  are part of humanity, and
        the `wonder of dogness' is a great wonder indeed, it is a gentling, a
        humanising of the killer- cat nature.     In Egypt `dog days' of summer
        were said to be caused by the dog star Sirius, Orion's hound, enhancing the
        heat of the sun.  Rudolf Steiner ? "Sirius is the heart of Jesus
        Zarathustra and is in the depths of the earth.. Sirius is the world-thought
        which Christ produces out of His Heart ? therefore it is to be found within
        the earth."  He drew a curve to represent the earth and wrote on it
        "Metabolosm and fulfillment" as though the thoughts issuing from the Heart
        of Christ ? that is from the sun ? are sent through Sirius to the centre of
        the earth, where they obtain their fulfillment by means of metabolism"
        from The Birth of a New Agriculture by Countess Johanna Keyserlingk.

        To quote again from Karl Konig  " In the eighth century St Hubertus had a
        vision  when on Good Friday he beheld a Cross between a stag's antlers.
        More than a legend, it is a reminder of the prophecy which has already
        begun it's fulfillment in the animal kingdom.  In the antlers the glow of
        the sun disc can appear just as it can in the chalice of the moon, and here
        a future trend is prefigured in the animal kingdom.  We should acknowledge
        this as something important, for it relates to the present tasks of
        mankind???when something is given to the domestic animal of which it is
        wholly deprived today.  I mean a true recognition  of its existence; an
        awareness that through its relationship with human beings it can become a
        new animal, so that man and animal can recognize and compliment one
        another?..The glorious liberty of the children of God will be theirs if,
        out of their freedom, they  listen to the call of the creatures so that
        they become their friends and companions, their servants and helpers.  If
        we make this goal ever more our own, and strive to enter truly into the
        very existence of the animals with our understanding, this effort will
        become a blossoming of Rudolf Steiner's spiritual science, which wishes to
        help bring about good on earth."  End quote from Karl Konig.

            To end with a piece of `doggerel' which is nevertheless significant.

                                                          The Little Black Dog

                         I wonder if Christ had a little black dog,
                         All curly and woolly like mine
                         With two long silky ears and a nose, round and wet
                          And two eyes, brown and tender, that shine.

                          I am sure, if He had, that that little black dog
                          Knew right from the first, He was God,
                          That he needed no proof that Christ was Divine,
                          And just worshipped the ground where He trod.

                           I'm afraid that He hadn't, because I have read
                           How He prayed in the garden, alone;
                           For all of His friends and disciples had fled ?
                           Even Peter, the one called a stone.

                           And, oh, I am sure that that little black dog,
                           With a heart so tender and warm,
                           Would never have left Him to suffer alone,
                            But, creeping right under His arm,

                            Would have licked the dear fingers, in agony clasped,
                             And counting all favours, but loss,
                             When they took Him away, would have trotted behind
                             And followed Him quite to the Cross.

                             Dr Edward Bach  (Flower Remedies)

        It is often said that a dog is a man's best friend, and it has often proved
        to be so.  May man stand in a true friendship to dogs, and  hear `the call
        of the creatures'
        Go gently, Jan

      • Jan
        ... Re: [anthroposophy] The Wonder of Dogness On 1/10/03 9:54 pm, Kevin Dann wrote: Jan and Bobby, Bobby, thanks for recomposing Jan s
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          Re: [anthroposophy] The Wonder of Dogness On 1/10/03 9:54 pm, "Kevin Dann" <kdann@...> wrote:

          Jan and Bobby,

          Bobby, thanks for recomposing Jan's meditations on the wonder of
          dogness, which are a great gift to me as one of those rare people who
          doesn't have an instinctive and all-encompassing love of the canine
          clan. But this meditation inspires me to be more appreciative of the
          redemptive possibilities that the dog can teach the human being. Thanks
          too for the reminder about Konig's Camphill impulse as a beautiful
          compassionate counterweight to Rassenhygiene (which got so much of its
          momentum from American scientific racism--I hold the two impulses in
          tension in a book I wrote called _Traces on the Appalachians: The
          Naturalist Myth in America_ (Rutgers University Press: 2000) )

          I had no idea that remote viewing had entered the corporate arena, and
          yet just this hour I heard from a friend who runs a wonderful
          furniture-making business nearby, that he had been to a seminar on sales
          and marketing, and the leader had told the participants that they should
          imagine at each sales call that they make that the potential client has
          two beings always on their shoulder--a devil on one side and an angel on
          the other, and it is their task to make sure that the devil never gets a
          word in edgewise. Hmm, I'd say that even in this image the Old Boy is
          having his say.

          Best wishes,

           Hello Kevin, your book sounds interesting.  The Eugenics movement was big in England, where it seems to have taken hold with Frances Galton, a cousin of Darwin.  Also Bernard Shaw, the socialist Webbs, Keynes and many others. In America (as you will know better than I) was the Carnegie Institute and John D Rockefeller, and Henry Goddard’s intelligence test.  No dog would be bothered with it!

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        • holderlin66
          Bradford comments; To be concerned about warmth ethers and how warmth, joy and compassion is bottled into a furry reflection of type of warmth ethers, is
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            Bradford comments;

            To be concerned about 'warmth ethers' and how warmth, joy and
            compassion is bottled into a furry reflection of type of warmth
            ethers, is something we should be concerned about. How do you develop
            clarivoyant faculties? You begin to understand how the various types
            of dogs interface with various soul capacities in humans. The human
            warmth ethers, attempt to find reflections in their dogs. The Dogs
            semi, and most times reflect the type of warmth ethers that are tuned
            to the owner.

            This 'warmth ether' is part of the distributed temperaments of fire,
            air, water and earth that arise out of the cosmos and are distributed
            with unique 'musical' and tone qualities that make matter, scent and
            sense along with etheric and warmth ether affinity. For students of
            Spiritual Science, please unlock the complex blockage you have in
            regarding Concepts of Spiritual Science hard to understand. It is
            simply looking at the dog...and understanding that Salamander fire
            spirits of warmth ethers, cultivated between owner and dog, become
            tuned to the human who owns the dog. The elemental community has
            found a window of bonding that supports the cosmos. Observing this in
            the instant, fiery, nerve sense, ariel as in Shakespeare's ariel,
            thought tinged connections that the Border Collie is receptive to;
            The Lab or heart warmth ether, the feeling life ethers, that various
            dogs have affinity to, and the Pole of negative, fighter model, will,
            and aggressive, Choleric dog forces that arise not in phlegmatic
            relations to the will, but in fighter and aggressive relations to
            human will. There is a complete Imagination Tree of rainbowed, multi-
            refined colors and spectrums that range and are shed from the human
            into nature. This wide spectrum of colors, are living chunks of Dog
            Breed. You can find and relate and begin to understand the area of
            warmth ethers, in the basic astral field of observation, by
            undetrstanding the various capacity of dogs.

            There are tight, highly strong, never sense dogs, who yip, snap and
            act like a little know it all brain in a bottle of fur. They use
            antipathy as a nerve sense ether force, just as thinking uses
            antipathy for freedom to approach concepts and other I AM's. This
            antipathy is antidoted but as Jan has indicated, people smell
            differences of Political and Spiritual Ideology.. Smell is the
            profound Scorpio capacity that runs deep into the organism, but
            attaches itself to the upper sphere of nerve sense organism in humans.

            So if we observe the new etheric forcs of compassion, and wish to see
            the water shed of how this Sentient and astral force is brought into
            relation to warmth ethers and astral systems. We observe the amazing
            variety of breeds in the dog community. Anyone who wishes to mount
            out further to Horses... or check out the highly intense vibrations
            of the humming bird, begin to understand the clairvoyant field
            observations that reveal exactly what has been discussed with Karl
            Konig and others, Poppelbaum and great Michael School researchers,
            that nature forces and beings are throw offs of human spiritual
            forces in order to isolate the micro tuned, human being we see before

            Shakespeare raised this isolated Air/Warmth Ether Being into an
            elemental servant. It is an Initiation text of reality to say that in
            Shakespeare's Tempest, he had emancipated a portion of his Astral
            body, in a Spirit Self level Initiation. It is clear through various
            researchers that the entire body of Shakespeare's Plays are overseen
            by a highly humanized, Christian Rosenkreuz elemental Being that was
            freed through a Shakespeare Initiation. This Ariel elemental being
            acts as the archangel/angel force of a human capacity that achieved a
            tiny emancipation of the elemental beings which are bound up to the
            karma of the human being. We are all given a whole host of elemental
            beings and our actual job is to free them up so that they can serve
            higher tasks.

            All of Shakespeare's Plays are hovered over and enter into the Air
            and Lungs of those who begin to be tutored through the arts of Word
            and Stage... so on the Stage is a mini, Air pocket of freedom for the
            Ariel Beings inside of each human, the Air and Warmth Ethers to come
            to Word and Spiritual education and raise language and thought out of
            the Sentient Soul. A dog is a training ground for a higher Initiation
            capacity. A human bonds with certain elemntal forces and as I have
            indicated, the Border Collie, for my observation is the closest range
            and field observation you can come to, when observing the amazing
            swiftness of how Ariel could scour the astral world for information
            and bring back warmed inuitive insights that lead the soul into the
            higher worlds.

            Now each of us have refined spectrums of warmth ethers that shed
            themselves off into nature. The intimate nature of our own elemental
            ariel could be compared to having a trained humming bird, only in the
            astral world. Ariel rises from the warmth ether Initition of
            Intelligence and warmth and allowed Shakespeare to bring together the
            musical and spiritual relationships that transcend and reflect
            essential life dynamics as an economical window into the Devachan
            world of karmic and dynamically tailored lessons of designed by
            Angels for the Incarnation lessons of human beings. The crisis models
            and drama models are intimate Etheric lessons plays, plans of how the
            devachan and astral lessons were life musical condensations.

            What I have indicated here, is the most advanced research in drama
            around today. But it can be built out from the simple observations of
            warmth ethers and the development observations that are simple and
            true to our own lives. So in this mighty intimacy of pets, astral and
            warmth ether observations, weaves the higher intimacy of the Christ
            Event and the Christ imbued ethers and the Initation forces that are
            managed by the CEO of the the Christ Event, Christian Rosenkreuz.
            These names are not meant to be more complex, but rather, take stock
            in the close observations around one and see what Astral and Warmth
            ethers reflect in the sphere of the natural world around us.

            What follows is some wonders of the Dogness theme from the Native
            Americans. The quote I pull out, particularly reflects the Warmth
            Ether forces that are harbored in the dog. Warmth and fire ethers
            that when one reads the myths correctly you find simple verification
            of everything Steiner brought forward. But Steiner is not as complex
            as one would think.


            "A legend of the Achomawi tells of a great flood that put out all the
            fires, leaving the people with no way to cook. From the top of Mt.
            Shasta, they saw a wisp of smoke rising in the west, so they set out
            toward it, carrying torches of cedar bark. Dog hid a plug of punk in
            his ear.

            By evening, they reached the camp where fire was still burning. They
            asked if they could warm their hands and gathered around the fire.
            Dog lay down with his ear next to the blaze. Suddenly, the people
            thrust their torches into the fire, and then ran with their
            treasure. The fire owners were angry and knocked the torches out of
            the people's hands. They then caused a magic rain to fall and put
            out the torches.

            So the people were forced to return home with no fire. When they
            arrived, Dog complained that he was hot. The people were angry and
            were about to throw him out when Dog told them to look in his ear.
            They found the smoldering punk and used it to rekindle their fires. "
          • holderlin66
            In attempting to imagine into the human system how Steiner connected the sense of Smell to the twelvefold sense system connected to Scorpio, we need to imagine
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              In attempting to imagine into the human system how Steiner connected
              the sense of Smell to the twelvefold sense system connected to
              Scorpio, we need to imagine vividly, the spine and rib cage, around
              the heart, and the spine going from 33 notches down to the tail bone
              and up through the brain, and into the Nose.

              Naturally to say Scorpio means this and take this truly into your
              most profound thinking idea; Scorpio is the fallen sense system that
              smells racial bigotry and untransformed sentient soul dog fights such
              as President Bush, "Bring em ON". This makes gambling and betting on
              vicious dogfights, Rabies and Avarice, Cock Fights and a whole host
              of Sentient poison in the soul to remain fallen and debased.

              Intuition about people arise out of the fallen Scorpio sense; The
              Eagle Sense; and the Dove Sense. These are the three stages of the
              cross, the Zodiacal Cross that gives the ancient heart as a fourfold,
              cross in the human feeling realm. This is the new brain of the
              Angelically developing human Beings and is the true core of what the
              Romantics and Transcendentalists were connecting to in the stream of

              Scorpio, Eagle, and finally Dove Initation all has to do with how we
              become intimate to the highest intutions of the Gods and transform
              the fallen Ethers of Scorpio to the Eagle and finally the dove, using
              the mighty sense system of the human being. Intuition and Warmth and
              the ability to train an elemental being in yourself that is able to
              accurately track the trail of divine beings and find the Ego
              Incarnating core, as a parts per billion sensing capacity, that
              reveals, This was the same individual in a former incarnation, is the
              ability to tune and track field research all the way past the Eagle.

              This has a great deal to do with the development of Sentient Soul,
              Intellectual Soul and Consciousness Soul faculties. That is why,
              there is no mistake when we measure the Sentient Soul basis of an
              unconscious President that tends to the fallen Scorpio impression.
              America is based on the Native American Eagle, but because of the
              current Ahrimanic battle for Time Spirit, World Movement... America
              is operating on half of its speed or 3/4 of its speed, on Fallen
              Scorpio Sentient Nationalism, that smells different political
              opinions and like Karl Rove, stings, stings to death anything that
              comes near the greed and avarice of fighting for the election of Mr.
              Bush. Would they kill Dr. Kelly, yes. Would they expose operatives in
              the world to be killed yes. This is subterfuge and Scorpianic
              American use of Fallen Intelligence.

              But to continue: Another legend of the Scorpio scent of system.

              The Dogs Hold an Election
              We don't think much of white man's elections. Whoever wins, we
              Indians always lose. Well, we have a little story about elections.
              Once a long time ago, the dogs were trying to elect a president. So
              one of them got up in the bid dog convention and said: "I nominate
              the bulldog for president. He's strong. He can fight."

              "But he can't run," said another dog. "What good is a fighter who
              can't run?

              But the other dogs cried: "Naw, he can run all right, but he can't
              fight. When he catches up with somebody, what happens then? He gets
              the hell beaten out of him, that's what! So all he good for is
              running away."

              Then an ugly little mutt jumped up and said: "I nominate that dog for
              president who smells good underneath his tail."

              And immeditatley an equally ugly mutt jumped up and said: "I second
              the motion."

              At once all the dogs started sniffing underneath each other's tails.
              A big chorus went up:

              "Phew, he doesn't smell good under his tail."

              "No, neither does this one."

              "He's no presidential timber!"

              "No, he no good, either."

              "This one sure isn't the people's choice."

              "Wow, this ain't my candidate!"

              When you go for a walk, just watch the dogs. They're still sniffing
              underneath each other's tails. They're looking for a good leader, and
              they still haven't found him
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