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axis and call

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  • holderlin66
    ... of the axis of the earth. ... can be aware ... a shift, if true? ... these ideas over the ... Bradford responds; Well here is an interesting discussion on
    Message 1 of 7 , Aug 25, 2003
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      > There has been a lot of talk lately of the possible shifting
      of the axis of the earth.
      > Cloning and genetic technology are probably much further on than we
      can be aware
      > of from sources available. What do you make of this possibility of
      a shift, if true?
      > Again, I'm printing your post so that I can spend some time with
      these ideas over the
      > weekend.
      > Many thanks for this, it is truly valuable to me. Jan

      Bradford responds;

      Well here is an interesting discussion on raising the bar, the Axis
      of Evil, the Axis of Powers and the Earth Axis. Lately we have seen,
      that cellular micro computers are being made with the intent of
      making the internal etheric arrangements in the human being subject
      to the silicon brain extensions of an outside Programmer. Well Karma
      is an inside Programmer. Christ is the Solar Word Programmer. Ahriman
      is seeking his way inside the mighty cathedral of the human being via
      the blood stream and cell.. so that once inside, the Karma, Axis of
      the Earth and the native Cell can be steered by a very different set
      of stars. It is a bold plan Ahriman is hatching..

      But to this the Call went out to see if we can do some interior
      righting of the etheric strengths from within so as to keep Earth and
      the Etheric World on a star course for the Redemption of the Earth
      and its many citizens. These citizens are brother bear, brother deer,
      brother squirrel and sister Angel and Elemental in Plants, all
      variety of inclusion and wonder, all having planted their seeds,
      their investment and bet the house, brought their chips to the table
      in favor of Frigg and the Logos.

      So how do we respond to the theft of the Earth? Well to recap, the
      subject was 23 chromosomes in the cell, and just before it splits,
      there are 46 chromosomes in a large cell.. But the Earth herself, we
      have marvelled, is such that it tilts with an orientation toward the
      North Star, the Seasons, and the migrations of Astral fields and
      astral Intelligence in the animal Kingdom (astral as star substance)
      as well as sister plants who live with their heads buried in the
      Earth Heart listening to the ever present Etheric Word of the Living
      Christ and the Green Man, who whispers to them.

      We detect this 23 again in the STar designated Tropics of Capricorn
      and Tropics of Cancer. I have advanced the idea that the Earth and
      the cellular system is humanities I.D. The animal unfolds on 22
      chromosomes according to Joc Costeau and the Human form unfolds on 23
      Chromosomes. These are intertwined in a four fold coding of Ethers
      and symbols. Just as the blood types resonate in Etheric combinations
      as required by inception and incarnation of individual capacities.
      Just as the Butterfly catches its brand name Devachan Astral Dust and
      becomes a specific type of emboldened Light Messenger.

      The Monarch actually sups off the bitter milk of the Mother Milkweed
      plant and from it gains its flight strength to migrate and hibernate
      on the Pines of Mexico.. Pines are the Elder brothers of the Plant
      Kingdom, ruled by ancient Saturn and the sap was used as a
      preservative for the body. That being said... we now turn the
      control of the cell over to Dr. Steiner to see his take on the
      reality of the Cell in relation to what is the basis of Man.

      For this we must thank an advanced research and Anthro who laid down
      tracks before many of us even became computer literate. John Penner I
      read and a Storm Watcher...an HOrizon observer we can learn from. In
      the body of the lecture, by Dr. Steiner, are the drawings he made.
      Today we are in peculiar water that is tending in the directions I
      have indicated as the ability to steer manking into the Matrix, and
      control the very Karma of humanity and steer the plants, locking
      their Seasonal and etheric signatures and forcing the animals, out of
      ancient Atlantean mistakes to beome arbitrary playthings in Ahriman's


      "What happens in the cell is to be conceived, my dear friends, in the
      following way, -- though to be sure, it is still a rather abstract
      There is the cell. For the moment let us consider it in its most
      usual form,
      namely the spherical form. This spherical form is partially
      determined by
      the thin fluid substance, and enclosed within it is the delicate
      But what is the spherical form? The thin fluid mass is as yet left
      to itself and therefore behave according to the impulses it receives
      its surroundings. What does it do? Well, my dear friends, it mirrors
      universe around it! It takes on the form of the sphere because it
      mirrors in
      miniature the whole cosmos, which we indeed also picture to ourselves
      ideally as a sphere. Every cell in its spherical form is no less than
      image of the form of the whole universe. And the framework inside,
      line of the form, is conditioned by its relationship to the structure
      of the
      whole cosmos. To express myself abstractly to begin with, think of the
      sphere of the universe with its imaginary boundary (Fig 7). In it,
      you have
      here a planet, and there a planet (a,a'). They work in such a way as
      exert an influence upon one another in the direction of the line
      which joins
      them. Here (m) let us say -- diagrammatically, of course, -- a cell is
      formed; its outline mirrors the sphere of the whole universe. And the
      framework inside, every line of the form, is conditioned by its
      to the structure of the whole cosmos. To express myself abstractly to
      with, think of the sphere of the universe with its imaginary boundary
      (Fig 7).

      In it, you have here a planet, and there a planet (a,a'). They work
      in such
      a way as to exert an influence upon one another in the direction of
      the line
      which joins them. Here (m) let us say -- diagrammatically, of
      course, -- a
      cell is formed; its outline mirrors the sphere. Here, within the
      it has a solid part which is due to the working of the one planet on
      other. And suppose that here there were another constellation of
      working upon each other along the line joining them (b,b'). And here
      there might be yet another planet (c), this one having no
      counterpart; -- it
      throws the whole construction, which might otherwise have been
      out of shape, and the structure takes on a somewhat different form.
      And so
      you have in the whole formation of the framework of the cell a
      reflection of
      the relationships existing in the planetary system, -- altogether in
      whole starry system. You can enter quite concretely into the
      formation of
      the cell and you will reach an understanding of this concrete form
      only if
      you see in the cell an image of the entire cosmos.

      And now take the female ovum, and picture to yourselves that this
      ovum has
      brought the cosmic forces to a certain inner balance. They have taken
      form in the framework of the cell, and are in a certain way at rest
      it, supported by the female organism as a whole. Then comes the
      influence of
      the male sex-cell. This has not brought the macrocosmic forces to
      rest, but
      works in the sense of a very specialized force. It is as though the
      sex-cell works precisely along this line of force (indicated by Dr.
      on the blackboard) upon the female ovum which has come to a condition
      rest. The cell, which is an image of the whole cosmos, is thereby
      caused to
      relinquish its microcosmic form once more to a changing play of
      forces. At
      first, in the female ovum, the macrocosm comes to rest in a peaceful
      Then through the male sex-cell the female is torn out of this state
      of rest,
      and is drawn again into a region of specialized activity and brought
      movement. Previously it had drawn itself together in the resting form
      of the
      image of the cosmos, but the form is drawn into movement again by the
      forces which are, so to speak, images of movement. Through them the
      forces, which are images of the form of the cosmos and have come to
      are brought out of this state of rest and balance.

      Here we may have some idea, from the aspect of Astronomy, of the
      forming and
      shaping of something which is minute and cellular. Embryology cannot
      studied at all without Astronomy, for what Embryology has to show is
      the other pole of what is seen in Astronomy. We must, in a way,
      follow the
      starry heavens on the one hand, seeing how they reveal successive
      and we must then follow the process of development of a fructified
      cell. The
      two belong together, for the one is only the image of the other. if
      understand nothing of Astronomy, you will never understand the forces
      are at work in Embryology, and if you understand nothing of
      Embryology, you
      will never understand the meaning of the activities which Astronomy
      has to
      deal. For these activities appear in miniature in the processes of

      It is conceivable that a science should be formed, in which, on the
      hand, astronomical events are calculated and described, and on the
      hand all that belongs to them in Embryology, which is only the other
      of the same thing.

      Now look at the position as it is today: you find that Embryology is
      on its own. It would be regarded as madness if you were to demand of a
      modern embryologist that he should study Astronomy in order to
      the phenomena in his own sphere of work. And yet it should be so.
      This is
      why a complete regrouping of the sciences is necessary. It will be
      impossible to become a real embryologist without studying Astronomy.
      It will
      no longer be possible to educate specialists who merely turn their
      eyes and
      their telescopes to the stars, for to study the stars in that way has
      further meaning unless one knows that it is out of the great universe
      the minute and microscopical is fashioned."

      (Ibid, Lecture I, Stuttgart, January 1, 1921)
    • holderlin66
      The conspiracy of Corporations to procure the rights of the Etheric world is slowly dropping into the cell. It has touched into genetic lock and key codes
      Message 2 of 7 , Aug 25, 2003
        The conspiracy of Corporations to procure the rights of the Etheric
        world is slowly dropping into the cell. It has touched into genetic
        lock and key codes where the Etheric Life force becomes locked and
        where Corporations begin to control that which amounts to the Seasons
        of the Earth, the Etheric forces of Nature and the Life realm.

        Greens have been an active force and if you understood Spiritual
        Science correctly, you would understand that the Greens really come
        right out of the Michael School. It is the Demeter and Frigg
        relationships that lead to the interior of the cell and the
        Incarnation of the human being. The Christ became the Lord of Karma,
        which is the flow of destiny that takes its initial forming principle
        and builds out its complex structure into a human Spirit on the
        Earth. How shall control the Star and Destiny directions of human
        Karma. Corporations, like those depicted in "Blade Runner?"

        So the core of the conspiracy that Ahriman seems to be aiming at,
        which is not what Lucifer is aiming at. Lucifer, swelling in the
        unconscious forces of the human being, wants people to believe that
        we should leave the Earth. Lucifer wants the Soul of Man hijacked and
        instead of the Devachan and the Mystical Goetheanum, we have
        a "Mighty Pleasure Dome" where the Soul of Man is captured and dreams
        away its existence.

        Ahriman has an investment in matter. We must understand the
        investment of Beings that have made Earth a wonderful place for the
        unfolding of Mineral, Plant, Animal and Man. Ahriman in the guise of
        many unconscious workings of Corporations like AMGEN and others are
        gradually infiltrating into the infected intellects of Men, so that
        eventually the blood stream and the etheric forces can be hijacked,
        even from the Lord of Karma. Not allowing this to occur appears to be
        some of the more radical insights that the Greens have struggled to

        When we look at the frozen replicaton of the human form and the
        direction of research funded by government and military, with
        corporations as their fronts, we see this massive Ahrimanic intention
        in many, many guises. We cannot afford to be ignorant of just what is
        at stake, yet we cannot easily leap in front of a shipping vessel or
        a Whaling vessel and pick on the whole over fishing, killing spree
        and massive warfare going on... and indeed it appears to be a kind of
        war fare for those who have incarnated with a sneaking suspicion as
        to the stakes. Steiner worked tirelessly as if his life depended on
        it, even though calm.

        Likewise, we must be able to enter all the paradigms of Ahriman and
        see in it, Goethean insights into the nature of Christ and the
        mission of the Earth. Every facet of Steiner's work and his students
        have all developed along lines of creating the foundation for
        understanding the Etheric planer and diverse forces that key to the
        Mystery of Golgotha. Every detail from bio-dynamics to Waldorf
        Education to Hauska and Weleda have all developed immense insights
        into the Etheric structure of the Planet. These deeper regions of
        defense and clarity are sometimes, sometimes un-noticed by the Greens
        or un-noticed by us.

        So the more we understand about the intentions, seemingly, all in the
        name of Science, but really fulfilling all the arch errors that
        Francis Bacon brought into the realm of science. In the history of
        Spiritual Science it is important to grasp how clearly Steiner
        understood the great karmic burden Bacon unleashed into Scientific
        Thinking. It was Steiner's most potent intent to antidote the
        direction that Science takes... because without knowing it, Ahriman
        would attempt to steal the very core of Christ's mission. This
        Ahrimanic ghost we speak about is really unconscious factors in human
        nature. They have become circular arguments in the Sciences and
        becoming the ruling Machinations of Political Power games.

        So, along with discernment and seeing the vast issues involved with
        hijacking the Soul of manking and hijacking the etheric and bodily
        design codes from the Logos.. Ahriman is having a real field day in
        the motives of corporate culture. These motives in American business
        to go right back to the Emancipation Proclamation. Business was given
        Group Soul Corporate status when the 14 amendment, in a mere
        footnote, allowed the Enron mentality to arise as the motive force
        for Ahriman. To this end we find ourselves under the direction of
        Karl Rove and a history of playing dirty tricks that is bringing us
        closer and closer to what Steiner forced us to realize. Steiner truly
        felt that such an extreme battle for the Rights of Man against
        Ahriman was gonna get worse and that the whole group of souls that
        had gathered with him at the beginning of the 20th century would be
        called back, called back into service rather quickly to prevent a
        further catastrophe for humanity.

        So it was always just the Greens to me... but as it has progressed I
        have begun to see the more sinister outlines in greater detail. I
        certainly am not an early riser or am I the brightest wick... so
        while everyone else probably has guessed this already.. I am just
        feeling it and seeing it more clearly tonight as Mars comes back to
        offer strength for Peace..

        Praise Buddha and St. Francis and Saints preserve us.

      • holderlin66
        Bradford comments; I recently had to teach a section of Art at a Middle School. The exercise of Positive and Negative/ Mirror and Left and right insights
        Message 3 of 7 , Aug 30, 2003
          Bradford comments;

          I recently had to teach a section of Art at a Middle School. The
          exercise of Positive and Negative/ Mirror and Left and right insights
          allowed me show how the left and right brain act as mirror forces for
          the artist. I gave an example of how if one practiced writing ones
          name by drawing a line on the page and using both hands write your
          name as a mirrored image and bring the handwriting on one side in
          exact relation to the otherside.

          I did not say that Christian Rosenkreuz could do this and that
          sometimes older codes used a mirror to understand the hidden message.
          I pointed out to the 6th and 7th grade blocs that Cyclops had only
          one eye, where as we were divided into right and left sides of our
          brains and those that dominated on right side and those that
          dominated on left side... and even the example of several children in
          the class, with a lazy eye...

          But in elaborating the AXIS theory and Helix aspects of Chromsome and
          DNA we encounter an interesting spiral axis that binds the spine
          through a double serpent mercurial staff.. and here are some drawings
          and further research that link inner earth, with chromsome and star
          wisdom. It must be noted that the spinal notches are 33 in number and
          this is significant for those who study the depth of the rhythm
          pattern of 33 in relation to the Christ Event.


          OTHER NOTES:

          "When I did start doing sun angle calculations the next year, I
          became aware of the Solstices and the Equinoxes. It was the Solstices
          I noticed most because the Sun angle at noon on these two days most
          determined the design parameters of any passive solar structure.
          These two Sun angles are the latitude plus and minus the angle at
          which the Earth is tipped relative to the plane of its rotation
          around the Sun. The Earth tip angle seemed to me at the time a very
          annoying and arbitrary number: twenty three degrees. If it had been
          twenty two and a half degrees (half of forty five degrees, which is
          one eighth of a circle) it would somehow have been more satisfying, a
          confirmation almost, that there was order to the design of the
          universe. But, instead it was this weird number which was so close,
          and yet not apparently related to anything. I forgot my initial
          reaction of annoyance to this number, and for the most part forgot
          about the number itself, even as I continued to be aware of it
          throughout years of solar design. It was not until years after
          reading Wilson that this association with it occurred to me again.

          Although, on the day of the 2:22:22 synchronicity, as I was walking
          back, just as I reached the edge of town, there was a man sitting on
          the ocean wall with a book with geodesics on the cover. He was
          reading a book by Buckminster Fuller and the drawings were ones he
          had made on the cover of his dictionary. We got into a conversation
          and somehow I ended up explaining the Earth-Sun seasonal geometry to
          him, illustrating my description by drawing a diagram in my journal.
          The drawing included the twenty three degree Earth tip angle, as well
          as the dates of the Solstices and Equinoxes. Although, it was not
          until I returned to my room that night that I realized that it had
          been the Summer Solstice that very day. He in turn had told me that
          Buckminster Fuller lived on the next island south from there. I
          hitchhiked down there two days later, only to find that Fuller was in
          California. We never did meet. Perhaps it is just as well. I needed
          to follow my own path and he would have invariably diverted me with
          the power of his own intensity.

          Somewhere along the line I learned that the angle at which the Earth
          is tipped relative to the plane of the ecliptic is really not 23
          degrees, but 23.5 degrees. By the time I realized this I knew twenty
          three as a synchronicity number, and a Fibonacci number, so this
          confirmation of its Fibonacci nature was almost reassuring. Only
          recently it occurred to me to wonder what the next decimal place is.
          I was delighted to learn that it is 23.45 degrees. Thus the angle of
          the ecliptic names both the counting numbers, and the Fibonacci
          sequence, at their point of divergence, as 23.45 is rounded with very
          little loss of precision to 23.5 degrees. The next decimal place is
          actually zero, so the story does terminate naturally at 23.450
          degrees. The angle, which is actually called the obliquity of the
          ecliptic is currently 23 27' which is exactly 23.45 degrees. One more
          observation about this angle. If one takes the angle of latitude
          swept out between the two tropics, it is twice the Earth tip angle,
          or 47 degrees (46 54' exactly). This wedge does almost perfectly
          describe a 45 zone, or one eighth of a circle centered on the
          Equator. Thus a forty five degree zone is perfectly bracketed, within
          the tropics, with one degree on either side.

          There are several other random associations to twenty three which
          have emerged into my awareness over the years. One is the number of
          human chromosomes. Another relates to the number of tarot cards, and
          therefore letters in the short form of the ancient Hebrew alphabet,
          actually twenty two, or twenty one plus zero; making twenty three Ain
          Soph, the Void which surrounds and contains the whole system."
        • holderlin66
          Here is a further view of how microcosmic and macrocosmic forces integrate down to the cell level of the double Helix. Pictures are worth a thousand words.
          Message 4 of 7 , Aug 30, 2003
            Here is a further view of how microcosmic and macrocosmic forces
            integrate down to the cell level of the double Helix. Pictures are
            worth a thousand words.


          • holderlin66
            When understanding the Lily and the Rose as a Botanical signature of the Angelic world we come to two mighty meditations that we need to hold onto. The Cube of
            Message 5 of 7 , Aug 30, 2003
              When understanding the Lily and the Rose as a Botanical signature of
              the Angelic world we come to two mighty meditations that we need to
              hold onto. The Cube of the World or the forces based on the Mystery
              knowledge of North, South, SW, SE, WEST, EAST and so on, have been
              elaborated by Dr. Steiner in Mystery Knowledge.

              So here is an aspect of study dealing with the containment and
              evolution of the Cube of the Earth, the salt, into its future
              potential hovered over by the Dove in Steiner's 7th Seal.


              Here is a further elaboration of this Picture:

            • holderlin66
              I met Willi Sucher, who developed Astrospophy, for lunch in Dornach many, many years ago. He had developed a relation to understanding Down Syndrome from His
              Message 6 of 7 , Aug 30, 2003
                I met Willi Sucher, who developed Astrospophy, for lunch in Dornach
                many, many years ago. He had developed a relation to understanding
                Down Syndrome from His Star Research. His research was socially
                related to a form of Luciferic Infection which could be traced back
                to the distortion of destiny forces in the Opium Wars, where the
                karmic direction and attention devoted to a simple incarnation was
                diverted to Opium dens.

                Out of some the karma that allowed souls to default on their Time
                SPirit opportunity to use their karma and incarnation as a learning
                experience, instead, they were shuttled out to a Dream World or False
                Paradise of wallowing in Luciferic Imaginations.. a very big
                difference between Khubla Khan and the mighy Pleasure Dome of
                Colderidge and the Michael School, transported sorting house, of the
                Goetheanum... Both are pictures, but both have moral dimensions to

                Mind expanding drug addictions, not experimentation, but dark chamber
                video centers, where the will is taught to remain animal instinct and
                animal visual and fails at Reading, Abstract Thought and the Love of
                Poetic intuition, arises again as a form of Opium Den. Here the
                Chakras and normal, incarnation opportunity to experience the Time
                Frame of your culture, became stunted and carried a seed distortion
                into the future karmic structure.

                Sucher's research traced these disturbances into the stars and back
                down into the incarnation factors of the human being. Out of this
                developed Camp Hill centers. But the inner factors of lead us to how
                we understand the reshaping of humaity and one of the secret areas of
                Moral development and addictions that also change the incarnational


                What are chromosomes?
                Our chromosomes contain the genetic code which controls and instructs
                cell division, growth, and function. They are the structures inside
                the nucleus of living cells that contain hereditary information. A
                person normally has 46 chromosomes, 23 inherited from each parent.
                Every person has a unique genetic code (with the exception of
                identical twins). It is this uniqueness which makes the physical
                appearance of each person different.

                How do we get our chromosomes?
                Our chromosomes are given to us by our parents. Each parent gives us
                23 chromosomes which come from the egg and sperm cells. When they
                combine, they produce a cell with 46 chromosomes. This cell then
                divides, the result being that every cell contains identical genetic

                What is Down syndrome?
                Down syndrome is caused by a person having three copies of chromosome
                21 instead of two copies. This is why Down syndrome is also referred
                to by the name Trisomy 21. The picture above shows a genetic analysis
                of a person with Down syndrome. You will notice that the arrow is
                pointing to the set of number 21 chromosomes. Instead of a pair of
                chromosomes, as is found in all the other chromosomes, number 21
                includes three chromosomes. It is important to understand that all of
                the chromosomes of this person are normal. It is the fact that there
                is an extra chromosome that causes Down syndrome. Every cell in a
                person with Down syndrome will contain 47 chromosomes (with the
                exception of Mosaic Down syndrome which is discussed below) instead
                of 46 chromosomes. There are many theories about how the extra
                chromosome causes the effects of Down syndrome but little is
                currently known. Research, however, is continuing and a breakthrough
                may provide possible treatments to lessen the effects.

                How does this happen?
                During cell division to create a germ cell (either sperm or egg), a
                cell containing 46 chromosomes divides into two germ cells each
                containing 23 chromosomes. Sometimes this division does not happen
                properly and one cell may contain 22 chromosomes and the other may
                contain 24 chromosomes. This can happen if the chromosomes do not
                properly separate and instead "stick together." This is called
                nondisjunction because the chromosomes have failed to disjoin or
                split-up. 75% of the time it is the egg cell which carries the
                additional chromosomal material, 25% of the time it is the sperm
                cell. If the cell containing 24 chromosomes combines with a cell
                containing 23 chromosomes, the new cell will contain 47 chromosomes
                instead of 46. If the trisomy is chromosome 21, the person will have
                Down syndrome. Other conditions arise if the duplicated chromosome is
                a different chromosome. If the trisomy is chromosome 13, the person
                will have Patau's syndrome. If the trisomy is chromosome 18, the
                person will have Edward's syndrome. These conditions are rarer than
                Down syndrome and have their own characteristics which are different
                than Down syndrome.

                Are there different types of Down syndrome?
                There are three different types of Down syndrome: Standard Trisomy
                21, Translocation, and Mosaicism.

                Standard Trisomy 21 is when the extra chromosome 21 comes from either
                the egg or sperm cell. Between 90% and 95% of all Down syndrome is
                Standard Trisomy 21.

                Translocation is caused when a piece of chromosome 21 is located on
                another chromosome such as chromosome 14. The person with
                Translocation Trisomy 21 will have 46 chromosomes but will have the
                genetic material of 47 chromosomes. The person with Translocation
                Trisomy 21 will exhibit all the same characteristics of a person with
                Standard Trisomy 21 since they have three copies of chromosome 21.
                Translocation occurs between 3% and 5% of cases of Down syndrome.

                Mosaicism is when a person has a mix of cells, some containing 46
                chromosomes and some containing 47 chromosomes. This occurs either
                because: a) The person received 46 chromosomes at fertilization but
                somewhere during early cell division the chromosome 21 cell pairs
                failed to split creating a cell with 47 chromosomes and a cell with
                45 chromosomes. The cell with 45 chromosomes can not survive but the
                cell with 47 chromosomes will continue to divide. All cells that come
                from this cell will contain 47 chromosomes. b) The person received 47
                chromosomes at fertilization but later during cell division the extra
                chromosome is lost. Mosaicism occurs in 2% to 5% of cases of Down
                syndrome. A person with Mosaic Down syndrome may exhibit all, some,
                or none of the characteristics of Down syndrome depending on the
                percent of cells carrying the extra chromosome and where these cells
                are located."

                Bradford comments;

                Research intrusions into the cell, as Steiner has indicated, reveal
                relations to the Stars and Willi Sucher was an advanced researcher in
                this regard. But we understand that between male and female, each add
                a 23 chromosome factoring to the 46 chromsome cell. We also know that
                the 23.5 degrees of Tropic of Capricorn and 23.5 degrees Tropic of
                Cancer gives us the 47 degree spread of what we term the Seasons.


                In summer, the northern half of the earth's axis is tipped toward
                the sun. Not only is the duration of daylight longest at any place in
                the northern hemisphere, but the sun transits the meridian at a
                higher altitude, so that its rays are more nearly vertical and more
                concentrated. In winter, the northern hemisphere of the earth is
                tilted away from the sun. The duration of daylight is shorter and the
                sun transits the meridian at a lower altitude. The sun's rays strike
                the earth more obliquely and thus impart to the surface of earth less
                energy per unit area.
                As a result of the earth's revolution around the sun, the sun
                appears to move eastward along the ecliptic approximately one degree
                per day. The 23 ½ ° tilt of the earth's equator to the plane of its
                orbit causes this eastward motion to simultaneously have a northward
                or a southward component depending upon the season. This causes the
                sun to be north of the celestial equator for half of the year and
                south of the celestial equator for the other half. The sun's
                declination changes by 47° This yearly shift is twice the inclination
                of the celestial equator to the ecliptic. The variation in
                declination causes the sun's daily path across the sky to change.
                This creates a variation in the length of time that the sun is above
                the horizon."

                Bradford concludes;

                STar wisdom and the unique position of the Earth and the Incarnation
                of the balanced and intimate Logos being into the depths of matter
                and integration with the chromsome structure of the cell development
                and the human seasons reveals a great mystery. This mystery has
                immense ramifications into just how humanity intends to deal with
                research and alterations in the animal, human, and plant systems that
                enter into the foundations of life.
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