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Rép. : [anthroposophy] Mel Gibson's PASSION/Corelli's Barabbas/Food Su(p)per Sharing

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  • danifyou@tv.videotron.ca
    Hey, thanks for that companion! Something to very look forward to! Though I can t see the trailer here home based now, I will do - tonight at work... This
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 1, 2003
      Hey, thanks for that companion!

      Something to very look forward to!

      Though I can't see the trailer here home
      based now, I will do - tonight at work...

      This Airing Sounds Promising, right in the
      lines recent of the many Cats out of the sack!
      Just like having the Biblical Time(s) back!

      And what about this de Jong(Newly introduced Vinegarless - Mustard Seed DeJong?) as well that you brought fashion Right in Right on again Brad!
      Spread 'Weapons of Christic Instruction'
      Wise-You Allied your Self Teamed
      Tag-Relayed Sent a Mighty Cannon Ball
      against all Ahrimanic sharp Fallen cutting
      glass one-Sided-Mass Invasion!

      I'd say a Constructive Blow against the
      Adversary Cryo-Arid-Dry-Masking a Raid
      Black Horse - Black Hawk - Black Night
      Down - No Stars - Ice-Stack - Hell - Signature
      Materialistic Machinations Anti Christ-Nature!

      So - if Life is like a Box of Chocolate - as
      Forrest Gump taught us - and that the Earth
      is like a Sweet Salt Sugar Sour Bitter Pie - as
      Danny uttered(Tous les goûts sont dans la
      Nature...),then as Jan and Bradford do Very
      Well - we have to Fight - Quality Control
      Watchtower Keep SEE-SALT* 'Cordon BLEU'
      State Pure Pristine Precious FIDEL Preserve it*;
      MEANING, Full Keep it's Saltiness Bright
      Mine Special Cosmic Thoughts Macro-Micro
      Logical Accurate Link-Ability to Vessel - "NO BONES BREAK"!!

      That is we must Think Palladium-Strong -
      *Matter go through - Fission loosen slice the
      *latter Partake Eat Earth-Bread Communy
      Infuse it WILL Digest Reprocess Make it
      WHOLE again - Spiritual Etheric Physical
      SUBSTANCE Not Mineral-Dead!

      The Spirit comes through many veins and
      channels - make them straight 12 in a row -
      Thread Bow - Lyre and go by the Sound Drum
      Lion Living Force Source Fountain Winged
      Head - Rainbow Course Magic apply ahead -
      Tread on Ether Second Floor Clean Carpet!

      For as they say (Chantel Warmly let me tell it
      to thee) - Cleanliness is next to Godliness,
      not far from Salsa, Cheese and Bread! ;)

      Understand also the particular waxing of the
      themes, as my mother came for a visit from Québec City this weekend!

      Take Care!


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    • holderlin66
      Bradford comments; Anne Catherine Emmerich and Mel Gibson. Life gets more and more interesting. Robert Powell walks through the etheric visionary Christ Event
      Message 2 of 2 , Sep 8, 2003
        Bradford comments;

        Anne Catherine Emmerich and Mel Gibson. Life gets more and more
        interesting. Robert Powell walks through the etheric visionary Christ
        Event with Anne Catherine E. Now for those who are new to the wonders
        of the School of Spiritual Science, Powell is a fellow student and
        Anthro who I went to school with at the Goetheanum. Powell has done
        some amazing research for the Grail and edited The Mercury Star
        Journal...He has astrologically pin pointed the Rhythms of the
        Etheric Christ.

        Now that being said, Corelli's "Barabbas" would have been the text I
        would use for approaching the Passion of Christ. It is far more
        accurate. Anne Catherine may or may not have been directly on the
        front row seat of watching the living Solar Word walk through his
        time. Anne Catherine observed in complete vision, while eating
        nothing but the host, sustained the etheric vision, walk through for
        nearly three years.


        Clemens Brentano recorded as well as he could, the events Catherine
        described. So how does this square with Mel Gibson and "The Passion"
        it is another event sent into the Stream of time by the Time SPirit
        and we who are in the School of Spiritual Science have far, far more
        detail to work with. Powell has a great store of insight. There was
        some indications that Mr. Powell, my friend, had a relationship to
        one of the three Kings, star wisdom of Persia. Willi Sucher and the
        work of Astrosophy was developed by Powell. Today his may not be
        winning all the popularity contests, but he has devoted his research,
        and wonderful research it has been, fully to the Michael School and
        in particular Sophia, STar Wisdom.



        Mel's 'Passion'-ate
        defense gives offense

        The holy war over "The Passion," Mel Gibson's movie on Jesus Christ,
        is raging on all fronts. The Anti-Defamation League is condemning
        Gibson's latest defense of his movie, made in an article by Peter
        Boyer in the new New Yorker.
        Part of the brouhaha stems from Gibson's interest in Anne Catherine
        Emmerich, a 19th-century Augustinian nun in Germany who recounted
        visions of Christ's Crucifixion that some regard as anti-Semitic.
        Gibson, who carries a piece of her habit as a relic, asks:

        "Why are they calling her a Nazi? Because modern secular Judaism
        wants to blame the Holocaust on the Catholic Church. And it's
        revisionism. And they've been working on that one for a while."

        "To me, this [comment] is classic anti-Semitism," ADL National
        Director Abraham Foxman told us.

        Foxman, who survived the Holocaust because Catholic clergy baptized
        him to shield him from the Nazis, added, "I think [Gibson] is on the
        fringes of anti-Semitism."

        Gibson also lays his lash on New York Times columnist Frank Rich.
        Responding to remarks about the Holocaust made in The Times by
        Gibson's father, Hutton Gibson, Rich accused the actor's camp of
        using "PR spin to defend a Holocaust denier."

        Mel Gibson says of Rich, "I want to kill him. I want his intestines
        on a stick. ... I want to kill his dog." (Rich told us, through a
        Times spokeswoman, "I don't have a dog.")

        The article says Gibson reluctantly took out a scene in which
        Caiaphas, a Jewish high priest, says of Christ, "His blood be on us,
        and on our children." The passage, from the Gospel of Matthew, has
        been interpreted by some as implicating the Jewish people in Jesus'

        "I wanted it in," Gibson tells Boyer. "But, man, if I included that
        in there, they'd be coming after me at my house, they'd come kill me."

        The film, played entirely in ancient languages, has yet to find a
        distributor. But Gibson sees a halo around the controversy.

        "Inadvertently," he says, "all the problems and the conflicts and
        stuff - this is some of the best marketing and publicity I have ever

        Bradford concludes;

        Caiaphas words, 'His blood be on us, and on our children'...and so
        much more is included in Corelli's "Barabbas..A Dream of the World's
        Tragedy".. NOw we witness daily the seething rift, the crack in the
        world between Palistine and Israel. We understand the one sided deck
        of deception that the U.S. and Israel have played against the Arab
        World...and everyone of our highly educated people, except Mel
        Gibson, focuses the Roadmap to Peace on the recognition, somewhere in
        the soul, of an event that rocked Earth Evolution and changed the
        entire make up of the atomic structure. All of this, spins endlessly
        around, and around without end, because humanity refuses and cannot
        get Ahrimanic deceptions out of its brain. Steiner was right and he
        spoke the Truth....Things are all deeply connected in ways we fail,
        and fail, and fail to see.
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