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[anthroposophy] Silicon-Chip-Shipwrecked Eye and Boat

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    Part-Inklings Gaia-Queen Part-Wife, Sweet Salt Sour Sugar Bitter Pie - Many things - from this one - Arise - Out of Her - Mosaic Design Humble-Nice! To Know
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      Part-Inklings Gaia-Queen Part-Wife,
      Sweet Salt Sour Sugar Bitter Pie -
      Many things - from this one - Arise -
      Out of Her - Mosaic Design Humble-Nice!

      To Know how to make a Snake Rectified
      Like Jan Sensitive Read the Signs -
      Good Doctor Supersensible Utilize
      Supersensible Perceptions Angel-like -
      The Symptoms of the Universe Recognize!

      Great Green Equilibrium Child Cupid Purple
      Of the Elohim Spirit of Love Phantom Form;
      Kalki-Man Nathan Soul Solar Golden Calf -
      Archetypal Krishna Prince of the Forest;
      Mother, Sisters, Brothers all Friends
      Minerals, Insects, Animals and Plants
      - Of the Father Land made Goethean -
      With them-thou-shall a Comb-Rich
      Man-go Honey-Harvest Accomplish
      Noetic New - Aboard the Boat of Isis!

      A N.B.-Neat is...:

      Mary MaKey Thrice Blessed Marie Corelli
      Core Elias Sister Corollary Bliss Mystery;
      'Song of Songs' Hymns to Man and Devi
      - Cosmos of Love Romantic Victory - !


      P.S.-RA - Archaized 'Christ and Sophia':

      "Homage to Thee, O Thou who hast come as
      Khepera the Creator of the Gods, Thou Art
      Seated on Thy Throne, Thou Risest Up in the
      Sky, Illumining Thy Mother [Nut], Thou Art
      Seated on Thy Throne as the King of the Gods.
      [Thy] Mother Nut Stretched out Her Hand,
      And Performeth an Act of Homage to Thee..."


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      De : starbirdgarden<starbirdgarden@...>

      Following the adventures of various ships in the past weeks, we inevitab=

      ly come to
      the defining moment of shipwreck. We have seen the world through the Glitt=

      Eye of the ice-bound shipwrecked Mariner, who, as he must, seeks to awaken =

      to the truth of their position as passive life-tourists, dreamily enjoying =

      the comfort
      and luxury of a deckchair on the Titanic, heading for the Iceberg of Ahrima=

      The shipwreck is a threshold experience,totally transformative, a pass=

      ing through
      an horizon portal that lies in the nowhere-everywhere land between air and =

      light and life and death. To become the salt of the earth one must plunge i=

      nto the
      Shipwreck is an initiation of pure grace, a moment of utter aloneness =

      upon infinite
      depths, in terror, nakedness and bereft of all weighty possessions that sin=

      k beneath
      the waves, leaving only what is buoyant, levity born, truly human, to float=

      . The
      situation is grave, but graves belong to gravity - necessary indeed to expe=

      rience the
      ego in the red blood cells, but also necessary -vital - are the restored `t=

      ree of life'
      ethers that lift and bear aloft. The sickness is not unto death! Coleridge=

      's Mariner is
      marooned rather than utterly shipwrecked, but the analogy holds good. `All=

      mountains and Islands were moved out of their places' the island of the eg=

      o is very
      lonely. As is a stranded ship. The Lesser Guardian stands aside. A wonderfu=

      imagination of the shipwreck-initiation is to be found in Marie Corelli's b=

      ook "The
      Sorrows of Satan" which follows the adventures of a writer and his relation=

      ship to
      Lucio-Rimanez (Lucifer-Ahriman) who (as someone else once sang) `introduce=

      himself as a man of wealth and taste' and mysteriously befriends a struggli=

      ng writer,
      making him fabulously rich , opening every worldly door, ensuring fame and =

      recognition, satisfying every desire, just barely incognito, always hoping =

      to be
      recognised and resisted and therefore redeemed. If he wins he loses, and s=

      o hates
      and despises every soul who cannot resist his temptations.
      The descent into atomic materialism and decadence and it's destructiv=

      e effect
      upon society is explored in detail, the man shown as symptom of the greater=

      a hermetic connection always clearly drawn. The shipwreck is the culminati=

      on of his
      adventuring in the godless world of science, wealth and celebrity, eyes res=

      closed, aboard Lucio's yacht, `Flame' a vessel mysteriously powered by elec=

      tricity. The
      prototype of the Silicon-chip ship? Demons and spectres are crew and also u=

      companions. When for the first time, Lucifer Ahriman is unveiled, the seasc=

      ape turns
      to ice, a frozen world stretches everywhere around. The Flame-yacht of Lu=

      steers through the Ahrimanic ice, through an infernal horror of desperately=

      souls. A question is asked - whom is to be served? A choice must be made.=

      " The question thundered in my ears……shuddering, I looked from right t=

      o left,
      and saw a gathering crowd of faces, white, wistful, wondering, threatening =

      imploring. – they pressed about me close, with glistening eyes and lips tha=

      t moved
      dumbly. And as they stared upon me I beheld another spectral thing – the im=

      age of
      Myself! - a poor frail creature, pitiful, ignorant, and undiscerning – lim=

      ited in both
      capacity and intelligence, yet full of a strange egotism and still stranger=

      every detail of my life was suddenly presented to me in a magic mirror, and=

      I read my
      own chronicle of paltry intellectual pride, vulgar ambition, and vulgarer o=

      stentation – I
      realized with shame my miserable vices, my puny scorn of God, my effronteri=

      es and
      blasphemies; and in the sudden strong repulsion and repudiation of my own
      worthless existence, being and character, I found both voice and speech. `=

      God only!'
      I cried fervently – `Annihilation at His hands, rather than life without Hi=

      m! God only! I
      have chosen!" end quote

      Throughout this whole terrible experience a bird yet sings; a heavenly=

      soul song.
      The bird song theme is present throughout the book, a woman author characte=

      whose spiritual books are castigated by modern society is named Mavis – mea=

      thrush, and the birdsong of hope is ever present, heard here and there in s=

      and stray notes. Birdsong was not underestimated in novels of this period (=

      Feed the birds, dear friends! Feed the birds! Birdsong is more than =

      modulation of etheric forces, star mediated flower shaping sound. Birdsong=

      individually spiritually potent, the pied Piper of the Soul, calling from t=

      he future, while
      stirring remembrances of past spirit-stature. Birdsong, we are told, is pu=

      territorial. One wonders why the birds are especially territorial in the ea=

      rliest dawn,
      and at dusk…….why territory should be bounded by such sheer loveliness that=

      and harmonises and lives! If this is the demarcation of territory, perhaps =

      we should
      emulate the birds and sing our boundaries…..

      Bound hand and foot the mariner see-man is cast into the `outermost darknes=

      s of the
      world' into abyss experience , surviving, surfacing to find himself floati=

      ng peacefully
      trusting beneath sunny skies on a blue sea, to rescue and new life. His gr=

      monetary wealth disappears as mysteriously as it came, and he becomes
      spiritually wealthy, and self supporting. The hallmark of true shipwreck i=

      nitiation is
      the complete change in the mariner, now Captain, taking a new course steer=

      ed by a
      different star. "I am the master of my fate, I am the Captain of my soul"
      There are many insights and undertones to this wonderful book. Lavish =

      entertainments and `tableaux vivants' are performed and presented to sated =

      humanity while those who watch and lose themselves in the pleasures thus af=

      never suspect that all is done by the agency of demons and elementals who s=

      food, act out dramas, dance and play music without anyone suspecting their =

      presence, or discerning their sinister purpose. Very much as life is lived =

      How few suspect the intelligent entity incarnate in television and com=

      puter, or
      realise the prostitution of elemental beings in adulterated food and unnatu=

      ral farming
      practices? How many of us recognize demon faces in the electro-magnetic mag=

      ic of
      luxuries procured from the nether realms of sub ethers, or see the tortured=

      forced down into the mental wasteland of arid-sub thought?
      In the book two very sensible dogs see, or rather smell, through the d=

      disguise, as dogs are wont to do. A dog can smell the planets……

      "They haven't got no noses'
      The fallen sons of Eve
      Even the smell of roses
      Is not what they supposes;
      But more than mind discloses
      And more than men believe" Chesterton

      Our hope lies in the shipwrecking of the silicon-chip ship and the mig=

      awakening abyss-initiation that can arise out of it. And many souls have c=

      through just such experiences, and yet remain shipwrecked because they have=

      the context of spiritual science to make sense of their journeying in psych=

      waters, which can be so murky and dangerous. Very often these crisis (crisi=

      s meaning
      – discern – judge) are not as productive of change as they can potentially =

      be, and can
      even lead to mental instability. This is a tragic waste, and the clearing o=

      f the spiritual
      air is surely a task for anthroposophists. If a crisis is to produce that =

      deep inner
      certainty of change, it must also be discerned, evaluated in the context of=

      scientific ideas and concepts so that productive work can be undertaken.
      That Marie Corelli was well aware of what lies (!) behind government is =

      shown by
      the last paragraph.

      "At last, just as Big Ben chimed a quarter to eleven, one man whom I i=

      recognised as a well known Cabinet Minister came walking briskly towards t=

      he House
      (Parliament) then, and then only , he whom I had known as Lucio, advanced =

      Greeting the Minister cordially, in that musical rich voice I knew of old, =

      he took his
      arm – and they both walked on, talking earnestly. I watched them till thei=

      r figures
      receded in the moonlight….the one tall, kingly and commanding, the other bu=

      rly and
      broad, and self assertive in demeanour; I saw them ascend the steps, and fi=

      disappear within the House of England's Imperial Government – Devil and Man=

      together!" end quote from "The Sorrows of Satan" by Marie Corelli.

      She was a superb writer, preparing the etheric atmosphere for the reception=

      of the
      Christian Initiation. Some of us only use rhyme or doggerel to bookmark mo=

      ments in
      our lives……perhaps making them accessible to other people. No more than tha=


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