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Re: Marie Corelli/Jan/Danny and renegades everywhere

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  • holderlin66
    ... letting ... something? I ... sessions ... have been too ... felt as if I ... beyond. Chantel Dear Chantel; Your house is a very fine house and all the
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 1, 2003
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      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, Cheeseandsalsa@a... wrote:
      > Beautiful prose. My question is, how does one feel while they are
      > this poetry out? Do you feel as if you are channeling someone or
      something? I
      > want to say back in June I was having alot of these inner poetry
      > while folding laundry and such. I didn't write any of it down and
      have been too
      > busy since. Silent moments are few in my busy household. But I
      felt as if I
      > was channeling someone else's words. Because they were so
      beyond. Chantel

      Dear Chantel;

      Your house is a very fine house and all the duties we have in our own
      world and our own house are all part of the fabric of depth.
      Channeling, hearing, understanding, catching the cosmic breeze, it is
      all a matter of breathing in nourishment from specific regions of the
      soul. Certainly, hardly anything new has been said under the sun, Yet
      as Spiritual Science arose, a new flavor of Life and all its Mystery
      was brought before the soul.

      As we fashion and shape in our quiet thoughts what we hear and see in
      our souls, we build a thread that connects us to millions who have
      gone before and made the effort ahead of us. But that we enter the
      ranks of understanding our Time either in quiet or in Mel Gibson's
      new film on "The Passion".. we learn to see and hear the meanings at
      deeper and deeper levels.

      What you bring as value added to the universe is wonderful in both
      the quiet and the exposed form of thoughts and words. The word
      Channel has so many different meanings..but it can be said that we
      inwardly awaken to our mystery at our own time and place. It matters
      not who is aware externally, but that higher beings are always aware
      of it on the inner realm of the soul.

      So strange thoughts, poetry and insights arise and as one documents
      them for oneself alone, they are precious to the sight of the soul
      and the navigation that carries us along our spiritual path.

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