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RE: Astral-Etheric poisoning Euhrythmy and "shade masses"

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  • andrea franco
    RE: Astral-etheric poisomig ,,Eurhythmy and shade masses . Dear Danny, Elaine and all I believe we are getting near a crux , not only about the matter of
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2000
      RE: Astral-etheric poisomig ,,Eurhythmy and "shade masses".
      Dear Danny, Elaine and all
      I believe we are getting near a "crux", not only about the
      of Media.
      We have gone ahead in the side of EM poisoning question , and ,just
      as Danny stated, we can say that these deadening.elemental luciferic-
      ahrimanic forces are also trying, amongst many other things to
      deviate the forthcoming release of soul-astral-etheric forces from
      the body.
      Nevertheless we have, as anthroposophist several means to opposite.
      As Danny said Eurhythmy is a really powerful "weapon" and I
      every "active" anthroposophist should practice a training of
      Her (
      Not only the female as a bad Italian traditionÂ…)
      Now the "crux" I have been talking about in the beginning
      can be
      experienced as follows.
      Everyone involved in the "concentration" exercise ,the
      first of
      the five from "Occult Science" is able to experience that ,in
      very moment of the final thinking "synthesis "of this
      exercise -
      .when we have been able to concentrate the whole thought in a
      unique, living "point"-, it's often easy to feel (as a
      obstacle in this practice) a kind of "shade mass" from our
      limb zone, trying to throw away the new-born free thinking experience.
      That's precisely an effect., mixed-up with several other
      different "obstacle makers" causes – karmically different
      for anyone-
      , of the struggle of the technological-environmental poisoning ( in
      other words, the modern way of life !) against the release path
      quoted by Danny.
      So we must face it ( it's not easy, people !) and struggle
      against it through this silent inner battle during our concentration
      Further on we are also able to discover that ,beyond this matter
      too, there is our personal lack of true love for the Other ( The
      Neighbours) .
      This love begins to spring from the "sixth exercise" , that
      is the
      spiritual sum of the continuous practice of the whole of the five
      That's also the very beginning of the Temptation: to use only
      ourselves the first fruits of the enlightenment.
      Thus we are in presence, one more time, of the Freedom Mystery of
      our Age , linked with the riddle of the two-sides sword of
      Andrea .
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