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[anthroposophy] Shipwrecks and Desert islands + The Signature Celestial Healing Force

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  • danifyou@tv.videotron.ca
    Jan Grail-Rains the Pollen Grains Spiritual Powers Share Her Gains! Always a Sweet Taste * I Love You * Jan. I couldn t help Images-retrieve From my Child s
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2003
      Jan Grail-Rains the Pollen Grains
      Spiritual Powers Share Her Gains!

      Always a Sweet Taste * I Love You * Jan.

      I couldn't help Images-retrieve
      From my Child's Golden Years...

      When Popular Success tells us something else
      Than Barabbasness and utter Decadence;
      We Speak Longing Human Nature and Essence!

      My Friends - let us Speak now Recall hence
      For a moment 'Joyous Band of Shipwrecked'
      Re-playing again and again - it never ends; "Flintstones"-like Good Time SOCIAL -
      Indeed Sparkling - The No Evil -
      Men of the 'Gilligan's Island'!

      It tells Something - Link in Music
      Lead Guild - Kids Beat Hell!

      Just like using 4 Winds
      North South East West -
      Or 4 Fabulous Elementals Fantastics
      Turned against the Wolf - Silver Bullet!

      'Let it be'[!]

      When I find myself in times of trouble
      Mother Mary comes to me
      Seeking words of wisdom, let it be.
      And in my hour of darkness
      She is standing right in front of me
      Speaking words of wisdom let it be.
      Let it be, let it be.
      Whisper words of wisdom, let it be.

      And when the broken hearted people
      Living in the world agree,
      There will be an answer, let it be.
      For though they may be parted there is
      Still a chance that they will see
      There will be an answer, let it be.
      Let it be, let it be, Yeah
      There will be an answer, let it be.

      And when the night is cloudy
      There is still a light that shines on me,
      Shine until tomorrow, let it be.
      I wake up to the sound of music
      Mother Mary comes to me
      Speaking words of wisdom, let it be
      Let it be, let it be.
      There will be an answer, let it be.
      Let it be, let it be.
      Whisper words of wisdom, let it be.


      That which lead us to a Walk like New Egyptians
      With an Eternal Flame in hand
      Go for-Word to a 'Star Trek' -
      Exploring - Flair Far -
      Fair New Lands - Fare -
      Beyond Senses Dark - Find
      Nathan Source Unfallen - Light -
      Intuitions made Wisdom - Sails -
      Supersensible Bright Salomonic -
      Below and Above - Betwixt - Logical -
      Resolve - in the Present Solve -
      Lion Solar Manifest Bold;
      Thinking Bridge Man Build -
      Michaelian Holy Spiritual Theme
      In Pulse Christ Cosmic Threefold
      - Incarnate the Planetary Spirit! -

      This we can Accomplish - Dare - Infinite -
      Withstand Deep Steer - Cause-All Asserting
      Formula - Motto-Karmic - Bonfire-Team
      Stir Etheric - Positive Witz-Stream -
      Astral-Master-Mantra-Mastering - BEAM;
      A Michaelmas-Might Festival on Earth -
      Decision-Cohesion: 'IF WE WILL - WE CAN!'

      Inner Gesture Outer - Blueprint - Seeds Cast -
      Just Right Act - Method Out of LOVE-Form -
      * Buddhi-Plant in Salt * Draw in the Sand *
      The Crystals Sun Starry World Radiance
      Of the Once and Future Life Abundance!

      And John the Baptist - Desert Rose - said:

      "He that cometh from Above is Above all,
      He that is of the Earth is Earthly and
      Speaketh of the Earth.
      He that cometh from Heaven is Above all."

      And Christ Said unto them:

      "Ye are from Beneath, I AM from Above.
      Ye are of this world, I AM not of this world."

      "Christ Stooped Down,
      And with His Finger
      Wrote on the Ground"

      "And Again He Stooped Down,
      And Wrote on the Ground"...

      -Combination John 3:31, 8:23, 8:6, 8:8.

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      De : starbirdgarden<starbirdgarden@...>
      When we were children, my little sister and I loved to play shipwrecks. Ag=

      ain and
      again we were shipwrecked at sea in the garden, with only a beam of wood or=

      fragment of a raft to support us, we were tossed by gigantic waves, ever co=

      nscious of
      the fathomless, living depths of moving water beneath, of the endless seasc=

      ape all
      around us. We never managed to salvage any food or sustenance, on the poin=

      t of
      starving, were always in the utmost peril, especially from the skull and bo=

      ned pirates,
      fallen Templar Fleet? into which we often inexplicably changed, and made on=

      another walk the plank into another whirled.
      Everywhere were sea serpents, mermaids and monsters, as well as giant =

      and sharks. Neptune rode by on a pearled Chariot. Sometimes we swam for hun=

      of miles, and came to deserted islands.
      The Language of Happenings is read in the Gesture of Place.
      In cartoon and comic we find the desert island, with a single palm tre=

      e and a man
      sitting under it. Both the shipwreck and the desert island are images of i=

      Dry, deserted, yet the palm cries Hosanna! What is wrecked is eventually c=

      ast up
      upon the shore. Wreck, originally wrack means `what is driven' bourn not of=

      it's own
      volition, carried on a tide, castaway. "I would fain die a dry death. " =

      from The
      Flotsam has always fascinated me, as have shorelines and shipwrecks =

      with the
      utter change that the riches of destitution bestow.

      Full fathom five thy father lies;
      Of his bones are coral made;
      Those are pearls that were his eyes:
      Nothing of him that doth fade
      But doth suffer a sea-change
      Into something rich and strange.

      (Also from the Tempest) The shipwrecked man in 'The Sorrows of Satan' was =

      Geoffrey Tempest.

      The shipwreck sea change we experience is from inorganic to organic, death =

      to life, in
      the bones that are coral made, living bone. Pearls, tears, the eyes born of=

      irritation, suffering. Mary Magdalene owed her ability to see the Gardener =

      to her tears.
      Strange –( from extra-neus – without, outside.) What was within is strangel=

      y without;
      our soulscape becomes environment, we live in the reality we have created. =

      But it is
      rich! We suffer the sea change, we allow it. This is the becoming of the B=

      efore and
      After in the infinity of the micro-moment Meanwhile.

      Quote from `The Vacuum Answers' by Bridgeman Shuttleworth – "Sometimes=

      mid –Atlantic the wind tears a rent in a cloudy sky. A liquid whirlpool for=

      ms in the
      mass of rushing waters, while the clouds seem to drop towards the ocean in =

      shape of a cornucopia, with the sea rising in a peak to meet them. Suddenl=

      y, by
      common attraction, the two points meet, like the mouths of two lovers. A w=

      is formed – the wind sucks up the sea and the sea drinks the wind. A vorte=

      x of air
      and water forms a living column that moves giddily up above the angry waves=

      as if by
      uniting earth and sky, man is shewn by this energy interchange, an Almighty=

      exchange and defeat of Gravity." End quote.

      Bridge-Man Shuttle-Worth ? Shuttle weaving, bridge building.......who =

      are you
      He speaks of horizon Mean-while etheric space. Where sky meets sea, b=

      see. So lifted, by inner vortex, sunspaced, we are cast upon the Island des=

      erted, the
      desert where we must become self supporting. The Little Prince By Antoin=

      e De
      Saint-Exupery is a story of desert initiation.

      Quote from The Little Prince -"I was surprised by suddenly understanding th=

      mysterious radiance of the sands. When I was a little boy I lived in an old=

      house, and
      there was a legend that a treasure was buried in it somewhere. Of course, n=

      o one was
      ever able to find the treasure, perhaps no one even searched. But it cast a=

      spell over
      the whole house." End quote

      What makes the desert magical, he explains, is that somewhere in the deser=

      t there is
      a well. A wellspring. The story is a tale of befriending, of meeting and =

      loving, and
      sacrificing. So that the island is not isolating. We build the hut. We inv=

      ite a friend
      inside. Two or three are gathered.
      Moving ever onwards, we now sail in the plastic ship of the silicon chip, =

      and the
      shipwrecked see-man must now be self supporting, supportive of others, in t=

      deserted death-desert of Ahrimanic isolation. We do not need to sink in su=

      ffering the
      sea change. Fallen ethers too can be reformed and rise, etherised in the c=

      rucible of
      man-kind, kindly, the dis-enchanted elemental beings bring new tales to tel=

      l, songs
      for future heroes, sagas of the fall and the fallen, lifted now, redeemed a=

      Christened. They too can sing the New Song. In gentleness are the fallen =

      The silicon-chip-ship is a simulacrum Altar initiation coffin become t=

      omb, sailing
      through a simulated cyber sea. This is the vessel of the ahrimanic initiati=

      on, piloted
      not by a self steering helmsman but remotely controlled, on auto-pilot. F=

      rom this
      mercifull ship-wreck will be salvaged the deep frozen music of the spheres,=

      and harped, iced light formed images will melt in heart warmed waters, and =

      life, new
      life, abundant will be-come.
      A great wealth of insight, and utterly unexpected poetry has blessed t=

      his forum,
      and I for one, am deeply grateful. It gives me confidence as nothing else =

      does in this
      desert-land of tech-no-lies to know that a dear Troubadour friend Danny bri=

      Mercurial words from the Mars sphere to delve deep into earthly mysteries, =

      that all
      others, poetically vocal or deeply silent are in Place, all around the worl=

      d, that the
      Company of Friends will stand.

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