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The Heart is not a Pump!/ It is more like a Life-Sense of a Drum!

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  • holderlin66
    Danny our Documentary poet wrote; Ô Soul of Isis... Bast, Sail Ba-Aset Through the Heart River Red and Bed... Leap! and Lips-Reach the Sun-Sea of Love! Drink
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      Danny our Documentary poet wrote;

      Ô Soul of Isis...
      Bast, Sail Ba-Aset
      Through the Heart River Red and Bed...
      Leap! and Lips-Reach the Sun-Sea of Love!
      Drink the Mead of the Gods!
      Move from Below to Above
      Beat the Drum of the Neo Lion
      For with Michael now comes the Sword
      Known by the Head of the Goetheanum;
      4 Times Twelve is Now Thy Work;
      Have Wisdom!

      Bradford comments;

      In Egypt the several bodies of Man, the astral, etheric and physical
      were described in terms of Ba and Ka and several other terms.
      Naturally you are expected 'not to have known this' that is why there
      are such a things as students of poetry and Spiritual Science. Maybe
      you do not know that in most Pyramids a fully supplied boat or
      miniature model was placed in the death chambers, so that the soul of
      the king could navigate along the astral star rivers. The crew were
      part of the King's staff, who were also killed and mummifed with the
      King in his tomb. This Star boat is something that I marvelled at
      when tracing ancient mariners and The Rime. It is astonishing where
      vision and wisdom lead.

      It is also none of your inner business to have followed the idea that
      Steiner located Lord Byron karmically or at least in karmic
      perception through a Geometry teacher and a club foot. This led him
      to the adventure of the hunt for Red October or the unfilmed version
      of Lord Byron's previous incarnation, when he sought as a quest of
      rulership, the ancient Palladium.. a little wooden statue hustled out
      of Troy and Mars... to Rome where Mars and the Wolf would be born
      from the deed of Aeneas, the escapee from the burning wreck of Troy..

      But what you can take note of, with all that seems to be missing in
      weird education and strange insights that the Michael School hands
      over to souls who must learn to navigate... is the peculiar study of
      Heidegger and how he commented on our own true Holderlin. Heidegger
      was really the last of the Philosopher Somethings.. his balance, and
      take note here, for I have an intimacy here.. Heidegger's balance of
      seeking some Agni inspired fire, on the head of any pin he could get
      a hold of, was curious.. because this Agni Fire force, which we term
      now the Etherization of the Blood and the Mead of Poetry, sharpens
      the Intellect and makes it aware of hidden meanings. Heidegger helped
      awaken the dead Holderlin from the grave and I mean that literally.


      "This is even more explicit in the book Martin Heidegger (1978),
      where basing himself on Heidegger's so-called turn, George Steiner
      asserts: "Only in the 1930s, under stress of public events and in the
      conviction that the language of Sein und Zeit had proved inadequate
      to its innovative, revolutionary purpose, that Heidegger turned fully
      to Holderlin. The four readings of Holderlin that Heidegger gave in
      the guise of lectures and essays between 1936 and 1944 make up one of
      the most disconcerting, spellbinding documents in the history of
      Western literature and linguistic sensibility. Spoken against a
      backdrop of deepening barbarism and national self destruction, these
      commentaries on a number of Holderlin's major hymns are nothing less
      than an endeavour to pierce, via a singular kind of textual and
      critical exegesis, to the last sanctuary of poetic invention,
      national identity and human speech itself."[4]

      Now "public events" drive Heidegger to present his thoughts "in the
      guise of lectures and essays", as though he were presenting
      oppositional thoughts under the cover of his official duties. But his
      commentaries on Holderlin could co-exist comfortably with National
      Socialist conceptions of Holderlin the German nationalist icon.

      They were also bound up with seeing poetry alone as able to escape
      the history of metaphysics. Supposedly, between the poets of ancient
      Greece and the present, only Holderlin and Heidegger himself had
      escaped the grip of metaphysics.

      "Holderlin does not belong to 'humanism' precisely because he thought
      the destiny of man's essence in a more original way than 'humanism'

      Bradford continues;

      If you wonder whey I am so interested in the current American
      Imperial Rome, recall above the weaving of Holderlin into the Nazi
      world events that is depicted above. I'm sure when Aristotle found
      himself in the wrong brains, his spirit felt highly uncomfortable. We
      don't see or know even a tenth of the hidden history of the human
      soul and spirit do we now? If you don't show interest, build
      interest, find your interests awakening, you cannot discern on the
      river of the Agni/Christ Etherization of the blood.

      A documentary Poet, in his time, Danny writes cryptic poems. You are
      not required to grasp Danny with your undeveloped intuitions. It
      might be a matter of taste or it might be the fact that his intuition
      is documenting the Etherization of the Blood that passes as Light
      through the thoughts we share. (I would re-read that sentence if I
      were you)

      Anyways Danny, I took the time to listen to "The Last Stand of
      Achilles" and looked up the lyrics pertaining to ATlas... It was also
      part of my most interting studies as a Waldorf Teacher when I began
      to teach anatomy, that Thetic, (mother of Achilles) really was the
      queen of the waters that bridge the threshold.. The Elemental Queen
      of the salty inner ocean of the womb where pregnancy and the soul
      touch between worlds. Capturing the changing shapes of Thetis was the
      job of someone who lived on the border of the elemental world of

      Achilles was also part of understanding the vulnerable aspect of the
      heel and tendon. But once inside the incredible myths, the windows
      into Achilles, or the huge warrior Arnold and all kinds of curious
      secrets rose to the surface of the thinking human being. Provided
      they understand that fairy tale and fact was the only method to
      decode reality. This determines if you can not only love logic, but
      love magic as the Living Hope of our daily world.

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