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Re: [anthroposophy] RE: The Power of Media and The Dragoon's skin

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  • Richard Distasi
    Joel Wendt: I ve read your post and thought that your points should be well taken. Your right in saying that it is easy to get caught up in a one-sided
    Message 1 of 5 , May 3, 2000
      Joel Wendt: I've read your post and thought that your points should be well
      taken. Your right in saying that it is easy to get caught up in a one-sided
      'luciferic fascination and possibly a luciferic wish to avoid all the
      technology that we have in are lives today. However, one needs to know what
      one is facing and therefore knowing what is the best course to take with
      modern technology. As you said much of it is in its infancy. I believe
      Steiner said that we do not have to be overcome by Ahriman and that we can,
      if we are 'aware', take what Ahriman has to offer and use it for our
      betterment. I also think, though, that it is very important to understand
      whether these technologies do impact our physical, etheric and astral bodies
      and if they do how do we find a 'balance' in it all.
      Again Joel, thanks for pointing out that we should not take a
      one-sided viewpoint and that we need to grow with what is coming to us and
      'consciously' shape it into ways and means of positive social interaction.
      [rick distasi]
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      From: "Joel A. Wendt" <hermit@...>
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      Sent: Tuesday, May 02, 2000 3:01 PM
      Subject: Re: [anthroposophy] RE: The Power of Media and The Dragoon's skin

      > Dear List,
      > I like the following discussion, but I did want to maintain some
      clarity of
      > separation, for it is easy to get confused about some of this.
      > There is a great difference between the modern means connected to
      > (the technological apparatus), and the "social function" of Media, as that
      > appears to a goethean (phenomonological) social science.
      > Certainly the technological apparatus involves such things as
      > and the like, and spiritual science can say a lot about this. But the
      > technology is a tool, and as Steiner has pointed out, we will have these
      > (their coming into being cannot be avoided), so the real question is not
      > existence, but their "use".
      > At present "media", as a functional process in the social organism, is
      > "young". This being the case, the moral and conscious nature of its use
      > still in a formative stage - it is not fixed. The anthroposophical
      > (in general) still sleeps with regard to "knowledge" of this social
      > being captured by a fascination with the ahrimanic nature of the
      > This "fascination" is luciferic and ungrounded. Its causes are multiple
      > symptomatic of general disfunctions within the movement.
      > The whole thing is potentially very tragic, because it is one of the
      > of anthroposophically inclined individuals to help humanity awake to the
      > realities active in the social. But the luciferic fascination with the
      > arhimanic nature of modern culture creates an enormous bllind spot in the
      > disabling it from seeing social life objectively. See my essay:
      "Listening to
      > the World Song: a Report on the Experience of an Idea":
      > http://www.tiac.net/users/hermit/lttws.html
      > warm regards
      > joel
      > Richard Distasi wrote:
      > > CIAO, ANDREA! I think that you raised some very poignant issues about
      > > inundating electromagnetic (sub-astral/etheric) forces that surround us
      > > an everyday basis. How does this affect our own etheric and astral
      > > Does it deaden them? In a time now in human history when the etheric and
      > > astral bodies are again beginning to slowly but steadily resurrect out
      > > the mineral body (the tomb) is this EM poisoning of which you spoke
      > > hindering this process? Also, do the dead images of T.V., the movie
      > > and the computer screen impact our higher bodies in such away that they
      > > obstruct and hinder the development of spiritual perception? A third
      > > is the content of that which people are exposed to today from these
      > > forms of media and communication. They are mostly devoid of content that
      > > inspires higher thoughts from one's self. One can truly see the hand of
      > > Ahriman in all three factors. [rick distasi].
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      > > From: "andrea franco" <okcgbr@...>
      > > To: <anthroposophy@egroups.com>
      > > Sent: Monday, May 01, 2000 9:14 AM
      > > Subject: [anthroposophy] RE: The Power of Media and The Dragoon's skin
      > >
      > > RE: The Power of Media' and the Dragoon's skin
      > > Dear list,
      > > If I think about Media's power I have to bear in mind two
      > > different
      > > points of view.
      > > The first relates to the inner nature of them. If we look at
      > > computers., TV, cell-phones, gadgets etc. we shall find them as a
      > > result of the use of electromagnetic forces.
      > > We know that those forces are coming from the decay of Etheric
      > > realm, and , quoting Rudolf Steiner's last writing (see GA 26) we
      > > are
      > > able to call them "subnature"
      > > .So due to their own nature ,they are trying to throw away
      > > human's
      > > soul from the new etheric-astral world's experience, especially
      > > through the continuous deadened imagine poisoning and the abuse of
      > > EM waves, RF contacts and so on.
      > > Nevertheless we are ,willing or not, mixing ourselves with this
      > > realm, and we must face this fact.
      > > So we can try to walk on the following steps. ( Maybe, not in
      > > this order.)
      > > We should try to get the best possible technical knowledge of this
      > > realm in order to obtain a true thinking picture of their "way
      > > of
      > > living". ( And I feel for my own personal being, this task as
      > > deeply
      > > boring.)
      > > We also must enforce our inner -outer soul-spirit through the
      > > exercises of "Occult Science" and "Knowledge" in
      > > order to build a
      > > kind of "shield" - the "blue mantle" of Occult
      > > Western Tradition-
      > > against the above referred EM poisoning of today's life.
      > > This is a very important chance to go under the "Dragoon's
      > > skin"!
      > > (And,obviously,we have to find the way to defend our children from
      > > the poisoning )
      > >
      > > The second point of view relates to the contents of media, their
      > > less or more truthfulness, the "Big Brother question" and so
      > > on ( I
      > > live in a Country where a guy named Silvio Berlusconi keeps on
      > > trying to show himself as a real. good, powerful Big Brother!)
      > > If we think that we have the task to separate truth from lie we can
      > > understand that here we are in presence of a very difficult matter!
      > > We can succeed in this matter if we are able to use not only the full
      > > absence of prejudice but also an awakened mind with several drops
      > > of "hearth wisdom".
      > > The latter gives us the means to understand when media are engaged
      > > in misinformation's campaign and when we are free, vice versa
      > > ,to
      > > give our feeling forces of warm participation to the event we are
      > > looking at.
      > > Also in this case we can say that Media are an useful mean to
      > > penetrate under the "Dragoon's skin ", since they are
      > > like a two-
      > > sides monster who helps us to measure our active freedom and our
      > > true faithfulness to Christ-Michael's impulse. .
      > > Andrea Franco
      > >
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