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  • starbirdgarden
    Some extra (?) terrrestials are clearly sub terrestrials, bordering on the = physically perceptible because of the condensing of the sub- etheric sheath
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 3, 2003
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      Some extra (?) terrrestials are clearly sub terrestrials, bordering on the =
      perceptible because of the condensing of the sub- etheric sheath around the=
      and the cutting off from pure stellar influences by the activities of HAARP=
      starwars technology. But other factors and agencies are also working here.=
      This huge
      subject needs a lot more work, because there are so many threads and strand=
      s which
      are presently tangled and confused. A quick run through of just a few.
      I do not believe that all UFO phenomenon is elemental in it's origin, =
      even though
      sub-elementals are obviously and always incorporated. There are also purel=
      physical `black ops' and weapon technology in development which may appear=
      UFOs.. Anti-gravity experimentation is going on, long gone on,( most peop=
      le are
      familiar with operation paperclip for one) with semi-supersensible dimensio=
      ns such
      as time shifts and invisibility, which again play into the general mix, giv=
      ing rise to a
      plethora of fantastic ideas and theories.
      Weather control technology must be a cause of major revolt and re-alli=
      (with Ahriman) of elemental beings, giving rise to various phenomena of lig=
      ht and
      chemical manifestation. Also cruelty to and exploitation of animals. The=
      realm is a unity, paradoxically composed of distinct beings. Ahriman regar=
      ds us as
      some people do animals, and intends to farm, milk, chip, experiment on and =
      humanity which will be forced into a group soul and thus fall lower than be=
      asts. He
      hopes! We have other plans.
      The clever use of UFO phenomena and the propagation of UFO - extra te=
      thinking and belief, in abductions for example, may be, and surely are, use=
      d in mind
      control and brainwashing experiments. People drugged, hypnotised or influe=
      nced by
      microwave or sub-audible sound technology can be mentally implanted with `f=
      memories' of abduction and experimentation which were, actually, purely phy=
      and ideal cover for govenment laboratories or prisons, and a means of discr=
      any person who tells tales. These poor souls are used by whatever human ag=
      requires human guinea pigs. Prisoners and especially bred or kidnapped chi=
      ldren are
      often spoken of in this connection by researchers, whether true or false we=
      do not
      know - at least I do not.
      We have seen in the field of psychology false memories of child abuse =
      in people resulting in families being destroyed with fathers and sometimes =
      accused of incest. Such `memories' are `recovered' in middle age by people =
      various real mental problems who have fallen into the hands of dubious or g=
      mis-guided (by whom?) psychothe-rapists who put them into lowered states of=

      consciousness via hypnosis. I knew one such mother myself, who, in her seve=
      was accused of sexual abuse by her middle aged daughter, who had suddenly
      `remembered' the experience while undergoing hypnosis, and who then cut off=
      family relations for years, until she finally came to the conclusion, via a=
      therapist, that she had never been abused after all.
      Similar techniques can make people genuinely believe that they have be=
      en aboard
      UFO's, or visited by aliens. There are therapists `recovering' memories of =
      abduction in small children and even babies, using in one case the fact tha=
      t a baby
      gestured towards the sky as `evidence' of what is now called familial abduc=
      Another UFO factor is abortive spiritual development and initiation ex=
      fear of crossing the threshold and the consequent forcing down of conscious=
      ness into
      the sub-physical where it is seized upon and manifested by elementals. Thi=
      s is the
      case with the majority of the population, probably all of us to some extent=
      , and is the
      icing on the cake for Ahriman, as he can seize, deform and manifest to his =
      advantage the very faculties with which we should be armed against his onsl=
      The light ether arising in thought in combination with chemical ether which=
      us to think in words, is forced into a degraded brain bound electro-magneti=
      replica, as for instance the thought of physical atoms instead of the true =
      DNA' for the founding of the New Jerusalem, see the meeting of the Masters=
      by Steiner and mentioned in one of the essays on the `Roaring Kettle' docum=
      Bradford posted. Fallen chemical ether, manifesting as sexual magnetism and=

      chemistry may play a part in the sexual-alien encounters, an act of sub eth=
      procreation from illegally harvested fallen ethers. Elementals are engende=
      red in Black
      magic using the same sexual-chemical mix.
      Many so called abductees, are experiencing spontaneously occurring out=
      of body
      phenomena and the partial paralysis that can happen on the return to the bo=
      dy, a
      horrible feeling. Out of the body, all kinds of entities are encounteered. =
      dreaming, influenced by sub-etheric entities can be construed as physical o=
      n return
      to consciousness by a person who has no spiritual scientific complex of con=
      cepts to
      make sense of the experience, and often does not believe in anything other =
      than the
      body and a physical world.
      In fact, this is not necessarily a new phenomena. Entities such as Albs =
      have long
      attacked people in this sleep-waking borderland of consciousness and manife=
      physically as constraint and even sitting upon the chest and causing real p=
      ain and
      terror. These Alb beings are the first encounter with the dragon on crossin=
      g the
      threshold, and may be part of the reptilian experience. Sex with demonic en=
      tities is
      hardly new, either. The mind set has changed, and as people do not believe=
      demons, they are given aliens. This is a very confused area of research, an=
      d more or
      less everything is lumped together in general Ufology.
      Abductees confuse physical and superphysical. They are asleep in bed=
      , awakened
      and made to float through walls and doors, escorted forcibly by greys or
      whatever, before being bound or otherwise constrained and experimented upon=
      returning to their home where actual wounds and sometimes physically real c=
      hips are
      discovered in their bodies. In these instances, I suggest the mind control=

      governmental or medico- military explanation, and drug or hypnotic cover up=
      false alien abduction memories.
      Another technique designed to sow confusion, is the false memory of be=
      chipped, when this has not occurred. A double blind, which makes the stori=
      es of
      those who have really been chipped less believable. The epidemic of mental =

      instability, predicted by Steiner as a consequence of humanity refusing to =
      cross the
      threshold consciously and the materialism particularly inculcated by educat=
      ion, has
      been a fertile ground for those who work in this very dark field. So many =
      teeter on the edge of insanity, and no wonder. Where would we be as indivi=
      without the saving grace of anthroposophy? Rudolf Steiner once asked that =
      of Stein, what would he have become without anthroposophy, and then told hi=
      m! It
      made a deep impression upon Stein as we can imagine.
      So that many poor souls, who are actually very sensitive, are open to =
      this maze of
      physical, semi-physical and totally supersensory experiences, with no way o=
      connecting the dots and making sense of it all. I know of many such. The =
      `mirror' of
      the blood, the essential meeting of inner and outer, turned back, becomes a=
      imprisoning hall of mirrors where images assume a grotesque half life and a=
      ttack the
      sufferer who wanders as if in a maze.
      After an informal group meeting one evening I once offered a vulnerabl=
      e looking
      young girl who had attended, a lift home. She gladly got into the car and =
      deposited a
      large plastic bag on the floor, which clinked as we drove away. I asked he=
      r what was
      in the bag and she replied that it contained several large jars of her faec=
      es which she
      had been storing for weeks, and was hoping to have analysed in order to dis=
      whether she was being secretly drugged. I began to drive very slowly and c=
      and wondered how, if at all, I could be of help to her. We talked for a lo=
      ng time, and I
      felt quite useless in the face of such bizarre claims, delivered so incoher=
      ently. She
      went on to say that she was raped in her sleep each night and was controlle=
      d by
      helicopter via a chip in her hip. This was years ago, and I had no idea wh=
      at to do. I
      had a house full of young boys and a husband, and feared a cry of `rape!' i=
      n the night,
      so I took her eventually to a hospital she was attending. Years later I he=
      ard of her
      again via another person, and she was sectioned and kept in deep sedation. =
      I have
      no idea if she was simply mentally ill, or being used in some way by person=
      s or
      beings unknown.
      Factor in too, Masonic Ritual Magic and Black Magic with the subsequen=
      t Black-
      Altar-ation of elementals. Certainly children and babies are used as well =
      as animals.
      Implanted FALSE memories of these things in obviously unstable people, who =
      not in fact been used, can be employed to discredit ALL such activities. T=
      he secret
      seems to be to mix truth with lies, real with imagined, physical with super=
      until it is very difficult even for people trained in spiritual science to =
      sort it out.
      What of cattle mutilations? Attributed to `aliens.' We know that the initia=
      l entry into
      black magical practice is the deliberate inflicting of pain upon sentient b=
      Vivisection can also be seen in this light. Recent secret filming here in =
      Britain in
      laboratories showed enjoyment in cruelty inflicted, even by so called anima=
      l carers
      who had charge of the animals.
      There is an elemental price to pay for everything.
      Even the elemental beings still embodied in nature, in earth water fir=
      e and air, are
      not likely to be happy with the way the world is going. They are not all =
      `on side' by
      any means. Elementals have ever been tricksy beings and now they are largel=
      y Alien-
      The claims made by some people I know that they can `attract' UFO's by=
      flashing a
      torch is not so bizarre if one thinks of sub-etheric beings ever ready to e=
      nter into
      deceptive relationships with the human beings who have forced them into a s=
      below their legitimate one, who literally `torture' them. They may experien=
      ce some
      relief, some loosening of their own bonds in such entry into humans, where,=
      they do damage because the true situation is not understood.
      Of great concern are black op deep boring and tunnelling activities, w=
      hich release
      very dark energies and entities, deliberately, for the furtherance of dark =

      Quote – "From the innermost layer (of the earth) there will arise the a=
      s yet
      undiscovered `Third Force'. Dr Stein denied emphatically that this was atom=
      ic power.
      He connected the Third Force with the Creative Word. The undiscovered forc=
      e is to
      come from the backward Archai……Saturn spirits at the earth's centre. Their =
      realm is
      the realm of the negative life ether." End quote from M Cotterel `The Undis=
      Third Force' Anthroposophical quarterly Autumn 1961 – account of a lectur=
      e by Dr

      There are reported accounts of strange weaponry resembling something si=
      milar in
      effect to atomic powers being used in Iraq - which, again, may or may not =
      be true.


      Holograms are another `source' of so called UFO activity, and may well =
      be used to
      provide mass `visions' in preparation for the coming of a World Saviour, or=
      ` Memories' of Atlantean technology may also be visible in the densifyi=
      ng psychic
      atmosphere as semi physical-etheric observable phenomena.
      The Occult School of Ahriman cannot use the pure ethers or ego-directe=
      d humanly
      developed faculties of higher cognition. Sub etheric techniques will be em=
      ployed, and
      are already being used. So called electronic meditation aids are one insta=
      nce, and
      there are too many others to develop here. Free clairvoyance will be on of=
      fer! There
      are already various means to this end.
      A new brood of nano-entities is swarming invisibly into our lives, eve=
      ry one
      ensouled and hostile. RFID (Radio Frequency ID ) technology has been up a=
      running for some time. These aim to create an identity for every human, in =
      ID for evey item of clothing or accessory which 'define' the shopper and al=
      ert their
      attention to similarly chipped objects which they may then purchase. As we =
      walk into
      the shop, our ID is assessed, priced, and we are targeted accordingly. A pu=
      materialistic ID.


      Quote from the above site - A number for every Item on the planet.
      Auto-ID employs a numbering scheme called ePC (for "electronic product cod=
      which can provide a unique ID for any physical object in the world. The e=
      PC is
      intended to replace the UPC bar code used on products today. Unlike the b=
      ar code,
      however, the ePC goes beyond identifying product categories -- it actuall=
      y assigns a
      unique number to every single item that rolls off a manufacturing line. F=
      or example,
      each pack of cigarettes, individual can of soda, light bulb or package of =
      razor blades
      produced would be uniquely identifiable through its own ePC number.
      Once assigned, this number is transmitted by a radio frequency ID tag =

      (RFID) in or on the product. These tiny tags, predicted by some to cost les=
      than 1 cent each by 2004, are "somewhere between the size of a grain of san=
      and a speck of dust." They are to be built directly into food, clothes, dru=
      or auto-parts during the manufacturing process.
      Receiver or reader devices are used to pick up the signal transmitted by=
      the RFID
      tag. Proponents envision a pervasive global network of millions of receiv=
      ers along
      the entire supply chain -- in airports, seaports, highways, distribution c=
      warehouses, retail stores, and in the home. This would allow for seamless, =

      continuous identification and tracking of physical items as they move from =
      place to another, enabling companies to determine the whereabouts of all th=
      products at all times.
      Steven Van Fleet, an executive at International Paper, looks forward to th=
      e prospect.
      "We'll put a radio frequency ID tag on everything that moves in the North=
      supply chain," he enthused recently.
      The ultimate goal is for Auto-ID to create a "physically linked world" in =
      which every
      item on the planet is numbered, identified, catalogued, and tracked. And th=
      technology exists to make this a reality. Described as "a political rather =
      than a
      technological problem," creating a global system "would . . . involve nego=
      between, and consensus among, different countries." Supporters are aiming =
      worldwide acceptance of the technologies needed to build the infrastructur=
      e within
      the next few years. End quote from above website

      So, Ahriman would like a `physically linked world." Whereas we seek the inv=
      spiritual brotherhood of Christ. This dark technology is up and running in=
      trials in
      Tescos in England.
      Elemental beings are sacramental beings. This was once known and wel=
      understood at every level of community. From the Mysteries, and later chur=
      came cultus, ritual and psycho drama that maintained the human, star, eart=
      elemental linkage through the seasons, agri-cult-ure and in everyday life w=
      as the
      prayer that gave passage for the elemental through the human being to the
      hierarchies where it could become in turn a blessing for humanity and angel=
      ic beings
      alike. Furthering Divine evolutionary purposes.
      No cow was milked without a rhyming milking song - "Ho my heifer, my =
      beloved!" - no hearth swept nor fire lit without a blessing.

      "I will raise the hearth fire
      As Mary would.
      The encirclement of Bride and of Mary
      On the fire, and on the floor,
      And on the household all…..
      Who is that anear me?
      The King of the sun, He himself it is.
      Who is that at the back of my head?
      The Son of Life without beginning, without time."
      From New Moon of the Seasons, prayers from the highlands and islands.

      Technology had not yet approached humanity in any great degree. Things are =
      different now.
      Steiner – "It can truly be said that men will be able to help themselves =
      in face of what
      comes upon them in the way of cars and typewriters and so on. With gramoph=
      however, it is different – forgive me for concluding on such an apparently =
      trivial note.
      With gramophones, art is being thrust down into a machine. When people dev=
      elop a
      passion for such a thing – which is really a mechanising of what comes down=
      to us as
      a shadow of the spiritual – when they show enthusiasm for the kind of thing=

      represented by gramophones then in this connection they no longer have the =
      to help themselves. At this point the Gods have to help.
      Now the Gods are merciful, and today our hope for the future progress =
      of human
      civilization must be that the Gods in their mercy will themselves come to t=
      he rescue
      where – as in the case of the gramophone – men's taste has gone astray." -=
      quote from Evolution of Consciousness

      I am told that digital sound takes tiny `bites' out of curving sound wa=
      ves, making
      them square. Who has the missing soundbites? What is ensouled in them? A wh=
      host of new elementals must be arising. Steiner also speaks of the effect u=
      pon the
      ego and astral and etheric bodies of sleeping in the proximity of machines =
      of every
      kind. We actually enter into the machinery, and are passed through it, br=
      inging back
      from sleep the `worst disorder' as if `one's physical body were being crush=
      ed and cut
      to pieces.' I know of many young people who sleep with computers on all nig=
      ht in
      their rooms, and in fact, none of are far from all kinds of electrical and =
      devices. What kind of elementals gain access to the sheaths and what activ=
      ity do they
      engage in once there? We need to become very strong. Perhaps what is lear=
      ned in
      our machine night travells can be turned to our advantage.
      Unconsciousness is always the entry point for dark elementals, and dar=
      consciousness is knowingly and unknowingly created by Ufology as it is thr=
      ust upon
      us in mass. Another factor is film, television and, increasingly computer=
      which gives form to entities which then take hold in both individual and ma=
      consciousness, defining and assisting their incarnation process. Sleeping =
      computers which have been running games for hours may lead the sleeper righ=
      t into
      cyberspace fantasy land.
      These are only a few stray and unconnected thoughts, fragmented as I a=
      m very
      busy at present and time presses. Gray and I have looked into most of thes=
      subjects, and I look forward to the light others can shed.
      Above all, do not fear. Fear is Ahriman's first point of entry and an=
      suppressant. As usual, Steiner has pointed the way to the compensating dee=
      d, and it
      is for those who take up this work to find the precise one in each case.
      For instance, the chip is not to be feared. Chips work using the elect=
      rical magnetic
      energies laid into the body by Ahriman for the running of the double. They=
      inherently sub human. Whoever unfolds spiritual activity as in The Philoso=
      phy of
      Freedom will have super immunity, and the chip will be as an invading virus=
      bacteria and disabled, destroyed or rendered unoperable. This is something =
      we could
      take much further as a group. As usual Bradford has eagle-eyed this crucia=
      l subject
      from the Watch-Tower, seen an area of confusion which imprisons many who co=
      learn in the School of Michael, and who presently have glazed rather than =
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