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Thoughts on Various Rings/ de Jong

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    Starbirgarden wrote; The way forward for the elementals bewitched in matter, spellbound in nature and now sub-nature, is through the Human Being. And if that
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      Starbirgarden wrote;

      "The way forward for the elementals bewitched in matter, spellbound
      nature and now sub-nature, is through the Human Being. And if that
      Portal to
      the future is closed to them, then as Steiner warned, 'the elemental
      host under Ahriman'. They will be forced into the sub-ethers, which
      is how
      Tolkein's elves are tortured, becoming Orcs. "

      Bradford comments;

      A Waldorf parent where I taught, brought her fifth grader over to the
      house to view Tolkien's "Two Towers". I always enjoy the ride. But
      recently someone wrote to me and asked about Rawlings and the Harry
      Potter craze. I commented that both "Lord of the Rings" and "Harry
      Potter" is a craving hunger left over from a mere two hundred years
      ago, when peasant wisdom, and Grimm's Fairy Tales was woven with
      ancient mighty Rosicrucian Folk Wisdom.

      In other words, the ancient Folk Wisdom, from "Fairy Tale, A True
      Story" and Walt Disney, has been removed from doctors who knew about
      plants and old wives tales that are laced with wisdom, have all been
      removed and replaced by other concepts. In this hunger gap, the
      ancient understandings of how Elemental Beings integrated into our
      lives has been hijacked and waves upon waves of youth are hungering
      for the missing factor of just how matter and the elemental worlds
      are truly still part of the magic of Mankind.

      I watched again, how Gandalf descended with a mighty Earth core Fire
      Spirit, Barlog, and by going down to the center of the destructive
      core of the Earth, where the Ego conquers the destructive Fire Core
      of Immortality, Gandalf arose with an indication of 9 Levels of the
      Inner Earth, mystery of Resurrection... This can be seen in the
      Initiaton of Gandalf and confirmed by Spiritual Science and Earth
      Core mysteries.

      But for adults, we need to review the validity of one of our Michael
      School Researchers, who poses some curious questions about the
      infection of Materialistic Science and infection and battle for the
      elemental servants who could be enlisted to serve mankind.
      Starbirgarden and others might know more about this than I, even
      though I have never supported UFO diversions... What I have interest
      in is how certain forces have been turned into their ugly opposite,
      as in the example that the Elves were tortured to become Orcs. This
      is very, very alive and interesting if you compare the notes of
      Niclaas de Jong.


      "...they are not the extra-terrestrials or the outer cosmic-beings
      like they wants us to believe and pretend to be (they might have a
      connection with this or that star, but everything on earth has that,
      so that's nothing to worship them for). They are elemental beings
      (gnomes, nimphs, elves, fairy beings) which are condensed too far,
      aware of their own implosion and therefore eagerly looking for
      compensation through the life- and organ forces of humans. For their
      inward nourishment they try to serve themselves with the qualities of
      our souls, because they themselves have hardly developed those (these
      developed qualities also stand for portals to spiritual knowledge);
      therefore also e.g. their sclerotic insectoid appearance. Their
      ultimate goal is to create their own dominion, a planet, built up of
      our forces. Partly we ourselves are the cause they have turned away
      from us and started to emancipate. Out of fear for the whimsical
      tendency of nature we have become directed towards ourselves and use
      (d) the thoughts of Nature (i.e. are elemental beings) in our
      abstract materialistic techniques, causing these elemental beings to
      fall out of the Cosmic Order and the ascending evolution. This
      (still) gives them a high intelligence, plus a certain degree of free
      will, but it also causes them to become cold and bitter. Their being
      is composed of a soul-body through which they have awareness and an
      Etheric-Life body of formative forces through which they can act. But
      through the above described developments they do not use their soul-
      body (which basically is composed of the forces of sympathy and
      antipathy generating colors as gradations of feelings) in the Light-
      ether any more as feeling, but as propulsion by means of light. Every
      time when their vehicles propulsion starts to work it generates
      phenomena of light, which means they have developed astral (viz.
      soul) techniques.

      They also have cognition about the secrets of metal, as is
      demonstrated when parts of their suits or vehicles are crumpled up
      and they subsequently jump back into their original form; this
      indicates a knowledge of the formative forces of the Etheric-Life
      World, which we haven't yet or hardly been able to master ourselves

      These beings cannot be seen as pure evil, but they have to do with
      ourselves. They have become pieces of knocked loose technique with
      their own intelligence and a resolvedness of direction. They seem to
      lack a soul and initially resist and oppose us. Their focus is on
      attempting to condense themselves more and more in a physical form
      out of our Etheric-Life forces, whereby their relative freedom and
      own will is used and directed by higher spirits who work behind them
      (4). Thus, we will have to start something with them, will they be
      able to fit in the whole purpose of Earth-development. This means
      we'll have to connect with them in a more conscious manner and try to
      come to cooperation (again), through which we can point them out to
      something more worthwhile than a struck loose planet of their own. By
      doing so we eventually can help to create out of them the germs for
      new human beings, with whom we ourselves are able to instigate and
      guide a new Cosmic development (5). This would take place on the
      stage of the Vulcan-Earth (6). If they are really willing to go for a
      soul development and will try to condense therein the Spiritual Self
      (the I), they will be able to form the consciousness of these human
      seeds, which will be the basis of later higher spiritual faculties.
      If this will not work, viz. they will only want to make a planet of
      their own, then they will really harden and become rigid, and will
      thus drag along a part of humanity which is incapable of overcoming

      Out of this point of view I now want to go deeper into their being.
      Roughly the next 4 categories have been observed and described (and
      as it is hardly possible to see them physically, seen they appear in
      a twilight zone of sleeping and waking, you may safely say the
      observations are coloured by the souls of the ones who observe them;
      their features are moreover characterizations than complete
      observations): the small and tall greys, the lizards or reptilians,
      the beings from Mars and the praying mantis (locust) (8) . With these
      four there is a connection with four basic forces, viz. electricity,
      (electro-)magnetism, gravity and the nuclear forces (VanderWaals-
      forces), the latter between the innermost ties of matter which
      science refers to as atoms (9). Each and every one of these
      subterranean forces cohere with one of the 9 inner-earth layers, all
      being a contra-reflection of the 9 higher hierarchies of angels (4).

      Electricity is fallen/materialized light and occurs in one another
      attracting opposite or repulsive similar charges. This is a
      reflection of the World of the Soul, basically existing of the forces
      of sympathy and antipathy; in the Etheric-Life World this is
      reflected as Light-Ether. Electricity was (re)discovered by Galvani
      in 1785, a year after the discovery of Uranus, which itself
      specifically coheres with our Spirit Self (Manas) forces - generating
      the ability for us to develop the faculty of Clair-voyancy (2nd step
      of Goethean Science) – built up on our soul-body. When you look at
      the greys you see they mainly communicate with the transfer of the
      consciousness of thoughts, by paralyzing the will of humans and
      dimming the human self-consciousness in the soul-body. This enables
      them to subsequently steel Life-forces by puncturing the organs and
      the genitals. The being who these effects in the Soul-Astral World
      originate from is Lucifer (the Biblical Diabolos), who has provided
      us with discernment and egoism in our soul-body (this may sound weird
      regarding possible conventional spiritual views, but lets say
      everything has two sides and it depends from what level you look at
      phenomena). The outward appearance of the greys is tightened and
      stony, soulless, with big expressionless eyes. Their propulsion in
      machines is accompanied by light- and color phenomena. This indicates
      more they have mastered the astral qualities in an outward way than
      inwardly (10). With intervals and sounds one can fill one's soul,
      which can enable them to let them come along by this purposeful
      filled sound.

      (Electro-)magnetism characterizes itself by electric charges that
      move spirally; the movement then is an effect stemming from the
      Etheric-Life World and expressing itself in the Sound- or Chemical
      Ether. The Vegetable World is very sensitive for this. In the 19th
      Century this force was discovered (by Maxwell) and it coheres with
      the discovery of the planet Neptune in 1846. Neptune generates the
      forces of the so-called Life Spirit (Buddhi), which enables the
      development of the faculty of Inspiration, viz. Clair-feeling/Clair-
      sentiency in other beings and processes of Life (the 3rd step of
      Goethean Science; Clair-audiency is a faculty that can go hand in
      hand with it). Electromagnetism enables a subterranean entry into the
      Etheric-Life World, where it can be used in a manipulative manner.
      Simultaneously there were oil-drillings in the year of its discovery,
      setting free the latent astral dragon-reptilian-dinosaur forces (11).
      Mainly Ahriman (12) works in this realm. He is the `genius' who is
      focused on directing the forces of the Etheric-Life World on his own
      earthly Kingdom, and chaining the human being into his reign over
      that Kingdom. That's why he's focused on condensing the fallen
      elemental beings more and more out of our Etheric-Life-forces (i.e.
      the organ-forces) and make them more powerful, more physical, which
      thus eventually makes us subordinate to intelligent machines.
      Therefore he sends along with every incarnating human being a being
      that is called the Etheric Double(13). Curing them and trying to
      integrate these reptilians into an ascending spiritual development is
      possible through sounds and rhythms that are filled with our soul-
      substance. Those sounds and rhythms can be built up out of effects of
      the stars and planets. The Etheric-Life World consists of these two
      ingredients or workings, and by de-mechanization of e.g. moving TV-
      images and video-clips this can be directed again on a purposeful
      development of humanity and the world in which these reptilians can
      move along (and probably are not able to do otherwise).

      Gravity is something to which we have to generate an opposing force,
      viz. that of the erection out of our will. When our will is blocked,
      e.g. by an illness, we are only able to lie down and are at the mercy
      of heaviness. Gravity is a force that presses all beings and people
      on earth, so that they can come to a development and will not
      prematurely `fly away'. This force has a subterranean antipole, viz
      nuclear power. This is the potential will residing in matter that can
      generate disintegration and also contains the possible power to
      dissolve the earth (viz. enabling transformation and sublimation) in
      a far future.

      Since the beginning of the 20th century (discovered by the Curie-
      couple) this force has come into the human consciousness and was also
      made available and applicable in the 1930's and 40's (atomic bomb).
      It more or less coincides with the discovery of Pluto in 1930, which
      planet is the basis for the Spirit Man forces, viz. the creative
      forces which will become available to the human being when s/he
      transforms her/his physical body through her/his spirit (the 4th step
      of Goethean Science) – her/his I or Higher Self out of the ideals
      which reside in the so-called phantom body (14). We work with our
      will through our warmth-organization, the `point of impact' of our
      spirit. In the Etheric-Life World this forms the Warmth-ether (this
      is something else than what is often defined as and quantified in

      This connection with the will strongly makes you think of the E.T.'s,
      which call themselves beings from Mars (Mars is the planet of the
      force of the will, i.e. bringing forth the processes of the gal in
      our being - the force of taking initiative). These beings assert a
      catastrophy has happened on their planet, after which a part of them
      came to Earth and is waiting for a non-violent acceptance by
      humanity. They take little initiative, look `tanned' and hardened
      (like in the movies `E.T.' and `My uncle from Mars') but are equipped
      with an inexhaustible will-power. Most probably are they elemental
      beings which have loosened from human beings and which cohere with
      the techniques we have realized on Earth with the forces of Mars. But
      this technique is not furnished with the spiritual touch of our
      Higher Self or with our soul-substance. Our propulsion-techniques
      (car, plane, rocket) are characterized by impersonalized forces of
      the will, as an extension of our will, so everybody can operate them.
      In its turn destructions and explosions are caused by it.
      Redeeming and reintegrating them in an ascending evolutionary
      development is possible by developing a `moral technique' consisting
      of our own skills, having an inward accent and direction, in stead of
      purely outer techniques. By the way the greys also strongly use
      paralysis of the will-power of humans.

      VanderWaals or nuclear forces keep matter together, they are
      contracting forces and they need to be discerned from atomic forces
      which in its turn generate the tendency to dissolve. The ultimate
      feature of matter is form, in which all beings and phenomena express
      themselves. Form is condensed spirit, eventually an outworking of
      what lives in the stars as the thoughts of the Gods and the Divine
      Plan of Creation. In Christ this Cosmic Word has become `flesh'/form
      (16). When matter falls apart, it crumbles into meaninglessness. The
      cohering forces in the Etheric-Life World are of the highest so far
      manifested order, and can be called those of the Form-Ether or `Ether
      of Purpose' (one of its qualities is that it maintains life in its
      form). When looking at the `locusts' we are struck by its outspoken
      figure: a skeleton on the outside which has hardened in its form as
      an Armour. These are mostly the leaders of the other UFO's, although
      they operate more in the background. They are beings of darkness
      expelled from the sun, called Asura's. Their combined intelligence is
      indicated by the name `Sorat', the being who aims to splice off
      peaces of the Self (16). By obscuring the purpose of Humanity they
      can try to splice the Self of humans, which actually is a oneness,
      and to use these `pieces of the Self' (viz. being warmth-
      organization) to use it for the incorporation of an Asura being in a
      human body. This sometimes already happens, recognizable by the empty
      dark eyes of some people who mostly radiate a glowing hatred (which
      itself is undirected, unpurified dark warmth).

      Transforming them is possible by the following. By his crucifixion in
      the Etheric-Life World (17) Christ has been able to let new elemental
      beings flow into the Etheric-Life World with the qualities of Love
      and Freedom, which we can thus use to furnish these beings again with
      seeds of development and growth, and if possible to transform them in
      a process of development for the good. We then need to bring them in
      a subordination to Humanity. Out of (our) wisdom and warmth we can
      try to offer them seeds of a freedom of their own, so they can
      clarify, transform and enlighten their undifferentiated `hate-
      warmth' – although this is going to be a very slow process of gaining
      awareness. It's also not possible to realize this completely before
      Christ has `conquered' the 9th inner layer of the Earth (18), where a
      fallen Seraphim (`previous' Angel of Love) brings about hate and
      black magic (19). "
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