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R: [anthroposophy] spiritual path

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    Dear Martin, it s a very difficult matter to be discussed via the web, since this a case in which should be requested a personal advisor. The only advice I am
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 13, 2003
      Dear Martin,
      it's a very difficult matter to be discussed via the web, since this a case
      in which should be requested a personal advisor.
      The only advice I am able to give you is just to begin again the whole path.
      The right way is to take seriously and in deep the Five Basic exercise( to
      say better: there are two exercises, concentration and will's exercise and
      three permanent soul's gestures namely positivity,equanimity and absence of
      prejudice) forgetting all you have got till this point in time. Some good
      issues about it are in Kuhlewind's books and in Scaligero's "The Light".
      If your are afraid that doing so you can lose something remember that if you
      have actually gained something spiritually worthy , imprinting it in the
      Etheric Body, you can't lose it at all.


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      > Hello to you all
      > First of i would ask for some advice, since ive got alot of
      > information by readint the posts in this group i would like to ask
      > for something specifik that has been troubling my mind.
      > Ive been interested in spirituality since youth and ive been
      > experimenting with several types of mind-altering substances and got
      > some spiritual advancements, but gave that up after that i eventualy
      > found Anthroposophy.
      > Ive been doing the exercises from "Anweisungen fur eine esoterische
      > Schulung" And got some results...
      > But now im concerned about some very bad energies, its like
      > something is trying ti get into my mind, ive been fighting this for
      > a month or som by now.
      > Its like it wants to control my mind and trying to alter the way i
      > think and getting my attention on bad things.
      > I realy do not know about anyone, who could give me any serious
      > explanations on what it could be or how to get rid of it, so i have
      > been thinking to try to get rid of it with Ayahuasca, a magical brew
      > used my American Indians to casts spells and remove harmfull spirits
      > and their control on the human subject.
      > http://www.ayahuasca.com/cgi-bin/index.pl
      > But somehow i was thinking, that it was a trap... That it has all
      > been a setup to make me do something harmfull for me...
      > Any advice and/or experience would be apreciated :)
      > Love from Martin
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