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Rép. : [anthroposophy] Re: Fires and The House of The Word/Salamanders/Butterflies

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  • danifyou@tv.videotron.ca
    Both Very Instructive and Poetic! Thank You Guys! :) ... De : vikingmusic Jan, Thank you for your last two posts which I read closely
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 13, 2003
      Both Very Instructive and Poetic!

      Thank You Guys! :)

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      De : vikingmusic<vikingmusic@...>

      Thank you for your last two posts which I read closely and found
      I appreciate the range of realities your have brought into the theme
      of moral-cell-earth equivalence, relating to the present heat wave
      and the forces at play in and behind that. Asuric cultural death,
      hatred from war, culling of animals, suffering fire spirits, and the
      failures of spiritual initiatives, are baleful contributions as you
      relate. After reading your also well referenced work, I feel it.

      One of my loving interests is in the elements, animals, and elemental
      beings, which are lovingly present in your writings here. I, as many
      here are, am interested in recognising elementals beings
      imaginatively to help them from enchantment.
      Reading the good work here, and its responsible watch-tower duty, I
      sometimes wish I could offer something; so on the Salamanders, which
      you raised in your last writing, I feel I want to offer my poem on
      Peacock Butterflies (in all its imperfections) which dwells on fire
      imagery and weaves, in part, in fire sounds; it seemed the poem lived
      in that element, because butterflies flicker and waver when they fly
      like fire; and I read after I wrote it that they are closely related
      to Salamanders. They are precious little things.

      Peacock Butterflies

      Little daughters of the east,
      who rigged your wings?
      You flick the wind.
      The buddleia adores you.
      And I daren't touch
      for you all speckled dust,
      mauve and lilac, saffron and gold.

      Who unhooked you from the fire -
      the glowing coals, the spitting logs -
      let loose such wings
      licking through bright air?

      You cascade and veer,
      and I must too,
      as a butterfly in my chest
      flickers and waivers
      through a forest of rib,
      igniting the heart,
      as the daughters alight,
      fanning slow on July-buddleia's purple vases--
      that butterfly pasture of purple pots
      to probe and rattle
      with the long tongue.
      How they turn nectar to a wing shout!
      An eye winking in wing corner!
      Four peacock eyes to confuse a flying lizard!

      Butterfly fencing is their love sport.
      And they must lay their glowing eggs-
      like little flaming opals I expect-
      in a sky-blue nest lined with sun feathers
      and arrows from a Phoebus-guard
      darting the cunning sky-fox who would steal.

      And from this nest, hooked in air,
      they always cascade;
      waterfalling as if from dimples
      the Sky made as she smiled.

      Do they ever rest? Yes,
      but in a ceaseless flaming way.

      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "starbirdgarden"
      <starbirdgarden@b...> wrote:
      > Like Paul, I have been hearing the discordant twanging of
      > HAARP , but it is, perhaps, the means, but not the whole story. I
      > am sure that there are both Soratic and Asuric overtones and
      > activities at work here.
      > The moral equivilance of cell and earth, moral mood and
      > earthly weather-climate requires us to look in various directions,
      > and follow several threads. One which keeps coming into my
      > consciousness is the Paedophile Ring which surfaced
      > momentarily in Belgium, and investigations suppressed when it
      > was found to be operative at the so called `highest' levels,
      > where, no doubt the most demonic Black Magic rituals are
      > enacted. This magical, occult-sexual pervertion infects the entire
      > society.
      > The same Asuric moral rot is echoed and amplified in popular
      > `culture' in the grotesque sexualising of children, especially
      > girls and the theft of their innocence, which is a very precious
      > spiritual essence, a chrism of purity which has powerful effects.
      > Recently the store NEXT was forced by outraged public
      > opinion (thank God!) to remove babies T shirts with the words
      > `So many boys so little time' from their shelves. Now, however,
      > the outraged feeling seems generally to have been overtaken,
      > and tiny children are wearing mottos like "I am young and
      > succulent' and `I am up for it' along with high heels ( seven year
      > olds) and tiny leather mini skirts. At the same time as they
      > inoculate the populace with sexual surfiet and overdose on dirt
      > the popular press greedily feast on pursuit of paedophiles. The
      > ill educated and socially deprived mothers who dress tiny girls
      > like prostitutes are the first to burn the houses of anyone
      > suspected of sex crimes against children. So easily is the
      > sentient soul played like a Haarp.
      > This is the moral degeneracy incubated by the Asuras, whose
      > province is sexual perversion and bestiality, managing to lace
      > the dose with sharp dashes of poisonous hatred for any
      > suspected perpetrator.
      > Steiner - " The Anglo-American world may gain world
      > rulership, but without the Threefold Social Order, this rulership
      > will pour cultural death, cultural sickness, out over the globe,
      > these are the gifts of the Asuras just as much as lies are
      > Ahriman's gift and selfishness Lucifer's. The third gift, then,
      > quite worthy to stand beside the other two, is the gift of the
      > powers! We must let these things inspire us at long last to really
      > find ways of informing as many people as possible. Those with
      > any insight at all must realise that what is most needful today
      > is to spread this information." end of quote Ga 194 p 235f
      > A mirror imaging of this theft of childhood is the theft of
      > age, as I have recently witnessed first hand in the casre of a
      > parent, and seen in friend's with similar situations. The young
      > must be prematurely mature, old before their time. The old must
      > stay young at all costs. (And it is costly) A directive went out
      > recently from a body who monitor school `literature' to the effect
      > that elderly people must always be portrayed in school text
      > books in active pursuits, such as mending roofs or jogging etc,
      > and never sitting 'passively.' While in no way denying the
      > importance of activity and active involvement, there is no place
      > left for sitting quietly, gathering wisdom, giving useful guidance
      > to younger people and love to children. A great treasury of
      > wisdom is skipped over and denied.
      > The Anglo-American war, and it's ill intent towards North
      > Korea, (perhaps the beginning of the American-Asian war
      > predicted by Steiner) has fired and polluted the blood of
      > countless human beings with furious anger and hatred. Unless
      > transformed, it will out.
      > When hundreds of thousands of animals were burning in
      > gigantic heaps during the so called `outbreak' (another lie) of
      > foot and mouth in Britain, the sky was black and heavy with foul
      > smoke. The countryside, `without animals devoid of soul'
      > deserted and fraught with a perceptible etheric tension. Many of
      > the animals were wounded, not dead, and I wondered to what
      > fell being was this terrible burned sacrifice offered?
      > And I wondered what would be the consequence in the
      > elemental world. One factor among many others, but important
      > when the nature of Salamanders, fire spirits, is taken into
      > account. Salamanders are detatched from the group souls of
      > animals, and from the souls of various individual and herd
      > animals who have lived in close relationship to human
      > beings.They are enchanted in warmth which proceeds from the
      > Seraphim, substance of the Archai.
      > Steiner - "Salamanders incorporate themselves when men
      > have relationships with animals, such as the one the shepherd
      > has with his lambs. Then they whisper things concerning his
      > flock into his ear......" end quote. What are they whispering, one
      > may ask?
      > There is a link here with the importance of seed forces to the
      > Atlanteans. Salamanders are the guardians and nurturers of
      > seeds, bearing the generations of plants from one generation to
      > the next. Steiner's 'seed' exercise could here be a counter,
      > balancing spiritual deed.
      > The salamanders are especially active in human thought. They
      > actually create the element that makes, when man perceives the
      > fire beings `thought perceptible on the other side' becoming
      > World Thoughts. Steiner - "every Salamander yearns to be taken
      > up by the spiritual glances of the higher heirarchies' end quote.
      > If human beings do not perceive and work with salamanders in a
      > world-creative way, they fall under the sway of Lucifer, and rage,
      > becoming fire giants.
      > And, once again we arrive at the failure of us present (and
      > past) anthroposophy and anthroposophists to live up to Rudolf
      > Steiner and the world mission of Michael. The House of the
      > Word was consumed in jealous fires, and although is raised on
      > the etheric realm, yet the earth is bereft of the holy forms which
      > Rudolf Steiner said were so vitally important for humanity to
      > behold. Just seeing the outside of the building was all
      > important. A corrective force, a healing.
      > Rudolf Steiner speaks also of the lack of the forms of Norman
      > architecture. "We see the Normans who, from Scandinavia,
      > spread across Western and Middle Europe.We see in their
      > wooden buildings something seeking expression which could
      > not come to full development. Certain lines, hindered by Lucifer
      > and Ahriman, could not be further worked out; instead of this the
      > Moorish culture arose; the architecture of Cordova and Granada;
      > the horseshoe and gothic arch which supress the true Christian
      > arches of neo-latin Romanesque architecture. In the Moorish
      > culture one sees clearly the anti-Christian impact in the
      > development of the pointed arch which should have been round -
      > that is Ahriman's sign. Thus Ahriman works as Anti-Christ whilst
      > he replaces round Roman arches with horseshoe and Gothic
      > arches. So he works throughthe Moors and the Turks.
      > So the architecture of the Normans was not allowed to
      > develop. Buildings, which they created over the whole of Europe,
      > do not offer what they should have done. So it comes About, that
      > fromthe year 1000 we do not have the buildings we should have,
      > as in earlier millenia. Now, however, the architecture for the new
      > millenium will be created and now we have to express the
      > circular lines that Ahriman supressed in the neo-latin buildings.
      > By omitting certain lines that one finds in these one has the first
      > Dornach Building, the true continuation of the Normans wooden
      > buildings." Stuttgart 7 3 14
      > In the preface to the first edition of "The Christmas
      > Conference" Marie Steiner wrote `we were indeed called, but we
      > were not chosen. We were not equal to the call. Subsequent
      > developments proved it"
      > Rudolf Steiner - speaking of the Christmas Conference - " Of
      > course it does not disappear from the cosmos, but it disappears
      > from the place where it was not nurtured. It will then simply seek
      > out other places in the cosmos. A meeting like our Christmas
      > Conference, of course, is not limited to the influence of events
      > taking place on earth. So you must not assume that what was
      > begun by the Christmas Conference, if it disappears because
      > the impulses were not carried out, might reappear somewhere
      > else on earth. That will not necessarily be the case. It could
      > seek refuge in totally different worlds." GA 260a p92
      > Had the House of the Word stood, had the School of Michael
      > stood, or danced, within, had the Word resounded forth in truth
      > and compassion, what might have passed today in con-verse
      > between the Planet Mars-Buddha impulsed and Star-
      > Awakened-Humanity? What might have been gifted and offered?
      > Let us at least school our own words in strictest truth, lest we
      > engender the most foul demonic beings generated by lies,
      > `which peck holes in the astral body'. Always find the
      > compensating deed.......
      > Had Bio Dynamics been taken up more generally, world wide,
      > the forests would not be `burning. Pfieffer has written
      > on this. An interesting book, `Bread from Stones' by Julius
      > Hensel is a study on the results of adding powdered rock to the
      > soil, thus releasing minerals and their powers to the earth, with
      > wonderful results. In the foreword we read " The entire world is
      > suffering from malnutrition. Trees are starving to death. Others
      > are burning in epidemic fashion: the thin topsoil cannot hold
      > enough water during a few weeks of drought to supply enough
      > moisture to make the trees fire resistant" end quote
      > HAARP, with it's electro magnetic fields cuts off the trees
      > vegetation from the elemental beings mediating the influences
      > of the stars. This is extensively documented in the research of
      > Lawrence Edwards, in his excellent book "The Vortex of Life"
      > Healing work is done in this field by researcher Alan Hall, again
      > using formative forces via shape.
      > This is one of HAARP's effects. There are far more directed
      > ones.
      > But humanity allows all this by refusing to take up new
      > consciousness, to re-create new, phantom ressurrected DNA.
      > We see our present soul and spiritual life reflected in the world
      > around us.
      > Again, we are not powerless. The Rose Cross Meditation
      > actually purifies the blood. It really, truly, purifies the blood.
      > fire of purified red roses glows upon the burned black wood,
      > springint to new life. Those of us who came to earth since
      > Steiner's death, must do so with his blessing and charged with
      > his special mission. We knew the worst case scenario. We had
      > seen the catastrophic events upon theearth. We received our
      > mission and made our vows before the spiritual Altar of the
      > House of the Word. We are not helpless.
      > Jan
      > THE HARP that once through Tara's halls
      >   The soul of music shed,
      > Now hangs as mute on Tara's walls
      >   As if that soul were fled.
      > So sleeps the pride of former days,         
      > So glory's thrill is o'er,
      > And hearts, that once beat high for praise,
      >   Now feel that pulse no more.
      > No more to chiefs and ladies bright
      >   The harp of Tara swells:         
      > The chord alone, that breaks at night,
      >   Its tale of ruin tells.
      > Thus Freedom now so seldom wakes,
      >   The only throb she gives,
      > Is when some heart indignant breaks,         
      >   To show that still she lives.
      > Thomas Moore

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