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[anthroposophy] Maurice's spiritual path; -->the Individuality

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    Witz Satisfaction in the I , Reliance Self and Non-Self; How friend - you Fichte-ize! Your AnthropoSsSophic Activity Consequently Dense and of Fire, Tell,
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      Witz Satisfaction in the 'I',
      Reliance Self and Non-Self;
      How friend - you Fichte-ize!

      Your AnthropoSsSophic Activity
      Consequently Dense and of Fire,
      Tell, Fish - Dei-think in 'Psyche';
      Methinks Golden Ex-Ample Sign -
      Other Time of the Prophet Jonas!

      "Eternal Self-Determination to the Infinite"


      Sings Jewel...
      But in the Lyrics, the Dance and everything -
      Is it Freya who's behind the scene Speaking?
      I mean this must be so for all the Aphrodites!

      ----Message original -----
      De : Maurice McCarthy<Maurice.McCarthy@...>
      Welcome to you Martin,

      I would echo Valentina's words about personal advice. So much communication
      is lost in email by its very nature.

      In general the spirit is self-supporting so that using any substance to
      sustain it is a retrograde step BUT every human being is an individual and
      not a specific item in a genera. This means that for very precise
      individuals and for very precise reasons a drug may, in the short term, be
      beneficial. This is why you need Personal, spiritual advice. Are you certain
      that something is trying to get in? Is it trying to get out? Would you know
      the difference? (I'm not sure I would.)

      A description of personal experiences in meditation is a very bad idea
      because it can give others preconceptions as to what to expect (and so their
      meditations would not be an act of freedom as completely as they should be)
      but I'm going to make an exception and speak. I have an exact reason for

      My first marriage ended in late 1997 and, as difficult a marriage as it was,
      I was devasted. Going around all my friends for help, unemployed and
      homeless, I eventually knocked the door of a someone I'd not seen for 15
      years. He had two teenage boys, the second had not been born when I last saw
      my old friend. An accountant he is known as mean and stingy, "tight" with
      his money. In fact he says 'tight' is a compliment! He took me in without
      hesitation, fed me and gave me somewhere to sleep in his own house. Weeks
      later he reminded me that I'd done the same for him 22 years before. It had
      never crossed my mind, besides we did not have families then.

      The empty, empty hole in the etheric body, left after the marriage
      breakdown, ached through the bones of my arms even 18 months later and I
      fell into the seedier side of life. Fell so easily. I know how much I owe to
      the individual kindnesses of people from these walks of life, which rebuilt
      my soul and slowly put me back on track, back towards a meaningful
      existence. I find it difficult to withhold compassion from anyone now, yet
      am more circumspect as to when I offer assistance.

      Slowly gathering together, I landed a full time job in my present position
      and we were fitting out the vessel at a shipyard in Glasgow. I taken up a
      friendship with a recovering, or trying to recover, crack-addict. In my
      heart I knew it could not last but now there was someone to pour love and
      kindness on. Someone needed me again, or I rather, I tried to push things
      that way. I'd been round all of the official services and, barring one,
      they were all dreadful and totally defeatist. "You cannot do anything for
      them." Was the advice from the UK National Drug Helpline in London! Then
      after weeks of trying different agencies I managed to contact a certain
      person in Glasgow running a small rehabilitation facility for heroin addicts
      on the lines of Amsterdam's ARTA. I cannot even remember his name, but I owe
      him. "How can I best help you?" were his opening words, words which I echoed
      to Danny here. In a very unassuming fashion he indicated how practical help
      was important and then later came the longer term important stuff. "What in
      yourself is going to hold her back?"

      The words hit me like a thunderbolt. Unless I was striving to be a better
      person then I would be, not useless, but damaging for her too. It was at
      this point that, by chance (?!), I resumed meditative practice which here
      happened to be "on the abyss" for about three weeks. You walk out from the
      cliff and stand on the abyss. Stand over the abyss itself. It was fearful.
      It burnt into me the absolute self-sustaining essence of the spirit. This is
      the experience through which I know that I AM and that nothing but nothing
      can take this away. Self-certainty. If a spirit has not realised this
      self-certainty then its being must be defined by reference to an other.
      Defined repeatedly, because its being does not rest upon itself. The
      implication is the negation of the other so that it ultimately must manifest
      as outward evil.

      Very Best Wishes


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