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  • Danny F.
    ... ...nobody could sanely disagree with it . Once you get to this point, you ve won. The materialistic mind unfortunately has the sanity argument as a
    Message 1 of 13 , May 2, 2000
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      --- Jo Ann Schwartz <sr_joanna@...> wrote:
      > Hi Danny--
      > I think it's fair to say that much of the media manipulation we are
      > subjected to is not aimed at reason at all, but at the lower brain
      > functions--- the 'lizard brain' as Phil Agre terms it in the
      > following
      > piece...
      > love & light,
      > JoAnn

      "...nobody could sanely disagree with it". Once you get to this point,
      you've won."

      The materialistic mind unfortunately has the "sanity" argument
      as a weapon on his side for having the sense world as
      natural ally. When the presence of this spectre is felt by the
      spiritual scientist, this is when he has to withdraw and become

      How much can really be disclosed openly of Spiritual Science yet?
      Not very much isn'it? When the pressure of being against and holding
      to the Threshold will have manifested all the ridiculous and dryness
      it can yield, maybe Spiritual Science will be welcome, but for now
      there is another 'train' of thoughts that bears and lead to "gravity"
      rather then "light". There's still some good thinkers here and there
      I just feel that there are things that an anthroposophist say that
      attract the Ahrimanic beings of the surrounding, either the
      identify with these beings(much of the time) and it's over, or, dispel

      them and come to commune with the speaker and the content of the
      discourse. People have to come to a sovereignty over their thinking,
      an independent thinking, previous to that not much can be done in term
      of knowledge and transmission of it, we merely deal with Ahrimanic
      beings playing in the human thinking.


      "Anthroposophy does not want to impart knowledge.
      It seeks to awaken life."

      --Rudolf Steiner

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