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  • Maurice McCarthy
    Dear Daniel Everyone who meditates knows that they do so poorly. Even St. Theresa of Avila was no exception to this. A spiritual being is one who is active and
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      Dear Daniel

      Everyone who meditates knows that they do so poorly. Even St. Theresa of
      Avila was no exception to this. A spiritual being is one who is active and
      so meditation is always a certain activity. In truth, I do not feel
      qualified to be giving my opinion on these things (and please remember I am
      only giving an opinion) but when a fellow human being so openly asks for
      assistance then I feel some answer is due. It may only be that these matters
      are beyond my ability but even that answer offers respect to the other as a
      human being.
      However, let me try and you may make of it what you will. I am going to talk
      around the subject and just see what flows.

      If you could just "do" meditation then you would not be meditating. This
      would be a semi-automatic "doing" like watching the TV. The unconscious part
      of the "doing" would be unspiritual exactly because it is unconscious. At
      its best this kind of thing is a relaxation exercise (worthy enough in the
      right time and place) but in meditation we are trying to encourage our own
      higher self, our ego, our spirit. The nature of the spirit in our time - by
      which I mean that within reach as a real possibility of our own being,
      something we can strive to attain - is of the nature of the will.

      This will must be *conscious* striving. So I would look upon your
      difficulties as encouraging. You are on the right path. Your spirit is being
      stirred, and given room to grow. You are conscious and concerned enough over
      what is happening inside to feel it and ask for support. Forgive yourself
      your worries and look upon yourself as you would a child first learning to
      stand and walk. (That's what I try to do myself) It is not the succeeding
      but the effort which matters. It is the effort which stirs the higher

      The act of will in the spirit is not the going forth into space which it is
      the physical but the allowing of other things to approach. For specific
      meditations to practice I cannot do better than refer you back to Knowledge
      of the Higher Worlds, for instance. Stop to consider how it is that you can
      consciously allow other things to approach. What must you do? This ought to
      give the answer to why every meditation should begin with a definite purpose
      and why every time your concentration wanders you just forgive yourself and
      gently bring it back to focus. It should answer why it is that you humble
      yourself and put everyday cares to one side.

      Learn to love your meditations and try to find a few minutes every day. With
      all the accuracy I can muster I can only say that it is like going home.


      Hello maurice and other,

      i'm looking for a short and efficace meditation, i think about what and
      almost how. can i do my meditation before to sleep in my bed... i need some
      indication and buy praticing, i'll tell you my weakness. since today, i not
      have enough trust about me when i meditate, because i don't know if i do
      this correcly.

      thank to share your wisdom
      friendly Daniel


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    • holderlin66
      IN THE NAME OF MICHAEL Celebrating Mass on Saturday at the Church of St. Michael in Lowell, where the late Rev. Joseph E. Birmingham allegedly molested boys,
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        "Celebrating Mass on Saturday at the Church of St. Michael in Lowell,
        where the late Rev. Joseph E. Birmingham allegedly molested boys,
        O'Malley referred to the abuse crisis."

        Bradford comments;

        The Church has just paid off the victims of molestation for their own
        in house sins against children. Do you remember Indulgences? How we
        paid the Church to get us into heaven. Indulgences from those who
        could afford it, kept many from Torture and allowed many sins against
        the body of Christ to be overlooked. Corporate forgiveness of sins
        with large amounts of cash work well today, so that, as of old, those
        who can afford to sin against humanity, goodness, trust, and realty,
        merely have to bribe some high up official in order to avoid trial or
        to get off without understanding their own Luciferic illusions and

        But Indulgences:


        Now in this instance we see that instead of us paying bishops and
        priests to allow us to get off scott free and lie about the Karma of
        mankind and the Karmic slate of the individual, The Church is putting
        out a modest amount of money for the soul damages from the Church as
        a guilt payment. I think the Caiphas paid Judas as guilt money to
        betray Christ didn't he, ( 30 pieces of silver) In other words the
        historical reversal of compensation that was unfair in former
        incarnations where the Church played loose and fast with Luciferic
        and Ahrimanic intent, now has become a way to remove the guilt of a
        guilt ridden God Imposed Sanctuary by bribing away the taint of

        One should be aware of the hypocrisy of all this historical reversal
        and understand the polarity of the Corporate World Imperial Romanic
        forces and all that Steiner has brought up in relation to the working
        together of Ahrimanic and Luciferic Symptomology. Molesting the very
        core of the Innocent soul, a minority to be sure, just as it is a
        minority of CEO's that maintain a rape and plunder mentatlity against
        the Good Will of humanity. This is a remarkable 500 year pivotal
        changed from the Church and Faith to Corporate Science. The leading
        paradigms of changed and no one has informed humanity, in any
        educational way, except through the damage in psychic structures that
        might live long one day to truly understand the difference between
        faith, lies and truth, [let alone the hidden mysteries of the soul of
        man unknown by either the church or the corporate paradigm today.]

        What is fascinating to me, is the sea of historical hypocrisy that
        souls swim in. Sure none of them have the ability to break with their
        egregorial elemental addiction to slump like whipped dogs before
        people who apparently offer Divine Transubstanctiation to
        thoughtless, sentient soul addictions from regions where Religion and
        the Time Spirit have already moved onwards. But money, bribery and
        robbery are the very same Luciferic and Ahrimanic tricks that were
        offered going up and that are now offered coming down. Measure if you
        will the progess of the general population enthralled and enslaved
        into soul addictions.

        Inner development, the double and shadow of each and every human
        being imagines that somehow a religious front that does not
        understand its own shadow nor does not understand the Christ Event
        can heal with a little, senseless little money, for the sins of
        supposed heavenly interceders.

        Freedom is a strange inner battle with egregorial addictions and
        pockets of Luciferic and Ahrimanic forces in each and every soul.
        When Freedom arrives, Art and Science in the soul build their own
        religious understandings. It is as Stephen Speilberg developed in
        his "A.I." that by combining Fairy tale with Fact we can build the
        bridge to a true science. The Blue Fairy of Spielberg is as much of a
        Luciferic Egregorial force in the machine made boy as it is in the
        current cupidity of humanity. True much of the egregorial forces were
        exposed, as well they should be, in order to start a healing process.
        That would be the force of shame for not seeing the deeper issues of
        Inner Development and educating millions of souls into such faulty
        blind spots of insight. Measure the growth of your friends and
        associates in their fascination with and addiction to the Church.

        I merely began to wonder if the reversed amount of Indulgences, as
        well as the former Karmic errors connected to those lies and over the
        threshold promises, that allowed errors in karmic judgement to go
        unchecked in the ancient past were perhaps linked with a new
        financial number that now brought stolen Luciferic Money, back into
        the very souls that they sinned with the Holy Ghost on. In promising
        Devachan and Karmic forgiveness, blah, blah, blah, over the
        threshold, they over stepped the Laws of Spiritual Intelligence and
        butted against demonic forcs of the Holy Ghost.

        Sort of a dynamic between Luciferically generated karmic errors that
        continued on into the next incarnation as molestation, guilt and
        addiction to false Luciferic elemental forces in the soul life, false
        Holy Ghost ideas, colored with Luciferic candy coated to hide the
        inner poison, all carried over to pockets of elemental illnesses
        arising in the molestor and molestee... let alone the Karmic History
        of the Roman Church.. ugly. But all of this substance arises in the
        depth of thinking over the vast connections and blindspots humanity
        avoids comprehending in the Michael era.

        By THEO EMERY, Associated Press Writer

        BOSTON - Archbishop Sean Patrick O'Malley arrived in Boston amid
        swelling public anger over the Catholic church's inability to resolve
        hundreds of clergy abuse claims.

        But behind closed doors, the Capuchin Franciscan friar quickly had a
        calming influence on the rancorous settlement talks.

        On Friday, mediator Paul Finn stood before dozens of attorneys for
        victims, politely said how pleased he was they had come, and gave
        each attorney a two-page outline of a $55 million offer from the
        church to settle more than 540 lawsuits.

        "It's been an unbelievable change from what we'd been dealing with,"
        attorney Jeffrey Newman said Saturday. "The rancor that had escalated
        between us and opposing counsel was such that it became impossible to
        remain businesslike and professional."

        O'Malley, installed as archbishop on July 30, wasted no time in
        changing the bumpy course the lawsuits had taken, reopening
        communication that had all but collapsed and making clear his desire
        to settle, according to attorneys involved in the talks.

        Celebrating Mass on Saturday at the Church of St. Michael in Lowell,
        where the late Rev. Joseph E. Birmingham allegedly molested boys,
        O'Malley referred to the abuse crisis.

        "I'm aware of how much this community has suffered because of
        clerical sexual abuse," he said, urging parishoners to pray for "the
        people who have suffered most, for victims and their families."

        His predecessors — Cardinal Bernard Law, who resigned in disgrace in
        December, and interim archdiocese leader Bishop Richard Lennon —
        talked about settling but never seemed to gain ground or the trust of
        alleged victims and their lawyers.

        "Is there a difference? Absolutely. Is there enough of difference for
        us to come to a final resolution? It's too soon to tell," said
        attorney Carmen Durso, who is part of a five-member steering
        committee formed Friday to respond to the offer.

        The settlement would resolve claims from men and women who said they
        were abused as children by about 140 clergy. A recent report by the
        state attorney general estimated that more than 1,000 children were
        abused over six decades.

        If accepted, it would be the largest lump settlement for clergy abuse
        since the scandal broke in early 2002. In June, the archdiocese of
        Louisville, Ky., agreed to pay $25.7 million to 243 people who said
        they were abused.

        The Rev. Christopher Coyne, spokesman for the archdiocese, declined
        to comment on the proposed settlement, saying both sides had agreed
        to not publicly discuss negotiations.

        As recently as June, settlement seemed remote.

        "It wasn't looking good, it was getting more and more messy and we
        didn't see any end in sight," Newman said. "We were contemplating the
        possibility of 50 or 60 trials in the next year. It was nightmarish."

        Soon after O'Malley's appointment was announced last month, he
        brought in Thomas Hannigan, the attorney who in the early 1990s
        helped O'Malley settle abuse cases in the Fall River Diocese, where
        the Rev. James Porter was accused of molesting 99 children in the
        1950s and 1960s. Porter pleaded guilty in 1993 to molesting 28
        children and was sentenced to 18 to 20 years in prison.

        The tenor immediately changed, according to Newman. He said O'Malley
        even met with victims.

        The turning point, Newman said, came before O'Malley's installation,
        when he quashed the church's plan to question an alleged victim's
        therapist who had been promised confidentiality.

        "It showed that he actually had control over this bucking bronco,"
        Newman said. "That was one of the key decisions that indicated to me
        that he'd be able to exert control over what had become an
        uncontrollable piece of litigation."
      • holderlin66
        ... and efficace meditation, i think about what and almost how. can i do my meditation before to sleep in my bed... i need some indication and buy praticing,
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          --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, daniel bernard
          <fantomeurbain@y...> wrote:
          > Hello maurice and other,
          > i'm looking for a short
          and efficace meditation, i think about what and almost how. can i do
          my meditation before to sleep in my bed... i need some indication and
          buy praticing, i'll tell you my weakness. since today, i not have
          enough trust about me when i meditate, because i don't know if i do
          this correcly.
          > thank to share your wisdom
          > friendly Daniel
          Thanks for the comments about the underlying principles of
          Rosicrucianism (and generally for all spiritual training ). I have
          found that if one tries to follow the religious and spiritual
          guidelines found in many of the early Rosicrucian tracts and even
          those of modern times, the task quite daunting.

          Here is en enormous language barrier contribution for the roadmap you
          are looking for and Maurice contributed to. Danny, could help you if
          you are French. The contribution below is from Jeff, another leading
          Michael School Light.


          Even the little book Light of the Path by Mabel Collins is a tough
          read, even today. The challenge is that many of the virtues and
          practices taught in religious and metaphysical paths have a strong
          focus on a future ideal that is hard to fathom or realize in our
          present status as humanity. Though stretching ourselves to high
          spiritual ideals is motivating and strengthening. But if the ideal is
          so far above us, it can create disillusionment and a falling away
          from the work. A good example is the spiritual guidebook Knowledge of
          Higher Worlds and Its Attainment by Rudolf Steiner- an absolute must
          read for anyone on the path of spiritual work. This was one of his
          early seminal works and still remains an essential volume for
          Christian Esoteric training. It presents a very difficult but
          achievable process of spiritual training and growth. Yet, the context
          of this work if framed within deep esoteric traditions and may turn
          some people away because of its difficulty and daunting journey to
          initiation. He realized this later and presented a more secular form
          of virtue and soul training in preparatory exercises now called the 6
          Month Exercises. (see part of these at the end of this note) These
          read like they might have come from a Dale Carnegie course: learn to
          focus thoughts; think positively, practice a month of non-criticism
          towards others, and so on. Steiner as others realized that starting
          out on the esoteric path is far more difficult for the modern man or
          woman than originally imagine and had to discuss training issues in a
          more secular form at times.

          Gurdjieff was very harsh on this point of self transformation: he
          saw mankind as subhuman species- even civilized men and women. The
          veneer of civilization could be quickly wiped away during life
          challenges like war or hunger or a business failure or illness. We
          can see this clearly in the horrors of Liberia now. Rape,
          mutilations, and savagery is coming from the hands of 12 year olds!
          (Our dark side dominates us more than we will admit ).as He felt
          that our primitive nature and mechanical like consciousness did not
          even come close to expressing true human qualities. Being human only
          comes after we "wake up " and function with full self consciousness,
          truthfulness and good will toward others.

          This is also true of the Christian Esoteric path but it does not
          take such an extreme view of mankind's failings. We live in "sin" and
          have fallen from grace. but we are redeemable by our own efforts (and
          through the Incarnation of Christ and it effect on the world at
          large). We are damaged human beings but we are growing in freedom
          and knowledge through trial and error. Often sin is relative to each
          religion (cows are sacred in India but not McDonalds; working on the
          Sabbath is unthinkable to the orthodox Jew but not to a Buddhist or

          In the early stages of study and moral character work, it is
          sometimes better to use a more humanizing approach (or even a
          Buddhist approach, which is less judgmental and fosters objectivity).
          The humanistic approach would say:
          yes, I am ignorant and commit harmful actions and thoughts but this
          is our nature due to an evolutionary process. I can gradually choose
          to act and be different. Character can be recreated and reformed.
          Personality is not different than an actor taking on role. We can
          change this character through work and change of attitude and
          actions. There are many sources today that can be used as an adjunct
          to spiritual transformation like the work of Brian Tracy- the
          motivational teacher or even Wayne Dyer. Even though they are
          not "esoteric", they are familiar with spiritual/
          philosophic/psychological work and may be a good way to start for

          For example, taking a lead from both Steiner and transformational
          psychology, one can develop a simple program that will support change
          and work on character and virtues.

          Discriminate between personal knowledge, opinion and belief and make
          this clear in all conversations for a week or two. We often mix up
          belief, opinion and fact. This develops discrimination
          Create a new, positive habit like stretching or sitting quietly for
          10 minutes in the morning. Do this everyday without fail at the about
          the same time. This develops constancy and strength of will and
          Chose to speak only kindly of others for one week (or more). Hold
          back from critizing others or watching negative news reports. Notice
          how attitude towards like changes. Note source of critical thoughts
          or anger? Make a point to complement three new people a day about
          something positive about them. This develops looking beyond the
          surface and seeing positive and beneficial qualities in others.
          Act with clear intention and follow through. Develop a simple plan of
          action and follow it through to conclusion with attention to detail
          and quality. This can be from washing the car to planting a small
          garden or starting a program for self education. We often start
          things and don't finish. Nature does not do this. It follows a
          purposeful intent to conclusion.

          Below is a sample of esoteric training guidelines that are worth
          pondering as well.

          Exert from Rudolf Steiner lecture on Attaining Higher Knowledge:

          Recently I have endeavored to sketch the being of man and the three
          worlds surrounding him, namely, the actual physical world, the soul
          world and the spirit world. Later on, I plan to speak about the main
          anthroposophical concepts regarding the origin of man, the earth and
          the heavenly bodies in general. Thus, the overall outlook on the
          theory of life as developed by anthroposophy will have been outlined.

          Today however, I would like to present a few suggestions on how man's
          inner development must progress if he desires to reach conclusions of
          his own concerning the statements proclaimed by an anthroposophical
          world outlook. It must be kept in mind that there is a great
          difference between arriving at an understanding of the concepts
          presented by a spiritual scientist as truth gained through his
          cognition and experience, and the inner development of the human soul
          and spirit that enables a person to attain to such cognition and
          perceptions on his own. One has to distinguish between an elementary
          level of development leading to comprehension of an experienced
          spiritual teacher's statements, following them as it were in thought
          and feeling and acknowledging them as truth within certain limits,
          and an advanced level on which one attains the personal experiences
          in soul and spirit realm. This elementary level shall be the subject
          here. The advanced level concerns actual clairvoyance and to the
          extent that indications pertaining to such actual clairvoyance can be
          given at all in public, they will form the topic of a later
          presentation. The problem of how one may gain personal comprehension
          of anthroposophical truths shall occupy us today.

          Only a few mere hints can be given here since the training that the
          human soul and spirit must undergo for attainment of the
          understanding mentioned above is an extensive one. It requires a long
          period of inner study and the many necessary details involved in such
          training can certainly not be elaborated upon in the course of a
          brief lecture. The information that can be related here is but a
          scant outline of what would be conveyed in personal instructions.
          Thus it must initially be noted that most people require the aid of a
          personal teacher in this field. Some might be of the opinion that a
          person can develop in himself inner abilities, soul forces and
          spiritual perception by his own attempts, and it might seem
          unfortunate that in this vital area of life personal guidance is
          supposedly necessary. The nature of such guidance, however, gives
          sufficient guaranty that no person comes by any means under any sort
          of dependence upon another. Nobody evaluates and honors the dignity
          of man and the respect for the individual more highly than the occult
          teacher. The instructor of mystical and anthroposophical development
          never gives anything but advice. Indeed, the greatest teachers in
          this field never did more than advise and suggest. It is left
          entirely to the judgment of the individual to what extent, if at all,
          he intends to follow such advice. It is left up to the individual
          what task he sets before his soul and spirit; the consideration of
          human freedom is too pronounced on the part of the teacher to do more
          than advise and guide. Everything that can be conveyed in any manner
          in this area must be understood with this reservation (see Note 1).

          Another important point is that the main part of this schooling does
          not express itself in any particular external formalities, nor does
          it require any definite external measures. This schooling is, rather,
          a completely intimate development of the human soul, and all the
          significant degrees of development one must undergo take place in the
          innermost depth of being. Precisely here a transformation takes place
          in a person, but nobody, not even his closest friend, need notice
          anything different. Thus, in privacy, tranquility and seclusion the
          mystic trains himself to acquire understanding of soul and spirit
          worlds. It cannot be emphasized enough that nobody devoting himself
          to inner spiritual development needs to change his everyday
          occupation in any respect whatever, nor neglect his daily duties in
          any sense, nor take time away from them. On the contrary, he who is
          of the opinion that a special amount of time must be spent on his
          inner training and consequently neglects his ordinary duties and, by
          his attempts at insight into spiritual worlds, becomes an anti-
          social, inferior member of human society, will soon discover that by
          these means least is achieved.

          This inner training quietly progresses without undue haste in
          complete inner tranquility. I must stress at this point that
          no "extra-special" rules or directions are being given here but
          rather the descriptions of such a path of inner development. The
          directions when followed do require one thing of the aspirant without
          which no higher personal experience can ever be attained. That is
          endurance. He who has no patience and endurance, who cannot persevere
          over and over again and follow with complete calm the inner rules
          that are applicable here, will generally achieve nothing at all.
          There is one rare exception that allows for success without
          compliance to these rules. This is the case in which an individual is
          far advanced on his path of evolution as a human being. The course
          that the inner training takes is quite different and much shorter in
          the case of an individual who in a former incarnation had already
          attained to a certain level of clairvoyance. He who gives the
          corresponding rules for inner development will soon be aware of this
          fact and his task will then be only one of eliminating the obstacles
          blocking the path to enlightenment.

          Since the directions for the road to enlightenment vary with each
          individual, it is as a rule not advisable to seek mystic development
          without personal guidance. He who sets forth the guide-lines must be
          closely acquainted with his pupil, not in the ordinary sense of the
          word but in a spiritual sense. While the occult teacher need not know
          anything about his pupil's profession, manner of living, family
          members or experiences, he does need to acquire an intimate knowledge
          of his soul and spirit conditions and their level of development. It
          would lead too far today to disclose the ways and means by which the
          occult teacher acquires this knowledge. They will be discussed in
          future lectures on clairvoyance.

          Inner development is connected with certain definite consequences for
          those who set out on this path and they must realize that,
          resultingly, certain definite qualities will appear in their
          personality. These qualities are symptoms and direct results of the
          level of inner development and require careful observation. The
          occult teacher must know how to interpret these symptoms so as to
          assure the proper manner of progress of this inner development.

          The development of the inner man is birth on a higher level. It is
          the birth of soul and spirit, not in a figurative, allegorical sense,
          but as a fact in the literal sense of the word. Even in this area a
          birth is not without consequences and the occult teacher must know
          how to deal with them. All this had to be mentioned in advance.

          After initial acquaintance with some of the basic teachings of
          anthroposophy such as reincarnation and karma — the teaching that the
          human soul has in the past been incarnated repeatedly in a physical
          body and will continue to return in future incarnations, and the
          teaching of karma, of compensatory justice — most people will ask how
          one can comprehend these teachings and how one can acquire an
          understanding of these on one's own. This is the big question that
          now confronts each person. There is one golden rule that must be
          followed that will eventually lead anybody to the desired
          comprehension This has been the common experience of all who have
          earnestly subjected themselves to the exercises in question. There is
          nobody who cannot in the easiest manner possible acquire this
          comprehension of reincarnation and karma. One is inclined, however,
          to say with Goethe, "Though it is easy, the easy is hard." This is so
          because few are those who resolve to call forth the will-power,
          endurance and patience necessary for achieving certain definite
          conditions of soul and spirit essential for this comprehension. The
          golden rule is this, "Live your life as if reincarnation and karma
          were truths and they will become truths for you." It appears as if
          this is to be achieved by a form of self-suggestion but this is not
          the case. The mystic symbol of the snake that bites its own tail is a
          familiar one. This symbol has several profound meanings but among the
          many interpretations it contains is the one expressed here in the
          golden rule.

          It is evident that the supposition inherent in this golden rule
          negates itself in a sense in like manner as the snake that curls up
          around itself. How are we to understand this? If reincarnation is a
          fact, then certain efforts made by man that have an effect on his
          soul cannot be made in vain, but should become the soul's nature
          later on. One of the great laws of man that must be intimately tried
          out on his own self, is expressed in an ancient Indian text, "What
          you think today you will be tomorrow." He who believes in
          reincarnation must realize that a quality that he develops within
          himself, a thought that he imprints in himself by constantly holding
          it in his mind, becomes something permanent in his soul that will
          emerge ever again. Therefore, a person seeking mystical development
          must first of all make the attempt to give up certain formerly held
          inclinations. Then, new inclinations must be acquired by constantly
          holding the thought of such inclinations, virtues or characteristics
          in one's mind. They must be so incorporated into one's being that a
          person becomes enabled to alter his soul by his own will-power. This
          must be tried as objectively as a chemical might be tested in an
          experiment. A person who has never endeavored to change his soul, who
          has never made the initial decision to develop the qualities of
          endurance, steadfastness and calm logical thinking, or a person who
          has such decisions but has given up because he did not succeed in a
          week, a month, a year or a decade, will never determine anything
          within himself about these truths.

          Such is the intimate path the soul must tread. It must be able to
          acquire new characteristics, thoughts and inclinations. A person must
          have the ability to emerge in due time with brand new habits acquired
          through sheer force of will. A formerly careless person must get
          accustomed to being neat and exacting and this he must accomplish not
          through any external pressure but by steadfast resolve of will. It is
          particularly effective in the case of insignificant characteristics
          and small matters. The clearer the issues that a person perceives
          concerning himself, the better his comprehension in the area of
          truth. If, for example, a person is able to objectively observe a
          gesture, a facial expression or some other insignificant habit, if he
          becomes aware of it as if observing another person, and then by sheer
          will-power puts in the place of the habit or gesture something of his
          own choosing, incorporating it into himself, such a person is well on
          the way to comprehending the great law of reincarnation on his own. A
          chemist can give descriptions of processes taking place in a
          laboratory. Similarly, a person can establish directions to be tried
          on himself. Through insignificant alterations the loftiest heights
          are indeed reached.

          Regarding karma, the great law of just compensation, perception and
          understanding of it can be gained if one lives one's life as if karma
          was a fact. If a disaster or a sorrow befall you, try keeping in mind
          the thought that this sorrow or accident has not occurred by some
          miraculous chance but that there must be a cause, a reason for it.
          You need not probe for the cause. Only he who clairvoyantly can
          command a view of karma would be able to actually perceive the cause
          of a joyful event, a sorrow or some mishap. You do need a mood, a
          certain feeling to which you can surrender yourself so that you can
          sense how a given sorrow or joy must have a cause and, in turn, can
          cause future events. He who permeates himself with this mood and
          looks at his life and all that happens to him as if karma was a fact,
          will find that his existence becomes increasingly comprehensible to
          him. He who suppresses his anger when something annoying happens to
          him and thinks instead that just as a stone rolls if pushed so the
          annoying matter must have come about due to some inevitable set of
          laws of the universe, attains to comprehension of karma. As certain
          as it is that you will wake up tomorrow morning, provided
          circumstances and your health remain unchanged, so it is equally
          certain that you will comprehend the laws of karma if you view life
          in this manner.

          These are the two prerequisites for a person desirous of spiritual
          schooling; the aspirant must view life in these ways. He does not,
          however, have to give himself up to these thought attitudes as if
          they were the gospel truth. On the contrary, he must leave it open as
          to whether or not they are really true. He must have neither doubt
          nor superstition because these two are the worst obstacles. Only a
          person who views life thus with an open mind is prepared to receive
          mystical instruction.

          Still a third aspect must be considered. No occult teacher will ever
          instruct a person who is filled with superstition or common
          prejudice, or one who is prone to senseless judgment or apt to fall
          prey to any illusion. The golden rule applying here is that, before
          even taking the first step in the direction of higher learning, a
          person must free himself from any flighty thinking or possibility to
          mistake illusion for reality. Above all an aspirant for spiritual
          enlightenment must be a person of common sense wire only devotes
          himself to disciplined thinking and observations. If a person leans
          toward prejudice and superstition in the world of sense reality, it
          soon tends to be corrected by sense reality itself. If, however, a
          person does not think logically but indulges in fantasies, correction
          is not so simple. It is essential, therefore, that one have one's
          thought-life completely in hand and be able to exercise strict
          control over one's thoughts before ever venturing into soul and
          spirit worlds. One who easily leans to fantasies, superstitions and
          illusions is unfit to enter into the schooling prerequisite for
          spiritual teaching. It would be simple to reiterate that one were
          free of fantasies, illusion and superstition. But it is easy to
          deceive oneself here. Freedom from fantasies, illusions, prejudices
          and superstitions is gained by stern self-discipline. Such freedom is
          not easily attained by anyone. It must be remembered to what extent
          most people tend to sloppy, careless thinking and are unable to
          control their thought-life through their own will-power.

          In pondering the demands everyday life makes it becomes clear that it
          is an impossibility to completely free one's mind from outside
          impressions. To do so, it becomes necessary, therefore, to set aside
          a short period of time every day. This short time, which is needed
          and which must not conflict with one's obligations, is sufficient.
          Even five minutes or, indeed, even less is enough. For this brief
          period, a person must be able to tear himself away from all sense
          impressions, from what flows into him through his eyes, ears and his
          sense of touch. For this brief duration of time he must become blind
          and deaf to his outer surroundings. Everything that crowds into us
          from the outside world unites us with sensuality and the ordinary
          everyday world. All this must be silenced and total inner calm must
          take its place. When this inner silence, this shedding of all sense
          impressions has occurred, all memory of past sense impressions must
          in addition be extinguished. It suffices to ponder for a moment how
          completely we are tied up with matters of time and space, with all
          that is temporal and mortal. Check the thought that passed through
          your head a moment ago and see if it is not associated with something
          of a transitory nature. Such thoughts have no value for inner

          So all thoughts that connect us with finiteness and transitory
          matters must be silenced. Then, when such silence has been produced
          in the soul and for awhile all our surroundings, be they of the era,
          the nation, the race or the century we live in, are subdued and
          eliminated, the soul will begin to speak of its own accord. This will
          not happen immediately. First, the soul must be prepared for this
          point and there are means and directions that will call forth this
          inner sounding. Man must give himself up to thoughts, concepts and
          sentiments that originate not in the temporal but in the eternal.
          Their content must be true not only for today, yesterday, a century
          or tomorrow but forever. Such thoughts are found in the various
          religious books of all people. They are found as an example in the
          Bhagavad-Gita Gita, the hymn of human perfection. Too, they are found
          in the Old and New Testaments, particularly in the Gospel of St. John
          beginning with the thirteenth chapter. Again, effective thoughts are
          to be found in the first four sentences of the book, Light on the
          Path, by Mabel Collins, familiar to members of the Theosophical and
          Anthroposophical Movements (see Note 2).

          These four sentences, which are carved into the inner walls of every
          temple of initiation, are not dependent on time and space. They
          belong not to one man, one family. They are not part of one
          generation or one century, but they extend over the whole of
          evolution. They were true thousands of years ago and will be true
          thousands of years hence. They awaken the slumbering soul faculties;
          let them arise out of the inner realm. Certainly this has to be
          correctly understood. It is not sufficient to assume that one
          comprehends the meaning of these sentences. One must allow such
          sentences to quicken and come to life in one's inner self. One must
          permit the whole significance of such sentences to radiate in one's
          inner being, must surrender oneself to it completely. One must learn
          to love such sentences. If a person believes that he comprehends
          them, then only has the right moment arrived to let the sentences
          rise resplendent again and again in himself. The intellectual
          comprehension is not important; the love for such a spiritual truth
          is. The more the love for such inner truths streams through us, the
          more the power of inner sight grows in us. Such sentences must not
          occupy us one or two days, but weeks, months and years until finally
          such powers of soul awaken in us. Then at last comes a certain
          definite moment when still another illumination takes place.

          He who proclaims spiritual truths by his own experiences is familiar
          with this contemplative inner life. The great spiritual truths that
          he proclaims day by day are part of a vast spiritual world panorama
          that he can view with the inner power of his soul and spirit. He
          turns his gaze into soul and spirit realms. He turns his sight away
          from earth to the solar systems to explore them. This inner power
          would, however, soon be extinguished if he did not give it new
          nourishment every new day. This is the secret of the spiritual
          investigator that the immense panorama of universe and humanity,
          which he has let pass through his soul hundreds and hundreds of
          times, must pass through his soul anew every morning. Again, it is
          not important here that he comprehends it all but that he learns to
          love it more and more. Thus he performs a divine worship every
          morning during which he gazes up in reverence to the great Spirits.
          He has learned to survey the whole panoramic picture in a few
          minutes. Thankfulness for what it has given his soul permeates him.
          Without treading this path of reverence one does not arrive at
          clarity. It is essential that the spiritual investigator's utterances
          are formed out of this clarity. Only if this has become the case is
          he truly appointed to speak about the truths of mysticism, the truths
          of anthroposophy and spiritual science. In this way does the
          spiritual investigator function and thus must everybody begin, that
          is, in the simplest, most elementary manner until he comes to
          comprehension of these teachings.

          Human individuality and that of cosmic beings is profound,
          unfathomingly profound. One cannot achieve anything in this area save
          by patience, perseverance and loving devotion toward the cosmic
          powers. These are forces which, like electricity in the external
          world, are powerful in the internal world. They are not only moral
          forces but forces of cognition. When the aspirant for enlightenment
          has become proficient in allowing such truths to dwell within his
          being for some time, if he has accepted them in thankfulness toward
          those who revealed them to him, then he will at last reach a special
          point, which sooner or later becomes available to everybody who has
          allowed tranquility and silence to come to fruition in his soul. This
          is the moment when his soul begins to speak, when his own inner being
          begins to perceive the great, eternal truths. Then, suddenly the
          world around him lights up in colors never seen before. Something
          becomes audible that he had never heard before. The world will
          radiate in a new light. New sounds and words will become audible.
          This new light and radiance ray toward him from the soul realm and
          the new sounds he hears come to him from the spirit realm. It is
          characteristic of the soul world that one "sees" it. It is equally
          characteristic of the spirit world that one "hears" it.

          If self-development is sought for in this area, then part of it comes
          about through obedience to and observation of a great sum of rules
          and directions. Here I could only sketch in sweeping lines how
          something like this comes about and is experienced. These individual
          rules must be followed diligently, just like the chemist must weigh
          and measure with the most delicate instruments the minutest
          substances needed for a chemical compound. A description of the rules
          that can be made public will be found in my book, Knowledge of the
          Higher Worlds and Its Attainment. These rules offer specific
          instructions for treading this path. They, too, require most diligent
          patience and perseverance.

          The rules presented in this book were never made public in former
          times when, it must be understood, occult instruction was only taught
          in occult schools. Such instruction is still being given out in
          occult schools today because it is an intimate teaching process that
          takes place between two persons. It does no good to seek instruction
          on one's own initiative by hearing or reading special rules in
          fragmentary form in one place or another. All the instruction that
          one can receive from various places, and there are indeed shops
          advertising such instructions, are no more than tiny fragments torn
          from the great book of occult schooling. A person who makes use of
          them must realize that he is leaving himself open to certain dangers.
          It is not expedient to be introduced to matters that refer to an
          actual alteration of the soul, that relate to the most profoundly
          important aspects of soul life, through commercial channels. Occult
          training methods that are advertised for monetary gain are not only
          worthless but can be dangerous under certain circumstances. This had
          to be said because in this present age so much of this sort of thing
          confronts man. Precisely because so many so-called occult methods
          crowd the scene today, it has become necessary to present a picture
          of the truth.

          The rules that are put down in the book, Knowledge of the Higher
          Worlds and its Attainment, stem from ancient traditions. Because it
          is essential that the truth become known, the guiding spirits of
          evolution have given permission for the publication of these rules.
          Still, it is only possible to publish a certain amount. The rest had
          to be excluded because the most important rules can only be disclosed
          by word of mouth.

          What is found in Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and Its Attainment is
          apart from other books of instruction in that it is harmless. Only
          those guide lines are disclosed that cannot do damage to a person,
          even if they are not followed with patience and perseverance. They
          can do no harm even if a person practices them improperly. This had
          to be mentioned because the question has arisen as to why and by what
          authority a set of esoteric rules was published.

          Another point of consideration is that in order to awaken in the soul
          world, one must have sense organs for this soul world just as one has
          sense organs for the material world. Like the body, which possesses
          eyes and ears, the soul and the spirit must possess organs to
          perceive the radiance of the soul realm and the soundings of the
          world of spirit. A person with experience in this field, who is
          clairvoyant, can actually perceive the process of development of such
          soul organs in a person engaged in inner training. They are perceived
          in his aura enveloped in a cloud of light. The aura of a spiritually
          undeveloped person is seen like a nebulous cloud formation. When a
          person sleeps, the aura hovers above the physical body because the
          astral body (see Note 3) separates in sleep from it. The aura's
          appearance is that of two entwined spirals like rings of mist. They
          wind around one another and disappear in continuous spirals into
          indefinable realms. When a person undertakes occult training, his
          aura becomes increasingly definable. The indefinable ends of the
          spirals disappear and the two entwined spiral formations become
          clearly organized. They become increasingly defined, compact
          structures. Certain organs appear in the aura that are called
          chakrams in esoteric language. These are the sense organs of the
          soul. Their structure is delicate and in order to come into bloom
          they must be cared for and guarded. Under no other circumstances can
          they develop. He who rails in this will never enjoy true spiritual
          perception. A person must suppress all negative sensations and
          feelings within himself in order to nurture these soul eyes. The
          chakrams cannot emerge if a person becomes angry at every
          opportunity. Equanimity must be preserved, patience must be
          practiced. Anger and fury prohibit the soul eye's appearance;
          nervousness and haste will not permit its development.

          Furthermore, it is necessary that man rid himself of something that
          is difficult to cast aside in our civilization, namely, the urge to
          learn "what is new." This has tremendous influence on the soul-organ.
          If one cannot get hold of a newspaper fast enough and tell the news
          to somebody else, if a person also cannot keep what he has seen and
          heard to himself and cannot suppress the desire to pass it on, his
          soul will never achieve any degree of development. It is also
          necessary that one acquire a certain definite manner of judging one's
          fellowmen. It is difficult to attain an uncritical attitude, but
          understanding must take the place of criticism. It suppresses the
          advancement of the soul if you confront your fellowman immediately
          with your own opinion. We must hear the other out first, and this
          listening is an extraordinarily effective means for the development
          of the soul eyes. Anybody who reaches a higher level in this
          direction owes it to having learned to abstain from criticizing and
          judging everybody and everything. How can we look understandingly
          into somebody's being? We should not condemn but understand the
          criminal's personality, understand the criminal and the saint equally
          well. Empathy for each and everyone is required and this is what is
          meant with higher, occult "listening." Thus, if a person brings
          himself with strict self-control to the point of not evaluating his
          fellowman, or the rest of the world for that matter, according to his
          personal judgment, opinion and prejudice and instead lets both work
          on him in silence, he has the chance to gain occult powers. Every
          moment during which a person becomes determined to refrain from
          thinking an evil thought about his fellowman is a moment gained.

          A wise man can learn from a child. A simple-minded person can
          consider a wise man's utterances in like manner as a child's
          babblings, convinced that he is superior to a child and unaware of
          the practicality of wisdom. Only when he has learned to listen to the
          stammering of a babe as if it were a revelation, has he created
          within him power that wells forth from his soul.

          Finally, one cannot expect the soul eyes to open immediately. A
          person who combats rage, anger, curiosity and other negative
          qualities, is first of all removing hindrances that walled up his
          soul. Ever and again must this effort be repeated. A clairvoyant
          person can evaluate to what extent the delicate soul organs are
          emerging. When human utterances have lost their edge and have become
          kind and filled with understanding for fellowmen, the spiritual organ
          located in the vicinity of the larynx is awakened. It takes long
          practice, however, before a person becomes aware of this himself. It
          took millions of years for the physical eye to develop in man, from
          tiny pin-points to early beginnings of a lens to the complicated
          structure of the eye. The soul eye does not take as long. It requires
          several months in one, longer in another person. One must have
          patience. The moment when these delicate soul structures first begin
          to perceive comes to everybody sooner or later. That is, if a person
          continues the exercises and particularly if he develops certain
          virtues, which sometimes the hardships of life itself can develop.
          There are three virtues in particular that must be developed that
          nearly turn man into a clairvoyant. Only they must he practiced with
          the necessary intensity and emphasis. They are: Self-confidence
          paired with humility, self-control paired with gentleness, and
          presence of mind coupled with perseverance. There are the great
          levers of spiritual development.. The three first-mentioned virtues,
          however, will lead to dreadful vices if they are not each coupled
          with the three other virtues, humility, gentleness and perseverance.

          All this must be taken in the sense of broad outlines. They are
          examples of the directions that the spiritual pupil must follow on
          the three levels toward spiritual awakening. The three stages of
          occult schooling are called preparation or catharsis, enlightenment
          and initiation. During the first stage or level, man's being is
          prepared in such a manner as to allow the delicate structures of the
          soul to emerge. On the level of enlightenment man gains the means of
          perceiving in the soul realm, and through initiation he attains the
          faculty of expressing himself in the spirit realm. What I have had to
          say today might be considered as difficult to understand by some, and
          though it is really easy, it does hold true here that the easy is

          Everybody can tread the occult path; it is not closed to anybody. The
          secrets lie in each person's own inner being. Only earnest inner
          endeavor is required and man must make the attempt to free himself
          from all the fetters obstructing this inner life. We must realize
          that the loftiest and grandest truths come to us in the most intimate
          way. The greatest sages of mankind did not discover the great truths
          by any other than the path described above. They found these truths
          because they found the path leading into their inner being and
          because they knew that patience and perseverance were required in
          practicing the various exercises.

          Thus, when a person reaches down to the depth of his being, when he
          turns away from the thoughts that assail him from outside and instead
          arises to the thoughts belonging to eternity, he kindles the flame
          within himself that will light up the soul worlds for him. When a
          person develops within himself the qualities of equanimity, inner
          calm and peace, as well as the other virtues mentioned above, he
          nourishes this flame with the right sustenance. If a person is able
          to keep silent and utter only significant, lofty thoughts, if he
          lives a love-filled existence and his life becomes one of divine
          worship, all the world around him will begin to "sound." This is what
          Pythagoras called, "Music of the spheres." This is by no means meant
          symbolically, it is a reality.

          Only mere hints could be given here that point the direction to the
          path leading to a narrow gate. Everybody can reach this narrow gate
          and to him who is not afraid of trials and hardships, the gate will
          be opened. Then he will find what all the great religious and
          philosophical ideologies have proclaimed: The Eternal One Truth and
          the Way of Life.

          Note 1:
          In a foreword to the 1918 edition of Knowledge of the Higher Worlds
          and Its Attainment, Rudolf Steiner wrote in regard to the matter of
          personal instruction: "The statement that the student needs personal
          instruction should be understood in the sense that this book, itself,
          is personal instruction. In earlier times, there were reasons for
          reserving such personal instruction for oral teaching; today we have
          reached a stage in evolution of humanity in which spiritual
          scientific knowledge must become far more widely disseminated than
          formerly. It must be placed within reach of everyone to a quite
          different extent from what was the case in older times. Hence, the
          book replaces the former oral instruction.. ."
          Note 2:
          The first four sentences of Light on the Path are: "Before the eyes
          can see, they must he incapable of tears. Before the ear can hear, it
          must have lost its sensitiveness. Before the voice can speak in the
          presence of the Masters it must have lost the power to wound. Before
          the soul can stand in the presence of the Masters its feet must he
          washed in the blood of the heart."
          Note 3:
          See Theosophy, An Introduction to the Supersensible Knowledge of the
          World and the Destination of Man for a clarification of this, and
          other, anthroposophical terminology.
        • holderlin66
          In subsequent interviews, Kay admitted that he made what he called a Faustian bargain with the intelligence community: Bradford comments; David Kay is now
          Message 4 of 10 , Aug 12 5:52 AM
            "In subsequent interviews, Kay admitted that he made what he called
            a "Faustian bargain" with the intelligence community:"

            Bradford comments;

            David Kay is now skulking around Iraq for the missing Weapons of Mass
            Destruction. Already we have reports that soldiers (note SOLD in
            Soldiers) are taking on a mysterious illness. This CIA black bag
            bishop of Ahriman is very likely creating, planting and seeking to
            move a cache of chemical and toxic lies into position, without any
            supervision from the world community. We should expect two things.
            One that Karl Rove (The Real Wizard of Oz) controller of inspiration
            from the vast Ahrimanic brotherhoods and the real hot spot of the
            Anti-ZeitGeist of the West, needs WMD to create the needed lift for
            Bush in the coming election. Constant promises that WMD will be
            found, have brought this Ahrimanically Faustian Sold Soul of Kay and
            reluctantly Kelly and also others, into the rich game being played
            out as media blind monkey deceptions.

            The other event is that an attack on N. Korea that could really screw
            the World up is simmering in the plate from September to October
            coming up. In August it is always the season in the U.S. of the full
            monty of distraction that has been placed in the Terminator and Mars
            Total Recall.. which is the greatest Ahrimanic joke, don't you get
            it? "Total Recall" and the Mars event brings Arnie as the circus Karl
            Rove needs... Ahriman has such a rich sense of humor and we must
            study his twisted, yet obvious symptomology as students of Spiritual
            Science. But I suspect we fail to see, that not merely the Terminator
            but just as Buddha level Mars faces us in the heavens as the August
            once in a lifet mystery, mockery and Ahrimanic humor deliver "Total
            Recall" which mocks the Mars world directly. How sub-context is all
            this, well to some you have no idea.

            Try not to forget in our muddled thinking that it was Goethe out of
            Weimar that focused attention on Mephistopheles and out of Weimar
            that Steiner grew his Initiation and it was Weimar out of which
            Ahrimanic forces started Hitlers climb to power on Steiner's birthday
            etc.. etc.. Ahriman is laughing at us and we rarely get the logic of
            his joke.


            "So, the warhawks had to discredit Blix. Incompetent. Hadn't
            discovered that Saddam Hussein had an illicit nuke program before the
            Gulf War. Hadn't discovered, much less destroyed, all the elements of
            it after the war.

            Of course, ferreting out illicit nuke programs is not the IAEA's job.
            That's a job for our "intelligence community," and their nuke
            assessments were as wrong on the eve of Bush-Quayle's Operation
            Desert Storm as they are turning out to be for Bush-Cheney's
            Operation Iraqi Freedom.

            Which brings us to attempts by David Kay to discredit his former
            boss, Hans Blix.

            David Kay was a U.N. bureaucrat -- an IAEA section chief -- from 1983
            until 1991. Then he served briefly, from April 1991 until January
            1992, as deputy director of the IAEA Iraq Action Team.

            Remember the televised Iraqi-IAEA standoff in the parking lot?

            David Kay.

            There were reports that Kay was "fired" soon after "because of his
            connections with the U.S. intelligence community."

            In subsequent interviews, Kay admitted that he made what he called
            a "Faustian bargain" with the intelligence community:

            "Once you were dealing in a clandestine, competitive environment, you
            needed access to satellite photography, access to signals intercept,
            access to measurements of [radioactivity] leakage and contamination
            from the programs, so you could identify where it is.

            "Access to defectors -- who, after all, were not defecting to the
            U.N.; they were defecting to national governments -- to use them.

            "So, from the very beginning, you needed that expertise; but I can
            say for myself personally -- and I'm really only comfortable talking
            about myself -- although a number of us discussed this in the early
            days, I realize it was always a bargain with the Devil -- spies

            Although Blix publicly denied that Kay was "fired," it's very clear
            that Blix would never have countenanced such "Faustian" bargains by
            one of his underlings.

            How did Kay repay Blix for defending him? Well, he repeatedly
            testified before congressional committees in the months preceding
            Operation Iraqi Freedom as to the ineptness of Blix and the U.N.
            inspection regimes. Kay argued that Saddam certainly had "weapons of
            mass destruction" that the UN inspectors would never find and that it
            would ultimately be necessary to invade and occupy Iraq to find them.

            Wait a minute. Isn't that the same David Kay that CIA Director Tenet
            has just put in charge of finding those WMDs that even the U.S.
            occupation force has been searching for and can't find?

            Yes, it is."

            Bradford comments;

            David Kelly, if, if, if he took his own life, which is doubtful, but
            if he did, we could see that all the spotlights of the Iraq debacle,
            and British reports that led to The State of the Union Address- were
            immense forces of world pressure focused on the one or several human
            beings who know that Iraq did not have all these mighty 45 minute
            delivery system weapons as , "The Sum of All Fears" constantly
            reminded the Nation.. so poor David Kelly was about to be made the
            fall guy for every error of the Sexed up version of what Tony Blair
            and Bush contrived.

            Poor David Kelly, there is ample insight that he wasn't the type to
            commit suicide but wouldn't it all make sense to the world brain that
            we are twisted in? Why not understand, as someone inside the
            Political machine of Ahrimanic Intelligence that indeed, when the
            chips fall as to who is to blame for false British Intelligence that
            led to the deaths of thousands of Iraqi's, starving children and
            British and American troops we pin it on the dead guy? It was ugly
            and it was a lie and everyone in the Intelligence Community knew it
            was the big bad Western machine and Ahrimanic Imperial Rome of the
            Bush Adminsitration that pressured everyone to conform to the lies
            they needed. And the Powers that be are trying to frighten, scare and
            if need be murder people who interfere with Ahriman's deceptions on
            the brain dead mass of humanity who fail to lift a thought.

            So Kay and Kelly now change places. Kay, Sold his soul to the
            Ahrimanic Intelligence in a Faustian bargain, literally, with Goethe
            written all over it, goes into the fixing, rigging of discoveries of
            WMD, so that the Bush Administration gets another term. In handling
            that situation, some strange illnesses might arise in the American
            top secret mission of PLANT THE WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. Plant
            the Anthrax in America and make it look like Terrorism. Keep our
            planes on the Ground while we know hijacking over the nation was
            taking place in 9/11 and warn your buddies not to fly on 9/11. Plus,
            as cockpit voice recordings of the Pa. plane where young Scott
            yelled, "Lets Roll," it appears that the passengers had control of
            the plane... but as was instantly reported, it was thought that the
            Jet was shot down, at the moment it occurred. It was further verified
            because the broken plane was split in two and its parts were very
            different as if it broke before the crash..

            Ahriman has shown, through Dr. Kelly that those who betray him or the
            lies he represents could topple power blocs and like any cheap spy
            thriller, any and all of them could be killed. Just take a look at
            how the U.S. exposed a C.I.A. operative because her husband blew the
            whistle on the Uranium deal. If your in the Intelligence community
            any where in the world, you could be found as a suicide as well.


            "Properly, Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., has asked the FBI to look
            into the disclosures. But Congress must vigorously examine whether
            there is an organized effort to suppress information about the
            administration's handling of pre-war intelligence on Iraq.

            In a discussion broadcast on C-Span last week, Wilson said he
            believed Novak's sources wanted CIA analysts to fear that their
            families could be affected if they tell Congress that Vice President
            Dick Cheney or his aides had pressured them to slant intelligence.

            It's easy to understand the emotional nature of the pressure -- just
            look at the suicide of a British intelligence agent who was a news
            media source and was pressured by the Blair government.

            Wilson said the suicide and the administration leaks force CIA
            employees to think, "Do I really want to run the risk of going up and
            talking to (Sens.) Pat Roberts and Jay Rockefeller?"

            Bradford concludes:

            In the realms of Ahrimanic Intelligence, how earthly Intelligence was
            very early hijacked to become Central Intelligence, has always been
            the signature of the difference between Michael Intelligence and the
            fall of Intelligence and that Intelligence which is part of the
            Infection of Ahrimanic Symptomology. The symptomology was to call it
            what it was, but the reality was that the brightest and best never
            knew that there was such a thing as Michael and Cosmic Intelligence
            and many who claim to read and show interest in Spiritual Science
            also fail to put the facts together to realize exactly what cutting
            edge vision is in relation to the Christ Event and Ahrimanic
            Intelligence. Ahriman certainly must logically sniff each soul to see
            if they are infested with Michael or Liberal Intelligence or are part
            of the Fundamental Conservative think tanks who have found that
            manipulation and lies are the only true coin of what they learned in
            universities and their Professors called it Intelligence and paths to

            You see Dr. Strangelove and Kubrick were right. "How I learned to
            Love the Bomb" by the full tilt fear machine of Ahrimanic activity.
            Empires are at stake and reality is now plain to see for all those
            who have eyes to see and ears to hear, as it were. Will we first
            strike on Korea and keep the world in a spin of terror and nuclear
            threats? Whatever it takes to keep and hold the Ahrimanic, false Time
            Spirit, Shadow Time Spirit on line an opposing Micahel's Mission of
            brotherhood through the Mars Buddha event.

          • Lee Peters
            Does anyone have a copy of the 6 month exercises, as well. Lee daniel bernard wrote: Hello maurice and other, i m looking for a short
            Message 5 of 10 , Aug 12 9:41 PM
              Does anyone have a copy of the 6 month exercises, as well.

              daniel bernard <fantomeurbain@...> wrote:
              Hello maurice and other,
                                                       i'm looking for a short and efficace meditation, i think about what and almost how. can i do my meditation before to sleep in my bed... i need some indication and buy praticing, i'll tell you my weakness. since today, i not have enough trust about me when i meditate, because i don't know if i do this correcly.
              thank to share your wisdom
              friendly Daniel

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            • Lee Peters
              Daniel, I can only offer what I have used in the past: Late evening is a difficult time to meditate. Its better before dinner (and early morning) when the
              Message 6 of 10 , Aug 12 10:07 PM
                I can only offer what I have used in the past:
                 Late evening is a difficult time to meditate. Its better before dinner (and early morning) when the etheric and astral energies are stronger and only slightly weakened by the day's activity. Most students of this and other similar paths take on two or three types of meditation before retiring:
                Review of the Day: While sitting up against your pillows against a wall, try to recreate the memories of the day in reverse order (from going to bed backwards.) This difficult at first and one may become bogged down in small events but eventually you will be able to move backwards easily.  Note feelings and thoughts during these images of the day and intuitively learn from them and self correct for the future. This should not be done with "internal words or thought" per se but just a realization or insight into relations or actions. If you do this while lying down, one will most always to asleep quickly.
                2. Read meditatively. Chose something spiritual to read. The Gospel of St.John is good (Bible) or the Gospel lectures by Steiner. Read slowly and attempt to let the words and images speak to you rather than in normal reading . A certain amount of inner focus is necessary when reading this way. Your dreams and sleep life will change as result.
                3. Prayer: the Lords Prayer or the Prayer of St. Francis are also powerful. Sit up  and repeat one or the other several times and then be calm inside.
                Refrain from drinking stimulating drinks like colas or coffee (caffeine) Finish eating at least 4 hours before retiring. Before doing all meditation, it is also helpful to de-stress the body. Scan the body from head to toe and tell it relax. Feel each muscle relax especially around the face and neck. This will prepare the soul for an easier release from the body upon sleep. Taking several deep and slow breath during this process is very relaxing and allows more oxygen into the body and brain.
                In the morning upon awakening in bed, it may be helpful to recite the first lines of the Gospel of St. John by memory or visualize a spiritual symbol like the Rose Cross  or again say the Lords prayer. Allowing images and memories from the night to remain in consciousness is beneficial also. All this is best done before opening your eyes and senses to the world.

                daniel bernard <fantomeurbain@...> wrote:
                Hello maurice and other,
                                                         i'm looking for a short and efficace meditation, i think about what and almost how. can i do my meditation before to sleep in my bed... i need some indication and buy practicing, i'll tell you my weakness. since today, i not have enough trust about me when i meditate, because i don't know if i do this correctly.
                thank to share your wisdom
                friendly Daniel

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              • snowplank
                Hi Lee, Jan (Starbirdgarden) lent me Enlivening the Chakra of the Heart; The Fundamental Spiritual Exercises of Rudolf Steiner by Florin Lowndes which
                Message 7 of 10 , Aug 13 3:41 AM
                  Hi Lee,

                  Jan (Starbirdgarden) lent me "Enlivening the Chakra of the Heart; The
                  Fundamental Spiritual Exercises of Rudolf Steiner" by Florin Lowndes
                  which describes Steiners basic exercises for the building of the "New
                  Temple" from above downwards. This is a very good book. Lowndes has
                  researched the basic exercises given in various places by Steiner and
                  written this book as a result. He has applied clear thinking to the
                  slightly quirky way that Dr. Steiner described the important exercises
                  fro our time. Quirky in that he gave differing descriptions in
                  different places and placed different emphasis on the exercises and
                  corresponding chakras.

                  Here is the book on Amazon.com:


                  Hope this helps,


                  --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, Lee Peters <walkker9@y...> wrote:
                  > Does anyone have a copy of the 6 month exercises, as well.
                  > Lee
                  > daniel bernard <fantomeurbain@y...> wrote:
                  > Hello maurice and other,
                  > i'm looking for a short and
                  efficace meditation, i think about what and almost how. can i do my
                  meditation before to sleep in my bed... i need some indication and buy
                  praticing, i'll tell you my weakness. since today, i not have enough
                  trust about me when i meditate, because i don't know if i do this
                  > thank to share your wisdom
                  > friendly Daniel
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