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Re: [anthroposophy] smoking karma/Lee

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  • Lee Peters
    Bradford, Thanks for the additions to my comments. It bought a more organic feel to what I was trying to portray. Lee Bradford Riley
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 12, 2003
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      Thanks for the additions to my comments. It bought a more organic feel to what I was trying to portray.

      Bradford Riley <holderlin66@...> wrote:
      From: Lee Peters <walkker9@...>
      >: Fri, 8 Aug 2003 10:57:28 -0700 (PDT)
      >. In this "loosened condition" between the physical and etheric (and astral
      >body spreading out in a bliss state) the individual is not able to function
      >properly between soul and body and can create a long term condition often
      >seen with alcoholics even when they are not drunk. We can notice that when
      >they walk, they reach out with their feet but are not coordinating the
      >movement to the feet and ground. I am sure we have all seen this. The
      >metaphysical reason seems to be: a semi permanent separation has occurred
      >between the astral functions, the etheric body and the physical. The will
      >to move is there but the connection and flow into the etheric pathways into
      >the nervous systems to muscles is disrupted.  This is turn can lead to
      >serious long term organic problems with the liver, kidneys, etc. because
      >the true
      >  functions of the astral body are disabled and cannot interact properly
      >with the organs in the body as they should. Medical science would point to
      >organ diseases or neurological problems (which is the case) but the origins
      >of these conditions is all related to psychic constitutional problems.

      Bradford compliments;

      Lee, these are Very clear, medical and spiritual observations and revealing
      such a significant unity that runs through the entire cohesive I AM
      structure. Haveing a cohesive I Am structure, maintained through thinking,
      feeling and willing, and generally monitoring interfering factors and
      addictions that crop up, a matter of healthy spiritual development. But in
      the cohesive total system, the foundations for the higher changes in
      consciousness can be stage by stage delivered if the I AM, as human Being in
      his four bodies, astral, etheric and physical all intimate and linked to
      liver, spleen, kidney and open up how the astral body is intimate and the
      lymphatic circulation of the etheric  and the blood are intimate to the
      cohesive absorption of building a New Human Model that consciously infuses
      this new model with new christed forces. Naturally the inner organs become,
      only through Earth conscious work while we are in incarnation, restructured
      to the tuning of the New Planetary wisdom.

      Liver as a Jupiter Organ - spleen as a Saturn organ- Gall as a mars organ-
      kidney as a venus organ, heart as a Sun organ, need to be explored in
      relation to use and abuse as they are rooted factors in the micro human
      model of astral insights, etheric insights and the division mentioned
      earlier that divides conscious understanding of plants with suppressed and
      unconscious forces of the etheric. Given that many, many souls  fail to form
      cohesive Ego and I AM based integrated wisdom and because of this, various
      addictions and peculiarities gum down the higher cohesive system of the
      Immortal Incarnating human I Am.

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