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  • danifyou@tv.videotron.ca
    And to add to, if possible, to Harvey s Wonderful Way(s) to Expressively Say; Danny at you present, Memory-back - Send in to your mind - Revive the Fact Modern
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      And to add to, if possible, to Harvey's
      Wonderful Way(s) to Expressively Say;
      Danny at you present, Memory-back -
      Send in to your mind - Revive the Fact
      Modern Sturm und Drang Goethean in Tact -
      Perhaps from Mars to Mercury a Witz Draft
      Socio Philo Sophic Set of Archetypal-moving
      Images 'State Resource Fullness Full Net'
      Of Fishes Arising out of Self-Skills Found
      Developped as Karma-Reliance on the God(s)
      And Destiny 'Reason' / 'Cast Away' Result(s).

      Rising and Travelling through the Leaping Flame;
      The Process Caterpillar Hermetic Solar Clothing
      Standing-Naked in Stillness as Dead in Silence;

      But soon is a 'Lazarus Win(g)s' Newness!

      New Dance - Height-Etheric Ambrosial
      Abundance - Out of the Cave School/Skull -
      Loosened by Fire Ra-Baptism Osirian - Eye -
      Now - With the Gods Winged, Chance, Sky!

      Sun-Silicic Within - Rainbow-Soul-Creative
      Genius Humble Royal Nectar in
      Aurum - One Art Butterfly Active
      Go * Meet Flowers * Land Feminine *
      - Encounter(s) by the Thousands - Sisters -
      In the Merry Gold Mother World of St-Francis!

      Alliance Sweet after Sweat Dramatic,
      Lyrical indeed - Happy - Ever Becoming -
      Like St-Paul Hearing Penta-Symphony Tonic
      A Music - A Quickening - A Voice Speaking;
      - Let there be a Kiss -
      For the Answer-Breath-Fresh
      Is Blowing in the Wind!


      Harvey, your Holy Spirit - Angelic Sound
      Vision Well-wrought Harp-sharply Tuned -
      Feast thing here indeed - Thanks - for this -
      Lovely Banquet String Pro Continuous-lasting
      Intuitions-Weave(d) - Much Loved;
      Contribution Most Art High Pipe(d) -
      Constituting Constitution Troubadour like
      Krishna Archai Personality Spirit-Feat -
      Man's Representativity Flute Magic -
      Position Exalted Christ the Elohim -
      Scepter-Living / Elemental-Christophoring -
      Redeem-Harvest - Fertile - Eyes the World -
      Make it a Better Place to Live!

      I Salute You Ô Friend of Helios -
      Son-Sol el Labourer Bornfield -
      Brother Charioteer,
      Word-Worker of Isis Dear!


      ----Message original -----
      De : Harvey Bornfield<earlyfire@...>
      And to add to their awesome, delightful intuitions, though no more need be
      said, nonetheless, we hope you'll not regard what echoes from yet another
      "unannounced ring of the same tree" as both Danny and Jan earlier this week
      touched as tedious or redundant.......

      Buried in the center of a little known poem called the "Flair of the
      Midnight Sun", a strange and intriguing line which speaks of being
      Shipwrecked in the archetypal sense:
      "One said, 'I shall describe' and was engulfed instead"

      The primordial and predestined condition of the once and future human
      being, is to be re-welcomed as a native dweller of a sea of light, aloof to
      the magnetism, the metaphysical suction which courts gravity, and strange
      to say, seeks vicissitudes of passionate turbulence, a gauntlet of
      reckless, rebellious abandon, alternating with holy peace and sublime

      So we are dwellers of a Great Between, and reside within a long
      "Meanwhile", a condition which stretches out over a gulf 'twixt two realms,
      two precipices called "Before" and "After". Having fallen prey to gravity,
      man seeks to rise by developing stance, And this he achieves by opposing
      the spin and whirl of the world upon resort to borrowed biological energy,
      upon three-score-ten loan of Mercy and Bounty, which he claims as his own;
      and so even unto fair love and fair war, he fames himself spice-like with
      all manner of fresh adventure, till a concealed wise part of him he often
      does not recognize slowly germinates, and this takes his helm through dream
      and vision and through the Exalting Powers of Remorse and Renewal rising
      within, nobly rendering him by slow degrees, over the largo of encroaching
      decades, indifferent to the seductive hold of this mortal playground. All
      this as reflection, the muse who authors the power to achieve silence,
      arises to challenge sweet and turbulent enchantment, even as Bacon
      describes demise in his volume New Atlantis in a chapter called "Concerning
      the life of nations" "Till it waxeth dry and exhaust."

      And so our top, losing franchise over the forces of infancy, adolescence
      and maturity, moves on, growing inert of spin, and wobbling, til at last
      solemn death, the ultimate Must, buckles his proud stance and with it the
      gift of external freedom and imagined independence, that gift itself but a
      borrowed Manna. And so the auric-bathe we call Food for Imagination,
      coagulates to but literal food, and like Joseph's allegory of many rainbows
      corroded by doubt and other metaphysical stealth, husks over, grayscales
      into sorry fact, his legend loses its salt. And so turning mute of
      influence, paralyzes into fundamentalism, suffering an angry spiritual
      death well-camouflaged behind a Pied-Pipers veneer of ferocious enthusiasm.
      Watch your press conferences!

      So just as it is possible to describe the loss of fascination and obsession
      with the matrix of biological forces which corral us in the square walls of
      this fallen circle, so also the Christ, just as to the treadless,
      gleam-robed Angels before us once and ever floating appears, He joyously
      makes of us noble locksmiths to our crush of captive confinements.

      Now as the moment of initiation draws near, it is revealed that these
      mortal bodies are, as we all radiantly guessed, but ships, and make frail
      cocoon to keep us artificially dry, ships atop whose sturdy wooden
      floorboards we're carried on, escorted on wood which makes shoes on which
      to walk the sea, and which safeguarding this sextant, keeping it dry
      wherewith to enable us to navigate the night sky of mortal existence by
      resort to the frail scaffolding of but an Outer North Star; all this, while
      clairvoyance is in drydock, all this ere one has rediscovered how to access
      and employ Strength and Grace, which debut within, and allow, and invite us
      to walk on the waters of spirit, to tread the sky like the angels,
      uninterrupted by spikes of desire, or the obsessions into which they
      shrinkwrap, like a disenchanted Lucifer falling into the grip of Ahriman.

      But un-numb yourself, cheer up, pale Earlyfire :-)))
      Goethe describes the future of the entire human race in his poem "
      Gesang der Geister über den Wassern (Song of the Spirit over the Waters)
      "Soul of Man, how like unto water, Destiny of Man, how like to the wind"
      (Schubert sets it to music)

      And now, our ideas hopscotch backward a couple of brief centuries, moving
      Now Shakespeare, in his Tempest, one of the sublime fairytales, speaks
      through Prospero, who is exiled to a remote island together with his little
      daughter Miranda decades ago as a 'punishment' for being oblivious to his
      brothers conspiracy maliciously spawned while he, innocent, tends to his
      esoteric studies over the mundane his affairs of his dukedom.

      There, having perfected to adepthood the ability to commune with and
      command the secret forces, he utilizes his divine sorcery, deciding to
      reverse the verdict of his fate, and move it forward from stalemate into
      destiny. And therefore, armed with access to Powers of Nature, he calls
      forth the powers of sea and wind to shipwreck that very vessel which bears
      the erstwhile conspirators into an experience of most unlikely, unfamiliar
      sea-change, which one 'third-eye-sees' as initiation. And so sources a
      storm to liberate those enclosed with a mortal perspective, from their
      compressed, power-based point of view. Rejoice: Your ship is a wheelchair,
      and you are people about to learn to walk again. And shattering that
      mariner's cocoon, Prospero will land these same characters in his realm,
      making them guests to his grand design to work justice and wonder; then it
      will become possible for all of them to make exodus from their turf-bound
      allegiances and loyalties. They will, as has been mentioned before, in a
      very allegorical sense, cross the threshold. (Beethoven has composed a
      piano sonata, which the Bard probably inspired, called, yes, wouldn't you
      guess "The Tempest")

      And finally, returning to the present, consider how Leonard Cohen's poem
      Susanne translates this notion of death and rebirth which mirrors Golgotha:

      And Jesus was a sailor
      When he walked upon the water
      And he spent a long time watching
      From his lonely wooden tower
      And when he knew for certain
      Only drowning men could see him
      He said "All men will be sailors then
      Until the sea shall free them"

      In this way, it becomes possible to entertain the notion that it is
      possible to visualize initiation as the ability to embrace, hence survive
      drowning, which is to say, to undergo shipwreck. And all has occurred as we
      have said:

      "One said, 'I shall describe' and was engulfed instead"

      Warm Regards,
      Tucson, Arizona

      At 10:33 PM 8/31/2003, you wrote:

      > Following the adventures of various ships in the past weeks, we inevitab=
      >ly come to
      >the defining moment of shipwreck. We have seen the world through the Glitt=
      >Eye of the ice-bound shipwrecked Mariner, who, as he must, seeks to awaken =
      >to the truth of their position as passive life-tourists, dreamily enjoying =
      >the comfort
      >and luxury of a deckchair on the Titanic, heading for the Iceberg of Ahrima=
      > The shipwreck is a threshold experience,totally transformative, a pass=
      >ing through
      >an horizon portal that lies in the nowhere-everywhere land between air and =
      >light and life and death. To become the salt of the earth one must plunge i=
      >nto the
      > Shipwreck is an initiation of pure grace, a moment of utter aloneness =
      >upon infinite
      >depths, in terror, nakedness and bereft of all weighty possessions that sin=
      >k beneath
      >the waves, leaving only what is buoyant, levity born, truly human, to float=
      >. The
      >situation is grave, but graves belong to gravity - necessary indeed to expe=
      >rience the
      >ego in the red blood cells, but also necessary -vital - are the restored `t=
      >ree of life'
      >ethers that lift and bear aloft. The sickness is not unto death! Coleridge=
      >'s Mariner is
      >marooned rather than utterly shipwrecked, but the analogy holds good. `All=
      >mountains and Islands were moved out of their places' the island of the eg=
      >o is very
      >lonely. As is a stranded ship. The Lesser Guardian stands aside. A wonderfu=
      >imagination of the shipwreck-initiation is to be found in Marie Corelli's b=
      >ook "The
      >Sorrows of Satan" which follows the adventures of a writer and his relation=
      >ship to
      >Lucio-Rimanez (Lucifer-Ahriman) who (as someone else once sang) `introduce=
      >himself as a man of wealth and taste' and mysteriously befriends a struggli=
      >ng writer,
      >making him fabulously rich , opening every worldly door, ensuring fame and =
      >recognition, satisfying every desire, just barely incognito, always hoping =
      >to be
      >recognised and resisted and therefore redeemed. If he wins he loses, and s=
      >o hates
      >and despises every soul who cannot resist his temptations.
      > The descent into atomic materialism and decadence and it's destructiv=
      >e effect
      >upon society is explored in detail, the man shown as symptom of the greater=
      >a hermetic connection always clearly drawn. The shipwreck is the culminati=
      >on of his
      >adventuring in the godless world of science, wealth and celebrity, eyes res=
      >closed, aboard Lucio's yacht, `Flame' a vessel mysteriously powered by elec=
      >tricity. The
      >prototype of the Silicon-chip ship? Demons and spectres are crew and also u=
      >companions. When for the first time, Lucifer Ahriman is unveiled, the seasc=
      >ape turns
      >to ice, a frozen world stretches everywhere around. The Flame-yacht of Lu=
      >steers through the Ahrimanic ice, through an infernal horror of desperately=
      >souls. A question is asked - whom is to be served? A choice must be made.=
      > " The question thundered in my ears……shuddering, I looked from right t=
      >o left,
      >and saw a gathering crowd of faces, white, wistful, wondering, threatening =
      >imploring. – they pressed about me close, with glistening eyes and lips tha=
      >t moved
      >dumbly. And as they stared upon me I beheld another spectral thing – the im=
      >age of
      >Myself! - a poor frail creature, pitiful, ignorant, and undiscerning – lim=
      >ited in both
      >capacity and intelligence, yet full of a strange egotism and still stranger=
      >every detail of my life was suddenly presented to me in a magic mirror, and=
      >I read my
      >own chronicle of paltry intellectual pride, vulgar ambition, and vulgarer o=
      >stentation – I
      >realized with shame my miserable vices, my puny scorn of God, my effronteri=
      >es and
      >blasphemies; and in the sudden strong repulsion and repudiation of my own
      >worthless existence, being and character, I found both voice and speech. `=
      >God only!'
      >I cried fervently – `Annihilation at His hands, rather than life without Hi=
      >m! God only! I
      >have chosen!" end quote
      > Throughout this whole terrible experience a bird yet sings; a heavenly=
      >soul song.
      >The bird song theme is present throughout the book, a woman author characte=
      >whose spiritual books are castigated by modern society is named Mavis – mea=
      >thrush, and the birdsong of hope is ever present, heard here and there in s=
      >and stray notes. Birdsong was not underestimated in novels of this period (=
      > Feed the birds, dear friends! Feed the birds! Birdsong is more than =
      >modulation of etheric forces, star mediated flower shaping sound. Birdsong=
      >individually spiritually potent, the pied Piper of the Soul, calling from t=
      >he future, while
      >stirring remembrances of past spirit-stature. Birdsong, we are told, is pu=
      >territorial. One wonders why the birds are especially territorial in the ea=
      >rliest dawn,
      >and at dusk…….why territory should be bounded by such sheer loveliness that=
      >and harmonises and lives! If this is the demarcation of territory, perhaps =
      >we should
      >emulate the birds and sing our boundaries…..
      >Bound hand and foot the mariner see-man is cast into the `outermost darknes=
      >s of the
      >world' into abyss experience , surviving, surfacing to find himself floati=
      >ng peacefully
      >trusting beneath sunny skies on a blue sea, to rescue and new life. His gr=
      >monetary wealth disappears as mysteriously as it came, and he becomes
      >spiritually wealthy, and self supporting. The hallmark of true shipwreck i=
      >nitiation is
      >the complete change in the mariner, now Captain, taking a new course steer=
      >ed by a
      >different star. "I am the master of my fate, I am the Captain of my soul"
      > There are many insights and undertones to this wonderful book. Lavish =
      >entertainments and `tableaux vivants' are performed and presented to sated =
      >humanity while those who watch and lose themselves in the pleasures thus af=
      >never suspect that all is done by the agency of demons and elementals who s=
      >food, act out dramas, dance and play music without anyone suspecting their =
      >presence, or discerning their sinister purpose. Very much as life is lived =
      > How few suspect the intelligent entity incarnate in television and com=
      >puter, or
      >realise the prostitution of elemental beings in adulterated food and unnatu=
      >ral farming
      >practices? How many of us recognize demon faces in the electro-magnetic mag=
      >ic of
      >luxuries procured from the nether realms of sub ethers, or see the tortured=
      >forced down into the mental wasteland of arid-sub thought?
      > In the book two very sensible dogs see, or rather smell, through the d=
      >disguise, as dogs are wont to do. A dog can smell the planets……
      > "They haven't got no noses'
      > The fallen sons of Eve
      > Even the smell of roses
      > Is not what they supposes;
      > But more than mind discloses
      > And more than men believe" Chesterton
      > Our hope lies in the shipwrecking of the silicon-chip ship and the mig=
      >awakening abyss-initiation that can arise out of it. And many souls have c=
      >through just such experiences, and yet remain shipwrecked because they have=
      >the context of spiritual science to make sense of their journeying in psych=
      >waters, which can be so murky and dangerous. Very often these crisis (crisi=
      >s meaning
      >– discern – judge) are not as productive of change as they can potentially =
      >be, and can
      >even lead to mental instability. This is a tragic waste, and the clearing o=
      >f the spiritual
      >air is surely a task for anthroposophists. If a crisis is to produce that =
      >deep inner
      >certainty of change, it must also be discerned, evaluated in the context of=
      >scientific ideas and concepts so that productive work can be undertaken.
      > That Marie Corelli was well aware of what lies (!) behind government is =
      >shown by
      >the last paragraph.
      > "At last, just as Big Ben chimed a quarter to eleven, one man whom I i=
      >recognised as a well known Cabinet Minister came walking briskly towards t=
      >he House
      >(Parliament) then, and then only , he whom I had known as Lucio, advanced =
      >Greeting the Minister cordially, in that musical rich voice I knew of old, =
      >he took his
      >arm – and they both walked on, talking earnestly. I watched them till thei=
      >r figures
      >receded in the moonlight….the one tall, kingly and commanding, the other bu=
      >rly and
      >broad, and self assertive in demeanour; I saw them ascend the steps, and fi=
      >disappear within the House of England's Imperial Government – Devil and Man=

      >together!" end quote from "The Sorrows of Satan" by Marie Corelli.
      >She was a superb writer, preparing the etheric atmosphere for the reception=
      >of the
      >Christian Initiation. Some of us only use rhyme or doggerel to bookmark mo=
      >ments in
      >our lives……perhaps making them accessible to other people. No more than tha=
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      "Music is the one incorporeal entrance into the higher world of knowledge
      which comprehends mankind, but mankind cannot comprehend."
      Ludwig van Beethoven
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