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Re: [anthroposophy] Re: Politics

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  • elaine upton
    Dear starmann, In reply to JoAnn s post, you write: more political propaganda on the anthroposophy list and you ask what this has to do with anthroposophy.
    Message 1 of 2 , May 2, 2000
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      Dear starmann,

      In reply to JoAnn's post, you write:
      "more political propaganda on the anthroposophy list" and you ask what this
      has to do with anthroposophy. Did you really read JoAnn's post and her
      reason for posting the article?

      By the way: what did you have for breakfast? What is your shoe size? Do you
      have a tatoo? Do you drink Coca Cola? Where were you on May 5, 1898? And, oh
      yes, does libertarinism have anything to do with anthroposophy? (smile)

      Thank you for teaching me to laugh!

      >From: starmann77@...
      >Reply-To: anthroposophy@egroups.com
      >To: anthroposophy@egroups.com
      >Subject: [anthroposophy] Re: Politics
      >Date: Tue, 2 May 2000 11:12:58 EDT
      >*******More political propaganda on the anthroposophy list, this time a
      >screed from Joanne in favor of Al Gore, saying every media story about him
      >a conspiracy which is why he's going to lose in November. Personally, I
      >Gore may be the cause; but regardless, it has nothing to do with
      >anthroposophy unless you want to start demonizing the opposing party and
      >saying it's "Ahriman", not a fun game.
      > >At one recent White House event, Gore introduced Cisco Systems
      > >CEO John Chambers, who he had met with privately earlier that day.
      > > Gore told the audience how much he valued Chambers and one of
      > > the products Cisco produced. But he mispronounced "routers" as
      > > root-ers....
      > > Gore has taken credit for popularizing the term "information
      > >superhighway" ...
      > >This business about Gore supposedly claiming to have invented the
      > >Internet would be trivial, comparable to the question of whether Dan
      > >Quayle really misspelled the word "potato", if it were not part of
      > >such a pattern. The media by now has gone through numerous episodes
      > >of echo-chamber hysteria, accusing time Gore of lying, exaggerating,
      > >shading the truth, and even being mentally ill, based on stories
      > >that were simply false. And not just arguably false or somewhat
      > >false, but just plain factually-not-true false. You've heard them:
      > >Al Gore falsely claimed to have inspired the novel "Love Story",
      > >the author vehemently denied that what Gore said was true, and Gore
      > >admitted that he had been making it up. Gore falsely claimed to
      > >have worked on a farm as a child. Gore claimed to have discovered
      > >Love Canal. And Gore claimed to have invented the Internet ...
      > >When the media said something bad about Newt Gingrich -- instigated
      > >in many cases, no doubt about it, by liberals using these same methods
      > > -- Gingrich could count on massive air cover from the conservative
      > > Clinton and Gore do have a few defenders in the media...
      > > Their ultimate object of abuse is not Al Gore, or liberals, but rather
      > > healthy and sane parts of the abuser's own mind, which unless rescued
      > > into corruption and terror so profound that only God can really

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