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  • Bradford Riley
    Danny brought a Romantic, club footed, high idealed Palladium seeker of Athena to the board. Here we see one of Stiener s early karmic incursions into the
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 10, 2003
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      Danny brought a Romantic, club footed, high idealed Palladium seeker of
      Athena to the board. Here we see one of Stiener's early karmic incursions
      into the field of World Destiny. For some of us both the Romantics and
      Transcendentalists were whisked as front line support for the Michael
      School. Those of us who maintain wisdom, understand what Speilberg meant,
      combine Fairytale and Fact to get science, has been the foundations stone of
      "The Green Snake and Beautiful Lilly.

      >"But to not go too far, I hold it law,
      >That where their EDUCATION, harsh or mild,
      >TRANSGRESSES the great bounds of LOVE and AWE,
      >The SUFFERERS -- be it in heart or intellect --Whate'er the cause are
      >ORPHANS in effect."
      >-Lord George Gordon Noel Byron, 'Don Juan'; Canto the Seventeen.

      I am an Orphan and our complaints, by using this powerful glimmering gem,
      that sizzled into the lap of Byron, that by promoting the encrusted Sentient
      Soul nationalism, patriotism falsely based, by lies and Agendas driven in
      the caverns and sky chambers of Ahrimanic and Luciferic realities, through
      shocking and sudden knowledge of betrayal of higher human ideals...
      unconscious men suddenly find themselves Orpahaned and forced to seek the
      ways of True to Self navigation.

      Ideal humanity, speaking out of their Agni fire, their Christed Heart Fire,
      suddenly feel the wonderful flames of we, in ourselves, feeling the real
      Light, the real substance that is Fission and creates the forces needed in
      the soul to become Harvesters of Light. Odhinn joins a band of Harvesters in
      order to get the Mead of the Gods, the etheric elixir of the Word that was
      formed by Kvasir the poet. Many of us know nothing of how these realities
      are not mere myths. That is why so many sit and wonder what train of
      thinking will unfold next. It is the Fire that leaps out of mere
      conservative brain bound thought and it comes with the School of Spiritual
      Science. To see even the faint whisps of this fire in present or past
      thinking sustains the pulse of the Etheric heart of the Christ in the
      generations flowing as a river from the stars. These are not metaphors

      Steiner talks about becoming a Wanderer, and Orpahn as the first phases of
      finding your real path. Some of us, due to interesting Karma, have made for
      ourselves, in this incarnation, a detached and free potential from winning
      and or suffering be awakening, in the past, some ability to discern. This
      karmic or these karmic events, written into our destiny slates, allowed some
      of us actual Orpah freedom from dominating blood line fallacies. These Daddy
      and Daddy Bush and country ideals, and ain't we brave and ain't we proud to
      fight like our Daddies did and believe lies that are different than what
      were faced by our daddies are acts of betrayal by our leaders. False
      paradigms that smother the flame of fiery Angelic intuitions, and theregy
      the energy and the anger against those many millions today who think outside
      nationalism and touch the Time Spirit, ever so faintly, in their hearts.
      These are not theories friends.

      So indeed Byron uttered a great truth and Orphans are being made through
      tragedy instead of higher education. But the worse sins are those described
      by Starbirgarden and Danny that reach deeply into the lie of the smile, the
      sugar coating of absolute spiritual poison in the medical lie, in the false
      focus on immoral technological Harvesting of Light through radioactivity,
      Harvesting Souls and animals through pressing the good elemental kingdoms
      away from humanity and preparing to Harvest Man in the same way they have
      taught you falsely to Harvest Light.

      To Harvest Man in the same way we have learned through Hiroschima and
      Nagasaki to Harvest Light is to draw a Michael Sword through the mirages,
      phantoms, spectres and livid ghosts emanating from brotherhoods, like David
      Kelly and Colin McMillan as their suicides force them to be in service to
      dark inspirations that as Starbirgarden has rightly said, is Dark Light,
      raying out Darkness, darkness that holds the un informed soul in its
      hypnotic weave.... To thise dear friends, if you are true students of the
      Michael School, you will learn to see into the Luciferic and Ahrimanic
      symptomology and not for an instant imagine that what is being discussed
      here is merely feelings and foggy thoughts.. the fog does not come from this
      list presently.


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