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Re: Summer 2003 Europe is burning

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  • snowplank
    Hi Andrea, Many thanks for bringing such an interesting question to light. I have been wondering about this myself now for several days (a rhyming riddle for
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 12, 2003
      Hi Andrea,

      Many thanks for bringing such an interesting question to light. I
      have been wondering about this myself now for several days (a rhyming
      riddle for Paul). I am afraid that I have a slightly sinister
      conspiratorial idea about the origins of our "heatwave" strolling
      about my consciousness at the moment. Could it be HAARP? I have been
      interested in black ops for many years now and always enjoy discussing
      them with Jan (Starbirdgarden) and her husband, Graham. One such
      black op is the use of HAARP technologies to control weather patterns,
      which I believe Atlanteans used to have the power to do. It isn't
      much of a leap of faith to assume that this technology along with all
      the other old technologies, is being RE-discovered by old Atlantean
      souls. I have heard it said that an example of the use of said
      technology is given as Afgahnistan. Afghanistan used to be covered in
      lush vegetation as recently as the seventies and now it looks like a
      moonscape. The situation is now so bad that a report said that 99% of
      all wetlands have dried up since 1998:


      That I have this thought annoys me slightly, as I cannot substantiate
      it and it merely serves to add to the confusion already about, which
      blames extreme weather on global warming (I don't buy it), macro
      climatic change (I'd like a spiritual scientific understanding of this
      process) and the usual reptilian aliens/X-files misinformation.

      Does anyone else have any ideas on this unique (at least to recorded
      history anyway), climatic situation us Old Worlders find ourselves in?

      P.S. As I am writing this a thought just came to mind - could it be
      anything to do with the approach of fiery Mars? Is the Buddha seeking
      to warm our souls with some insights from his current dwelling?


      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "VALENTINA BRUNETTI"
      <okcgbr@t...> wrote:
      > Summer 2003: Europe is burning.
      > The hottest summer in Europe's history, this is the reality we all
      are living here, from Glasgow to Cordoba, from Copenhagen to Crete.
      > Here in Rome we had the last rain on April 22 and since 10th of May
      we have had (EVERYDAY!!) 30 to 40 Celsius degree.
      > Sure none, inside the mainstream "science" understand a drop of what
      is happening : I heard quite opposite insights in the same day from
      two different "official" scientific sources.
      > Moreover : tens of thousands of forests burning in each European
      country day by day.
      > But, again, what's happening here ?
      > Why such a powerful explosion of warm ?
      > Is Luci trying to "balance" the ruling of Ahri all over every
      "human" gesture ?
      > Are the Ethers totally losing their equilibrium , so the warm Ether
      is running unbalanced due to a sum of different features either
      spiritual or material born from the human desperate loss of
      cognition and self-knowledge?
      > Are we beginning to lose the wise balance that made possible our
      bio-physical evolution on this Earth?
      > or, on a more esoteric level
      > Are we paying our failure for being unable to be actual Michael's
      soldiers ?
      > Scaligero used to tell us about the deep link between human
      instincts and blood and the equilibrium of weather's rhythm.
      > If it is so I am presently asking myself if we have crossed the
      point of "no return" in our capacity to get Gaia seriously ill......
      > Andrea
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